Things We Illogically Believe in: From Amitabh’s Hair to Hrithik’s Abs

I was talking to Popka Superstar and realized there were all kinds of things that I cling to, even though logic tells me they can’t possibly be true. But if I believe hard enough I will MAKE them to be true!!!!!

I believe ALL of these things. Which of them do you believe with me?

Amitabh’s hair just grows like that, some men have perfect thick unmoving hair well into their 70s

Image result for amitabh bachchan hair

Sridevi’s nose changed shape through pure force of will

Image result for sridevi

Hrithik’s muscles come solely from working out and eating healthy

Image result for hrithik muscles

Aamir Khan is 5’4″ just like he says he is

Image result for aamir khan tall man

Dev Anand was just one of those guys whose face skin got tighter and tighter as he aged

Image result for dev anand 70s

Shahrukh’s hair is naturally black and always will be

Image result for shahrukh hair

Rekha spends all day every day in perfect make-up hair jewelry and silk saris and never wears sweatpants even around the house

Image result for rekha

Arjun Kapoor really is “hung like a haathi” just like Ranveer said he was

Image result for arjun kapoor

Deepika and Ranveer are always in love and happy and never fight

Image result for deepika ranveer

Harsh Kapoor never has a bad hair day

Image result for harsh kapoor

Anil Kapoor is never depressed

Image result for anil kapoor smiling

I also believe in Santa and the tooth fairy. We need MAGIC in the world!!!!!

29 thoughts on “Things We Illogically Believe in: From Amitabh’s Hair to Hrithik’s Abs

  1. My grandpa had a nice head of hair in his 70s so it’s possible though we know that’s not the case with Amitabh. I really don’t mind AB’s ways of looking young though. It’s much better than the extreme skin tightening that guys like Dev Anand and Jeetendra do.
    I guess I’m late in this but was Harsh always so good looking? Why can’t we get some of these lookers on screen more instead of the current younger stars? Won’t name them to not offend their fans but why is there no eye candy amongst the younger male actors these days?
    Anil Kapoor probably *is* never depressed. He’s got such a nice life. Old enough that his life is already made. No box office pressures like bigger stars have and hence no media or political pressures either. Enough money to enjoy and vacation and splurge. The family seems fun too. Everyone seems to be in good health too.
    How tall is Aamir? And how tall does he say he is? It’s incredible that he’s made it as far as he has considering how tough it is for short men. Short women face the same issues but in a lesser way. I don’t think Rani is mocked as much as Aamir is. He had a lot of advantages being from the industry and debuting when heroines were much shorter but still.


    • Yeah, AB looks his age, for sure. Just a very pleasant version of his age. He might wear a wig (although I choose to believe otherwise naive though it may be), but he doesn’t try to dress or act young.

      Yes Harsh was always so good looking! When the first Mirzya trailers came out, you just got glimpses of his face and I thought “he can’t be that handsome, they must just be angling it right”. And then all of Mirzya, and all of Bhavesh Joshi, proved that he really is that attractive. Plus candid photos and his interviews and everything. How such a peach of a face popped up in the “okay but not spectacular” Kapoor family, I do not know.

      Aamir is officially 5’4″. Which is one inch shorter than average height for a man in India. But several inches shorter than most movie stars. Anyway, it’s kind of universal that short men make good movie stars. Short, or at least average height. Because then you can block the scene around them more easily since everyone is the same height. I STRONGLY suspect that Aamir only hits 5’4″ in heels and is actually closer to 5’2″. And when he started, his height was an advantage for the roles he was getting, right? Little baby Aamir and Juhi in QSQT looked even younger because they were smaller than the people around them. But now that he is playing these tough action hero types, the height is just silly, right?


      • He was in his mid-40s when he played a college student in 3 Idiots. I’m sure there was some VFX work but it didn’t look crazy because he’s so small that it gives the illusion that he’s also young.

        I saw small glimpses of Deepika playing a school girl in Chhapaak and it does not look even slightly believable. Being so tall automatically makes you seem older.

        I do wish Aamir would let go of the action roles. Those movie are the worst in his filmography and if he wasn’t famous, nobody would consider it believable. It looked really funny and campy when he was jumping on villains in Ghajini. It was like this little monkey jumping on huge men and taking them down.

        I’m trying to figure out his height. He seems to be wearing flat shoes here unlike normally. Anushka didn’t even help him out by wearing flats. lol

        Google lists all incorrect heights. It says Anushka is 5’6” which does not seem accurate. She looks so much taller. She’s taller than SRK so how can she be 5’6”??? She’s probably the same height as Deepika.


        • Just based on comparing group shots and interactions on films, I think most of the heroines (Preity, Sush, Deepika, anushka, Kat, Kareena) are around 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches. And most of the heroes are about the same, Shahrukh and Salman an inch shorter maybe, Irrfan and Ayushmann an inch or two taller. The outliers like Rani on the short side and Hrithik on the tall side really stand out because for once they aren’t all the same.

          And Aamir is DEFINITELY the shortest hero. A heroine in heels standing next to Shahrukh or Salman is a cute inch or two taller, but with Aamir it’s not even close. And lucky for us! His short height gave us both Juhi and Rani as his handpicked heroines 🙂


          • I once fell into a three day google rabbit hole with my friend trying to figure out the comparative heights of SRK, Salman, Aamir and Govinda, because I need Govinda to be either as tall or shorter than me, and could NOT figure it out. The only certainty is that Salman and Govinda are the same height.

