Discussion Post: What Was the Biggest Celebrity Story of the 2010s?

I’m excited! This was a rich decade for gossip, and I love gossip. Especially old gossip, the kind that has now been confirmed and accepted and is no longer controversial.

Karan Johar Has Twins By Surrogate

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Who doesn’t want Karan to be happy? And a single male all-but-out gay man having twins, that’s wonderful! But is it the biggest story of the decade?

Hrithik Roshan Gets a Divorce

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This was such an amazing out of nowhere announcement! Still kind of shocking how it just dropped down after years of happy in love stories.

Kangana-Hrithik Cycle of Stories

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Kangana and Hrithik are secretly dating, then they are broken up, then Hrithik accuses her of lying, then she accuses him of breaking into her house and hacking her laptop, then he says he has filed a police case against an unnamed catfisher, she says he is lying, and finally he says she is insane. It’s just SO MUCH!

Ranbir Jilts Deepika, then Katrina

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We start the decade with Ranbir dating Deepika, she gets a tattoo, gives interviews, and then suddenly it is over and he is dating Katrina. He moves in with Katrina, wedding invitations are all but sent out, and suddenly he moves out.


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Giving this its own little section, the latest biggest gossip, can it compete with all the earlier stories?

Priyanka-Nick Jonas

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Really, if you had said this was going to happen back in 2010, would ANYONE have believed you? But is surprise enough to make it a win?

Ranveer-Deepika Cycle of Love

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They are in suddenly in love! They are still in love! They take cute photos! They give sweet speeches at award shows! Finally, they have an amazing Italian wedding! And then 3 separate receptions! And continue to be sweetly in love! But is that enough to knock the “Ranbir is a dog” or “PC marries unexpectedly” off the top of the list?

Shahrukh Surprise Third Child

Image result for shahrukh abram

Another shock to wake up to! First there were rumors, then there were rumors of illegal sex determination, and finally his sweet announcement. Followed by years of the world being totally in love with this little guy.

So, which is your pick? Which is the Biggest Story of the Decade?

14 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What Was the Biggest Celebrity Story of the 2010s?

  1. The Hrithik / Kangana one is the most interesting/bizzarre, continues the longest, and can have the most interpretations. So that is my vote. Ranbir jilting the woman who tattooed his initials on her neck comes second.


  2. I want to go with the nausea of Priyanka Nick, but hard to pick because it’s not gossip I want to talk about. Or see. It’s just creepy. They’re creepy together. So I say Ranbir/Deepika/Katrina because I cannot understand why any woman would find him the least bit attractive. But really if I just want to be happy I want to think about Karan and his littles all day long. I loved the surprise and wish I could see more of them!


    • Karan makes me happy, but I think my “happy gossip escape” is more Ranveer and Dips. So pretty! So talented! So hardworking and caring and decent! And also, so cheerfully in love all the time!

      I feel the same way you do about PC and Nick, just kind of gross. But also, such a weird big story.

      I will accept Ranbir-Deepika-Katrina as your final choice! It’s long running, it’s dramatic (that tattoo!), and it is endlessly discussable.

      On Sat, Jan 4, 2020 at 6:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Definitely the Kangana-Hrithik saga. It will define the decade…especially since it’s still not over. I’m sure more details/accusations will continue every time Kangana has a movie to promote…also of course their will be an autobiography book/movie cashing in on this at some point


    • It really is the ultimate social media story. Kangana’s manipulation, the way her lies were rapidly repeated and spread until they became accepted “truth”, the impossibility of official confirmed statements ever catching up, and so on.


  4. I agree with Hrithik-Kangana being the big story but I feel badly about that because it’s not really gossip, it’s stalking and abuse and I hate it and I’ve reached the point where I can’t watch her films anymore. Also, notice how she picked her target. There’s a rumor that she had an affair with Ajay when they filmed OUATIM together and showed up drunk at his hotel room and he shut that shit right down. But poor, dumb Hrithik is a big fat target for this kind of crazy.


    • Yeah, poor dumb Hrithik. Plus he had the bad luck of going through a divorce right at the same time, which means people automatically distrust him, if his wife divorced him there must be something wrong with him.


  5. Hrithik and Kangana for sure. It’s gone on for ages and is just not something you’d normally see reported. And the Indian media continues to push Kangana as an admirable strong woman despite the fact that’s oozing crazy wherever she goes.

    I didn’t know Deepika had Ranbir’s initials tattooed! But he’s just a run of the mill womanizer.

    I also find Priyanka and hubby nauseating. I’m not sure why, but they don’t look right together. It’s not the age difference. I find her creepy as hell anyway. She’s had so much work on her nose and lips that she no longer looks human. She is beautiful, but beautiful in the way that a cartoon character is, not ina human way. Just my opinion.


    • Yes, it’s not the age difference with PC and Nick! They just feel so fake, like it is offensive that the expect us to believe they are “real”. And it would be one thing if it was fake smiles and poses on the red carpet or whatever, we all know that is part of their job and they are putting on a show, but they are faking it in their “real” and “candid” instagram stuff, and I HATE it!!!!

      The Kangana-Hrithik thing is just so insane, and insane that it is still going on and still being reported when, so far as I am concerned, it was dun and dusted over a year ago as a delusion on the part of Kangana.

      Yep, Dips got Ranbir’s initials tattooed. And then tried to tattoo over them, and maybe finally got them removed. Or else started wearing concealer in her public appearances. Saif got Kareena tattooed on his arm and I was sure they were going to break up after that, but I guess they are the exception that proves the rule since they are still going strong. Otherwise, tattoos are clearly the kiss of death to a relationship. Or at least the kiss of “I subconciously feel like we are in trouble so I am going to do this big permenant thing in an attempt to convince myself we will last”

      On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 12:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I guess Hrithik/Kangana, but I hate for it to win because it’s gross and it’s going to continue for the rest of our natural lives. Kangana strikes me as a latter-day Parveen Babi–obviously with mental health issues but of course the press will still give her interviews as long as it sells, which will be forever. Depressing to think this is still going on at a time when Deepika and Shaheen Bhatt are admirably bringing mental illness out of the shadows.

    OK, off the soapbox, I have a tie for DeepVeer and AbRam. Happy happy stories and we can look at cute AbRam for the next ten years, so it keeps on giving. Also, with all her money can’t Deepika get the K in the tattoo changed to an S? Or, Ranveer’s real last name is Bhavnani! K to B should be a breeze. Honestly I think getting that tattoo was one of the worst public decisions Deepika has made, besides dating him in the first place, of course, but who among us does not have a Ranbir in our past?


    • Rumor has it that Dips has now had the tattoo removed which is probably the best idea. Forget the “RK” of it all, that’s a really prominent place to have a tattoo as a working actress! It was really stupid of her, true, but she was also 21.

      And let’s tie those two stories together! AbRam stays cute, and just as he stops being cute, DeepVeer have a cute baby of their own! Happiness on top of happiness forever and ever.

      On Mon, Jan 6, 2020 at 9:03 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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