Christmas Give Away Winner Week 4! Congrats to COURTNEY!

Week 4 already! My my. And we are also on the first Sunday of Advent. Which is obviously far less important than it being week 4 of the DCIB Christmas give away. And congrats to Courtney!!! You have made good time management and life decisions, and this is your reward.

Now, Angie lives very far away, and the post offices were closed for a day in America, so she hasn’t gotten her card yet. So Angie! DON’T LOOK!!!! It will spoil the surprise.

And everyone else, do look, especially if you like southern men with natural bodies.

Oh, and Courtney, since this is the first time you have won, I don’t think I have your address. Use the “contact me” link above, and you will magically receive a card perfectly aimed at your areas of interest within the next week.

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