I Went to An Indian Buffet! How’s Your Saturday Going?

Happy Saturday afternoon! I’m gonna be working for a while on my Gooddddd Newwwwzzzz reviews but I thought I could put up a quick placeholder post about my delicious lunch.

Good Newwwz had a lot of dialogue about laddoos, which meant by the time I left the theater my mouth was watering. Luckily, I was out in the deep deep desi suburban zone and drove right past an all you can eat buffet. And just in case I wasn’t hungry enough, this was the song playing on the TV when I arrived.

It was a weird buffet, at least weird to me. I think it was Hydrabadi? So, biryani and chicken kabob, but also peanuts (peanuts?). And butter chicken that looked so sad and dodgey I didn’t dare eat it. But the peanuts and biryani and chicken kabob were delicious! And after “Mannat”, it went straight into another early Pari song which made me feel good about stuffing myself since full-figured woman are beautiful.

I followed my Indian buffet policy of fried stuff first, then veg, then meat, and then multiple dessert courses. Only one small miss-step, I had something labeled “curd and rice” thinking it was Kheer, and instead it was cottage cheese with rice? VERY WEIRD! But I might have been distracted because they had changed songs DVDs to an old-school 90s one and I was watching this song because I love the ending.

Oh, and they also had “Badam Mazza” on tap. I know “Badam” (almond), but I can’t figure out what it means. Was it milk with almond in it? Almond milk with something else in it? Anyway, it was delicious! And similarly, this song was playing and I was able to recognize Dino Morea in it, but not what movie it was from (I just cheated and scanned youtube to figure it out now).

Thank goodness, I still had room for dessert. Gulab Jaman were okay, but the bread halwa was delicious! Which I did not expect, I have only had carrot halwa before and I figured the bread version would be gross and flavorless. But no! It was like bread pudding, but sweeter and more fried. And along the same lines, as I was leaving this song was playing. Angie! Why did you not tell me how very sweet and fried and surprisingly delicious Suniel Shetty is?

And now I am home, and completely stuffed to the point of maybe needing a nap, and at some point this afternoon I will put up reviews of Gooooood Newwwwwzzzz, and another DDLJ post.

7 thoughts on “I Went to An Indian Buffet! How’s Your Saturday Going?

  1. LOL I said many times Dhadkan was my favourite movie to watch while I was sick, partly because it’s sweet, over the top and exaggerated, just like Sunil is.


  2. Oh oh what was the name of the restaurant? Also, after our discussion on Chakli/Muruku (savory fried orange things) I went straight to the giant Asian store right after working out and got two packets: one north Indian and one south Indian for a taste test!


    • Bawarchi Biryani in Schaumburg. Same strip mall had Tulsi Grocery, and an Indian handicrafts and movies store, and a Halal butcher shop. And a Pet Performers store front? I don’t know what that was about.

      I’ve done that taste test! Except it was more of a “plain package versus white-blue package versus green package” taste test.

      On Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 3:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Oh have we got a restaurant for you! A lovely Punjabi chef who has cooked in several great restaurants in New York has opened a “hole in the wall” veg restaurant using his mother and mother in laws recipes. He makes his own paneer which is outstanding. We will take you! —Molly


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