Silly Sunday FanFic: BollywoodNewbie and HolyMuffinSallie’s FanFic for Hrithik and Anil and Sanya!

I can only take credit for kind of pulling all of this together, not for the ideas, that is all BollywoodNewbie/Alisa and HolyMuffinSallie. But it is so good, I feel the need to edit it together and expand and put it up on the blog.

Hrithik the Underrespected Star and Sanya the Underrespected AD and Anil the Secret Scriptwriter Make a Movie and Fall in Love

This started by us thinking about how Hrithik is so sincere about trying to learn and do better but it feels like people don’t respect that. And then thinking about what would happen if there was at least one person on set who treated him seriously and helped me. And then thinking about who that person would be and what if they fell in love? And finally thinking about how Anil Kapoor should be in every movie always. Thus, The Perfect Film.

We start by seeing three lonely unfulfilled people. First Anil, he gets up in the morning, makes breakfast, washes his dishes, lights incense under his mother’s photo (clearly he lived with her until she died, the apartment still has old lady touches around it), then goes out into the hall and looks sadly at a neighboring door that has a lot a pretty mat in front and a pretty nameplate and stuff, gently touches the name plate that has the name “Juhi” on it, then sadly picks up his old briefcase and leaves. Rides the train to work, walks through a film lot with dancers rehearsing and stuntman moving and doesn’t seem to even notice them, goes into a small office where he is handed a big stack of receipts by someone who doesn’t even stop talking on his cell phone, and sadly boots up his computer and starts going through them, then looks around for a second, and opens a file labeled “other expenses” and it is a film script.

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The camera follows the receipt person, still on his cell phone, out of the office to another office where we see Sanya walking up on a couch with stacks of paper around her. The cell phone person gestures at her impatiently, she quickly gathers together a stack of paper and hands it off to him. And then the film rewinds as we watch the papers unstack and then restack and go back to the previous day when Sanya wakes up in a small room covered in film posters with her TV screen blinking because she fell asleep watching a movie. She rubs the sleep out of her eyes, tries to make herself tea and burns herself, spills on her clothes, throws on a dupatta to cover the stain, runs for the bus and misses it, takes an autorickshaw and fumbles to get enough change for it, then runs into the office where Anurag Kashyap (playing a version of himself) is angrily waiting for her, she tries to apologize, he cuts her off before she says anything, just hands her a big stack of script papers, and points at the calendar to indicate it has to be done by tomorrow. She sits down and starts flipping through the script and we see arty syllowets (sp?) of her imagining exactly how each scene should play out as she flips back and makes notes. It gets dark outside, someone silently brings her canteen food which she eats with one hand, she stands up and jumps up and down to stay away, finally finishes and sinks back onto the couch asleep. Which brings us to now, when the cell phone man arrives and takes the script from her.

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And finally we follow the cell phone man onto set as we start to hear voices talking, everyone is gathered around one group, talking louder and louder, and finally the reveal of the Star, Hrithik. With Anurag sitting and talking next to him as everyone circles them and hands Anurag things and stuff. Finally Anurag is handed the script from the script man, hands it to Hrithik, then takes it away. Hrithik asks “wait, why can’t I see the full script?” Anurag says “don’t worry, don’t worry, we will give you your pages, you can just follow them, don’t worry about the rest of it, just enjoy, relax, simple!” And then we move into Hrithik’s silent montage. He is put in make-up, costumes, hair, just stands still while people move around and do things to him and don’t interact with him as a person. Finally he is handed a little stack of pages, his script. He takes it home, makes himself coffee, sits down to really study them. Flips through in five minutes. Stops, goes back, flips through again. Sighs because no matter how much he reads it, there is just nothing there to think about. Finally sets it aside, leaves his “thinking” desk and goes into the living room to sit on the couch and play video games, alone.