            Generally, I take two inches off the reported height for heroes. Salman gets an extra inch off because he is definitely the same height as Govinda but pretends to be taller. That would make Salman and Govinda about 5″6 and Aamir 5″2 (adorable pixie), and SRK about 5″6 or 5″7.


          • Sounds right to me! SRK is average heightish, you don’t really notice him looming over people or being shorter than them as he goes about life, Salman seems maybe slightly shorter but not much, and Aamir is distinctly shorter than average.

            And just to throw a wild card in there, I am pretty sure Salman at least has gotten shorter as he aged, had health problems. Not massively, but maybe an inch or so. So Karan-Arjun SRK-Salman might have been the same height, but they aren’t any more.

            On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 2:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • It has to be, we spent an embarrassing amount of time on it. It could be off by an inch or so in either direction though.

            I think Salman has back problems or something because his posture has gotten worse and that makes him shorter? I’d need a very early (pre-00s) picture of him with Govinda to be sure.

            I can’t be sure about Arjun and Karan because they weren’t part of our extensive survey.


        • The incorrect height listing for the stars that I find online bothers me more than it should. In interviews I’ve heard Kat, or Anushka, or maybe it was both of them say they were 5’9″. I’ve never found a true height for SRK, but I think he is 5’7″ or 5’8″ – his hair often gives him an extra inch.

          I have to give Aamir props – he doesn’t look at all embarrassed to be photographed with heroines dwarfing him. It’s good to be comfortable with yourself.


          • You know what irrationally irritates me? I think 5″9′ somehow became the default accepted height for actresses/models and now it is what everyone claims to be when they are really 5″10′ or 5’8″. But i actually AM 5’9″!!! All these women are lying and stealing my height!

            Anyway, it is clear all the former model actresses are around 5″9′, which makes sense since the clothes would need to fit them at a standard length. Using that to start, i agree that Shahrukh feels about 5’7″ or 5’8″. Not so short that he bothers to hide it, but not so tall that he is bigger than most of his costars. Juhi and Rani and Kajol and Madhuri really are tiny little people.


          • Deepika’s sister once made a twitter post for her birthday or something calling her 5’10”. She referred to her as “my 5’10” sister.” So I think it must be accurate.
            I think Deepika lies and shaves two inches off to seem smaller so that people don’t shy away from casting her opposite shorter guys. During OSO interviews, she used to claim she’s the same height as SRK.


          • SRK claims he’s 5’9” without shoes and 5’10” with shoes. He’s said it on twitter also. He’s probably giving himself an extra inch.


          • Juhi, Kajol and Madhuri are taller than average for a woman in India. Juhi was tall enough to take part in Miss India (and won) and they have height requirements. Only Rani would be considered short.
            In some states, average height is around 5 feet for a woman. My aunt is 5’4” and considered huge where she lives to the point that she has a hard time finding shoes that fit and things like that.
            Actors and actresses are actually really tall compared to the average population. Most of them are also from North India where people tend to be bigger.


          • I only know this because I wrote a paper on Miss India, but when Juhi competed there was not a height requirement. That only came in after Femina took over, Juhi competed when it was still run by the textile association (I think). Femina brought in the ridiculous height requirement, and the requirement of an English language application, which immediately limited the applicants.

            What I’ve noticed is that in the past 20 years the actors and actresses have progressively moved towards a higher height requirement. Aamir is average height (in India) and Shahrukh was considered “tall” when he started. But then Femina brought in their height requirement, and all these “models” became actresses, and suddenly Hindi film started shooting up. It’s kind of silly, the audience can’t tell how tall they are, why not have the average height for the film industry just be the average height so you can hire the maximum number of actors? But instead everything seems to be going up to match the female model height.


  2. I’m really intrigued now that I’m thinking of actor’s heights. I always had the impression that Hrithik is really tall but he’s not. He must be shorter than 6 feet for sure. If SRK and Salman are around 5’7”, Hrithik can’t be anymore than 5’9” at most.

    Next to SRK:

    Next to Salman: Could not find any full body pics. Will have to make do with this. Either Salman or Hrithik or both could be wearing lifts. No idea.

    Next to Aamir

    Using Anushka as the standard comparison-

    With Hrithik – Could not find any full length pics so this will have to do.

    With SRK, Anu in dominatrix heels

    With Salman – couldn’t find any pics of Anushka in heels. Wonder if it was a requirement. 👀

    This took way too much time. But it seems like Hrithik is not actually as tall as he seems. Maybe he’s also wearing a bit of a heel in movies? He looks enormous sometimes.


  3. I don’t believe a thing, not even that Govinda got fat off food instead of 1. alcohol or 2. (legal) drugs, probably as a result of his head injury. Although I will take Ranveer’s word on any man’s penis, because he seems like an authority.


    • I will also say that the evidence of Mallika Arora dating Arjun seems to support the “hung like a haathi” theory.

      And you have to admit you at least believe in the miracle of Harsh Kapoor Hair Perfection!

      On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 2:19 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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