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Intro over! Time for first song. We see a happy peppy song from within the movie they are shooting, with Hrithik leading the dance and the back-up dancers dancing, and in the background Anil typing away on his calculator and Sanya making notes and then looking out the window of her sad office to see what is happening on set, and Hrithik taking breaks and watching while everyone else talks to Anurag and is very busy and he just has cold drinks brought to him and is ignored. All three of them keep just missing each other, Sanya and Anil are in neighboring offices, Hrithik can look right over at their windows, but they don’t connect. Until the very end of the song when Anil leaves his office to go to the bathroom with the script open on his computer, just as Sanya goes into the hall to fill her water bottle and drops the bottle which rolls into Anil’s office. She follows it, it rolls under the desk, she goes to get it and SEES THE SCRIPT!!! Anil comes back to see her reading it and goes “what are you doing?” just as Sanya says “this is BRILLIANT! Can I read the rest of it?”

Anil is shy, tells her “no no, it is nothing, just for fun, please ignore”. But Sanya is all caught up in her artistry and says “this scene is wonderful, but have you thought what would happen if it was filmed as a voice over on top of the action instead of just a conversation?” Anil forgets his humility because he likes the idea just as Sanya has forgotten her shyness because the loves the script. He prints out a copy for her and makes her tea and anxiously watches while she reads. And then she starts to give him notes, but Anurag interrupts. Pokes his head in, doesn’t even acknowledge Anil, says “Sanya, why aren’t you in your office? I need you”. Sanya is all “I finished my work! I have another project”. And Anurag is all “Sanya, shut up, I need you to do something, I pay you to obey orders not sit and have coffee with some old duffer”. Anurag gives Sanya his “special job”. He explains the idiot movie star Hrithik is making a fuss, saying he won’t perform unless he can read the whole script. He probably can’t even read, the idiot, so Sanya is going to have to sit with him and walk him through it in small words. DON’T let him see the whole script, don’t tell him anything he doesn’t need to know, it will just confuse him. Sanya agrees in the moment, but then talks to herself after he leaves practicing what she should have said “I am not your slave. I have my own projects. I finally have a script I can direct, I am going to focus on my own career. I quit.” Anil pokes his head in and interrupts her, he made her more coffee and brought biscuits. She is nice to him, tells him she still wants his script, she will find a way to make it work around her other work. Anil is all “no no, you don’t have to be kind, it is just an old man’s dream” and Sanya is all “no, it’s really good! I want it, I love it, let me have it. I’ll find the time.” And then scrabbles in her purse and gives him a single rupee note to buy the rights.

Anil goes home that night, fingering the single rupee note. And he gets on the elevator and hears a beautiful love song playing, we hear bangles jingle, see a scarf float in the breeze, curls bounce, and then the reveal of her face, Juhi! She gets on the elevator with Anil, greets him cheerfully as “Mr. Kapoor”, tells him he is looking very smart today, and then starts happily chatting about her day, and how she got into a fight with the grocer because he was over charging her, and then found these lovely new ribbons that she is going to sew onto her clothes, and on and on. And how was his day? And Anil says “I am a scriptwriter now! Look, see, I was paid a rupee for my first script. And I want to give it to you, a small gift.” Juhi is overcome and shyly looks away while Anil grins. But then the elevator grinds to a halt and we see it was all a dream. Juhi is looking at him inquiringly, and Anil’s mouth is open and he can’t talk. She sighs, says “okay then Mr. Kapoor, see you tomorrow” and goes into her apartment while Anil sadly watches and then goes back to his own apartment.

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And then we have Sanya. She is sitting in the backseat of an autorickshaw, shuffling pages and making notes, and talking to herself about arrogant dumb actors who think people have no lives of their own, and throws it all into her bag as she arrives at Hrithik’s luxury apartment. She arrives, and is immediately overwhelmed by the luxury, greeted by a servant who takes her in to wait, offers her a cold drink or tea or anything, Sanya says “no no” and looks around with big eyes. And then Hrithik comes out to her, with a big smile, anxiously asks if she was offered something to drink, she’s comfortable, doesn’t need anything? Sanya shyly says “no no, I’m fine”. Hrithik asks again to make sure she is really really sure, than asks if she would like to step into his workroom. He proudly shows her the desk he had set up to study his scripts, and that he has 4 different kinds of highlighters. And then asks to see the script so they can get started. And Sanya feels bad when she pulls out those same sad few pages and says that Anurag asked them to “focus” on this part. Hrithik’s face falls. Sanya says “But, it’s okay, I can tell you everything you need to know about the rest of it.” Hrithik’s face lights up again. And then Sanya starts to talk, telling the story of the film shot by shot, and Hrithik listens with his face all aglow. His secretary interrupts them to remind Hrithik he has to leave to make an appearance at a fashion show. Hrithik apologizes, tells Sanya again and again how wonderful this was, and insists on setting a time for her to come back. Sanya is all flustered and surprised but agrees. And then when they say good-bye, Hrithik grasps her hand tightly and says again “thank you thank you!” while looking deeply into her eyes and Sanya’s mouth falls open as she starts to feel feelings.

She is still trying to shake it off when she goes to meet with Anil at his apartment that night. He notices she is acting strange, and she laughs at herself and explains that star power is powerful, it’s stupid but she can’t stop thinking about Hrithik. Anil is sympathetic, and tells her she is young, nothing to be ashamed of to have a crush, it is at his age that it is ridiculous. Sanya insists on hearing his story. Anil love song flashback! She moved in a year ago. He heard her voice first, like a bird song, rising in the air as she yelled at the moving men. He watched her move around like a beautiful peacock ordering people around and moving her furniture. And then, she saw him! He was trapped! But she was friendly, she introduced herself and invited herself in for tea since he was her new neighbor, and sat down in his mother’s chair (where he had been afraid to sit since his mother died) and told her name, and that her son has a good job overseas and set her money for whatever she wanted, and she decided she wanted to move into the city, she was not made for small towns. But the city is so lonely! She is happy she has a new friend, Anil, her nice new neighbor. And then she left, without Anil ever being brave enough to speak. But she left her tea cup back, and Anil shyly shows it to Sanya, with Juhi’s lipstick stain still on the rim. He kept it. And also, a dupatta she dropped. And a lock of her hair that got caught in the main gate. And a bangle that fell from her dress. Sanya declares this is the most romantic story she has ever heard.

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Okay, I’m at 2 thousand words and only like half an hour into the movie. But I have the rest of it figured out. Sanya convinces Anil to use their movie as an excuse to talk to Juhi and ask her to help with sets and costume planning. Hrithik eventually finds the script in Sanya’s bag and falls in love with it and declares it will be his next film, no excuses. Sanya continues to have a crush on Hrithik but thinking it is silly. Hrithik and Sanya teach Anil how to dance and dress and be romantic so he can impress Juhi but it keeps going wrong. There are lots of dance scenes, Sanya reveals that she took ballet her whole childhood and she and Hrithik love dancing together, plus Sanya has to keep being a stand in to teach him how she wants him to dance for the movie. But all this dance doesn’t work for Anil, Juhi isn’t interested when they try to invite her out to a dance club with them. It finally goes right when Anil is just himself, and Juhi reveals that she has been in love with him since first sight too, this mysterious tall dark and handsome man next door, she has been trying to attract his attention every way she could think of but he thought he was too sophisticated and urbane to notice a small town girl like here.

Dance like this, Sanya and Hrithik work it out, then we cut to Hrithik doing it for real in the film, back to Sanya Hrithik, and so on

And then Anil accidentally reveals to Hrithik that Sanya has a crush on him which makes Hrithik suddenly think about her in a new way. He never thought an actual smart person like Sanya, someone he respects so much, could be attracted to him. With his eyes open, he immediately hopelessly in love. But he overhears her talking to herself and thinks she is just attracted to his body, not his soul, and he can’t be satisfied with that half love. In emotional torment, he manages to finish the film. But at the last moment it appears like it won’t release, Anurag Kashyap rears his ugly head to declare that since Anil wrote it on the studio computer, he owns the script and the whole film, it will only release if HE is listed as director (since his film with Hrithik came out and flopped and he needs a hit and can tell this one will be it). Hrithik is furious and makes a closed room deal with Anurag. Anurag can take full credit as producer, he will get credit for funding it and all the profits, and he will get credit in the industry as the “visionary” who recognized the script for what it was. Hrithik will give up his hopes of being respected as a producer and a thinker. But Sanya MUST keep her director credit. At the release party, Sanya learns all this for the first time, and also learns that Hrithik has retreated to his hill station vacation home to let her have all the honor on her own. And Anil and Juhi (who eloped the night before) tell her that Hrithik has been in love with her for months and she was so caught up in her low self-esteem she couldn’t see it, or let herself acknowledge her own feelings. Sanya knows it is true, runs away from her premiere party to go to the scenic hill station and find Hrithik who is sitting in his sadness sweater, and asks him to dance with her.

She actually is an amazing dancer!

Happy ending montage, everyone wins a FilmFare (Juhi for costumes, Anil for writing, Sanya for directing, Hrithik for acting). Anurag fails in his next movie without Sanya to do all the work for him. Sanya and Hrithik get married and share his home office, him marking up his scripts and occasionally asking her questions, and Sanya and Anil already meeting to discuss their next project. And Anil is in big bright sweaters and shirts now, because Juhi is dressing him. And Hrithik and Sanya are very handsy and sexy and in love.

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  1. He proudly shows her the desk he had set up to study his scripts, and that he has 4 different kinds of highlighters.


    But she left her tea cup back, and Anil shyly shows it to Sanya, with Juhi’s lipstick stain still on the rim. He kept it.


    This whole thing, I love it soooooo muuuuuch. (but for a second based on the intro I thought you were going to fanfic a poly relationship with Hrithik/Sanya/Anil LMAO)


    • I thought so too, and was confused because that hadn’t been in the last couple posts we’d had, but I was willing to roll with it!


      • Ah, my co-creators! We could go Poly, but then we have to recast Sanya as someone older. Is there someone older who works with both Hrithik and Anil and can believably pull off shy and unnoticed but secretly brilliant? Besides Kunal Kapoor?


    • Well, it’s creatively poly? So that’s kind of the same thing. I could actually see it, except that Sanya is too young for Anil. But if it was the same-ish story only Kunal Kapoor and Anil and Hrithik (for instance) then it would work as a poly love story.

      Anyway, so glad you appreciate! Any details you can picture? For Juhi-Anil or Sanya-Hrithik? Should Sanya-Hrithik have a moment when they have to pretend to be a couple during the time when they both love each other but aren’t saying it to the other one? Like, going out to dinner with the backers for the movie and Sanya pretends to be Hrithik’s fiancee because he doesn’t believe in giving money to an unmarried man or something? Should we have the Juhi reveal earlier so we can appreciate all her romantic longing for Anil as it is happening, or is it better as a total surprise?

      On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 12:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • You need a scene where the film crew is bitching over how stupid Hrithik is and Sanya quietly defends him but is humiliated when the rest of the crew is all “But how can an educated woman like you stand up for him? You’re just blinded by his looks.” (this could be the conversation Hrithik overhears) And Sanya struggles to kill her love because she’s always said she was looking for an intelligent man. But then she realizes the things she really needs from a man are respect and kindness and she gets both from Hrithik.

        The Juhi reveal could come sooner and then we could have a montage of her dropping little breadcrumbs for Anil and he totally misses them because he’s too shy.


        • Oh yes! And then Sanya responds with “I am a healthy woman, of course I am attracted to him. Probably everyone here man or woman is attracted to him. But that doesn’t mean I can’t think straight. I can put aside this minor crush and respect him as blah blah blah”. Hrithik, having his own self-esteem issues, reads this as Sanya only wanting his body. But in fact it is the moment when she realizes that beyond his body, she also respects him and cares for him and it’s the whole package and all of that. And we can also have some angst with both Hrithik and Sanya briefly dating someone that they “think” they want, Hrithik with Dips in a cameo as a single version of herself on a date arranged by their PR people and Sanya with glasses wearing Rajkummar Rao playing an old friend from film school. Both dates end in friendship and mutual “this isn’t working out, is it?” but not before they cause misunderstandings between Sanya and Hrithik. Maybe Hrithik’s date hits the gossip press and Sanya is too shy to ask him about it directly and believes the gossip until she sees Dips at the premier party and learns the truth? And Hrithik sees that Sanya has stayed friends with Rajkummar and misunderstands their lunches together as a continuing relationship?

          Maybe the Juhi reveal comes during filming? They are making a love song, and Juhi is on set to do costumes, but as the music starts she is swept away and fantasizes herself and Anil in the love song, and then flashes back to her side of things, seeing this stunning handsome man watching her through the window, trying to get him to notice her, heartbroken at the lack of reaction, and so on and so forth. And then as the audience we can enjoy the delightful agony of Juhi and Anil completely misunderstanding each other at the same time that Sanya and Hrithik are completely misunderstanding each other.


  2. It would be sweet in a sad kind of way if Juhi has her husband’s portrait (let’s have it be SRK for shits and giggles) on the wall and the first time we see it she is remembering him telling her he regrets not paying enough attention to her while he had the chance and to move on–that he will spend every moment looking after her and making sure she finds love again because he wants her to be loved (meanwhile one of Anil’s main themes in his screenplays is that everyone deserves to be loved for something or by someone!). So every time she has one of the interactions with Anil that goes over his head she comes home and shrugs like “I’m trying, okay?? He’s a bit dim!” – more soon, have to go cook supper


    • Love this! And I am tempted to suggest a parallel with Anil and a photo of his mother. She felt guilty on her death bed that she kept him so happy and contented at home he never felt the need to get married and fight for a woman and made him promise that if he ever met a woman he liked, he has to go after her. But I think that would be too much.

      And I am waiting with bated breath for more ideas!

      On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 8:23 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • In a third parallel, during the sad, maudlin song where Hrithik & Sanya are both fretting over each other’s love-lives, Anil is at a production meeting they’re having at Juhi’s house (it is big enough to have her son’s family over so aside from Hrithik’s house it is the biggest any of them have) and he has a bit in his solo about wondering how big of shoes he’s aspiring to fill while looking at SRK’s photo. The man that Juhi was married to is eternally young and full of mischief and energy in her memories and all Anil can offer her are gossamer poems and dusty dreams floating through sunbeams–not realizing that Juhi is trying to sign up for EXACTLY that!

        I LOVE the idea that the Anurag-stand in director/producer of the other film tries to seize Anil’s screenwriter credit and Sanya’s directing credit and Hrithik’s executive producer credit. I want to add one more dimension: Hrithik was smart about doing this side movie. He established a small company, he had the company put everyone on the payroll. He bought the rights from Sanya (after she bought them from Anil) and copyrighted them. He knows, as he goes to meet with Anurag, that he could win this because the screenplay Sanya saw wasn’t the one they were making. His ‘studio’ owns both screenplays, and they made one of the several ones that Anil wrote at home. But he has also been in the business long enough that if he fights Anurag over this that it could mean they get blacklisted from theaters, from VFX studios, from foreign sponsorship deals. It would end their run before it begins if he fights this, even if he ‘wins’ — so he knows that Anurag really just wants to show/pretend he’s smart, that he picks good bets, that he has a great relationship with The Talent. So Hrithik gives up his executive producer credit, half of his share of the profits, and gives over the rights to the movie that Anil wrote on the company computer. He only tells Anil (because he just sold Anil’s work to a jerk) before he goes away to go be sad that he’s going to have to fight a little longer against the “stupid leading man” archetype he’s trying to break away from.

        When the movie is released he goes with the lead actress on the press junket for as long as he can bear before faking a bad flu and doesn’t see much of Sanya. Sanya and Anil go together, but she gets confused when one of the interviews has her, Anil, and Anurag together. She’s gracious and doesn’t let on in the interview but internally she is like “WTF are you doing here???” watching Anurag buzz-word his way through the interview. That’s when Anil tells her what Hrithik did and she goes to reunite with him.

        The end-credits reel shows them all hugging as they accept their awards, Sanya directing on-location somewhere, Hrithik consulting with his costars on a scene, Anil getting tea for Juhi as she drapes the fabric for a new suit (for him), etc, etc. !!


        • Yes! To all of this!

          And we can have scenes early on when Sanya is falling in love with Hrithik without realizing she is falling in love when he reveals his awesome business sense. He can’t really contribute anything to script meetings, although he is very encouraging. And Sanya is really nervous about agreeing to let him produce but feels trapped when he is all excited about the script and it’s the only chance she has to get it made, and she owes it to Anil to at least try. But at their first meeting to officially set up the partnership, Hrithik starts casually rattling off all this stuff about setting up a corporation to buy the script, having his lawyer draw up cast iron contracts for all of them, the shooting schedule he has planned, the actresses he is considering, the release date perfectly timed to let it be a sleeper hit, and the PR campaign he is already thinking about. And Sanya is stunned to realize that Hrithik really really knows this stuff, and is good at it, and not the useless dimbulb she thought he was. Which is the start of her infatuation turning into real love.

          Do we want Sanya to be unprofessional in the Anurag interview and confront him? Or maybe she is professional in the first half, then they take a break and she learns that Hrithik gave up all his credits and accepted a version where Anurag found the script and the talent and gave Hrithik part of the profits and a producer credit just to keep the dumb movie star happy. So in the second half when Anurag starts blabbering on again, Sanya confronts him and makes him look foolish and shows that it really WAS Hrithik who did all the smart things. And while talking, she reveals to the studio audience and herself that she really loved Hrithik. And then she runs from the studio to go find him and so on and so forth.

          On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 10:59 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Hrithik having the industry know-how to make sure they’re safe from repercussions would be amazing, it shows Sanya that she is working with someone who is really serious, who knows a lot about what they’re trying to do, and it shows Anil that his screenplays are safe. Both of them get a little heart-eyed at it, having seen people get sucked up into the movie making machine and spit out in shreds.

            I also think that Sanya would know all of Anurag’s limits, having worked with him before, and instead of actively shaming him she just leads the interviewer to ask production-related questions to Anurag instead of herself. She smiles benignly when Anurag is forced to reflexively bounce those same questions back to her, phrased as “How did I come up with this? Well, I…in this business you have to trust the people you hire…and…well…I…after working with Sanya on…..I just….” and she never actually stoops to his level or drags things out in the open directly.

            It becomes obvious to e v e r y o n e that whatever DID happen, Anurag was not the brains of the operation this time. It confirms what everyone was thinking after his flop because here he is, blundering his way through an interview about a blockbuster, critically acclaimed movie that he should know everything about. Sanya is an unknown, Anurag is not–Sanya has no flops to her name, Anurag is still bruised from his last.


          • So, Hrithik sees the script when Sanya accidentally leaves it behind, reads it and loves it, and then invites Sanya and Anil to come over, surprises them by meeting them in his living room not his “office”. serves them drinks, and then casually rattles off all the next steps he wants to do, with their permission, to make this movie actually happen. And suggests a limited corporation with each of them as partners, so profits are shared between them, he humbly admits he isn’t the best choice for lead actor but it makes financial sense to use him since he will work for free, and on and on. And not only does Sanya come to respect him, she also learns that he respects HER. Not just in an abstract way, but he actually understands how talented she is and how she likes to work and the kind of film she would want to make and he wants to make that happen. Like, he offers that he will handle the PR, the casting, and all of that stuff. Sanya needs to do the location scouting and work on planning out the shoot she wants since that is where she shines. Maybe before this we already saw Sanya attempt some of it herself, like try to meet with a lawyer and talk to actresses for casting, and it was horrible and she hated it. And now Hrithik is just taking all of that off of her plate.

            Totally agree about the Anurag humiliation plan. Especially if Sanya’s answers include a lot of “Hrithik set up a corporation” and “Hrithik actually was the one who suggested this actress” and “Hrithik brought in the composers and convinced them to work on the film”. So everyone sees that Hrithik wasn’t the lazy dimbulb there for show, he was the actual producer and Anurag was the useless one.

            On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 10:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Alright – now for the sequel!

            I say: Anil has a new screenplay, a drama set in 1920s, and they are all torn about trying to make it on their own (they’ve had successes and “it was OK”s, but no flops yet) or trying to shop it to a bigger studio. Except Anurag is having his revenge, as Hrithik worried he would, and they’re having a hell of a time of it. The uncertainty is freaking Anil out and making himself doubt his abilities when that is the furthest thing from the case!

            Meanwhile Hrithik is trying to work up the nerve to ask Sanya to marry him but she makes a comment–either in a friendly conversation while they’re at a dinner party and he hears it, or maybe she doesn’t know he heard it–that sometimes she doesn’t feel like she can slow down enough to settle down or that she’s never thought about marriage or something and while it was heavy on the joking or being thoughtful/introspective on her part he tooootally hears instead that she’s fine with how things are (playing house) but not in tying the knot.


          • Obvious thing that MUST be included: Anil wrote the script partly inspired by Hrithik and Sanya and him and Juhi, and the film cuts between the two eras constantly. In the 1920s, Hrithik is a rich son of a department store owner and Sanya is a shopgirl. And Anil and Juhi are Sanya’s landlords.

            I vote for Hrithik is about to propose and everything is perfect when Anil interrupts their romantic dinner to announce he has finished his script and MUST read it to them right now. Which delays things and confuses things.

            I also vote that Hrithik’s ex shows up (Kareena? YES! Kareena!), very glamorous and perfect, and just recently single. Sanya feels short and dumpy and stupid around her, and also starts to think about how she and Hrithik don’t “really” fit together. So she says that thing Hrithik overhears meaning “live in and business partners is good enough for me, why expect marriage from someone who will get tired of me soon?” But Hrithik hears it as “live in and business partners is good enough for me, why marry someone I will get tired of soon?” Especially because Kareena reappearing is making him think about how he used to be a in a relationship that was so shallow and boring, does he really deserve a relationship with a woman as interesting as Sanya.

            And in the past, Hrithik and Kareena have an arranged engagement as part of a merger of their two stores, but when Hrithik has to fire new shopgirl Sanya (the first “real” job his father gives him), he finds himself unable to do it when he sees how perky and youthful she is. Complications ensue around hiding from his father that he failed to fire her, he ends up hanging out at her house with Anil and Juhi a lot (who are pushing the two of them together). Heck, maybe Sanya somehow thinks he is a humble stockboy because of the Complications and is planning this lovely little life once they have saved up enough to be married. But she sees Hrithik and Kareena together, learns he was lying about who he was, is heartbroken, Kareena explains to Hrithik that he is clearly in love with Sanya, and Hrithik finally stands up to his father and runs away from his wedding to find Sanya.

            Meanwhile, in the modern era, the relationship falls apart more and more because they aren’t TALKING and the stress of finding funding for this expensive period film is driving them apart. Anil is worried and keeps throwing them together (dance scenes!) but it is finally solved when Juhi returns home from visiting her son and talks to Sanya, and Kareena talks to Hrithik, and they both realize they have been stupid. They end up looking for each other, and finding each other on the set for the train station where the finale of the film takes place. The two couples merge, all arty like, as we see the fictional couple reunite in the same space as the “real” one.


            On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 9:44 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Put me down as HECK YES, although I might flip it a little and have Kareena talk to Sanya and Juhi go Be The Mom at Hrithik and both of them explain–separately–that every relationship has its ups and downs, confusion and unity, etc.

            Kareena tells Sanya not to fall victim to jealousy, if this relationship survives Sanya is going to see Hrithik in the arms of a LOT of beautiful women for the foreseeable future, women he will be spending tons and tons of time with because of work–and that this is just like the fact that Sanya is going to be working with the Aditya Chopra’s and Ranveer Singh’s and Vicky Kaushal’s over the coming years, and that Hrithik is going to have to learn to deal with the fact that she’s working long hours with all of these men! Kareena says that was why she and Hrithik thought they could work it out–that they both understood the demands of their profession, but that they were just kids in the end. That they’re stronger for knowing they aren’t for each other, just like Sanya & Hrithik are stronger for seeing something in each other that no one else stopped to see.

            Juhi is more of the “pinch cheek affectionately” mom-speech where she drags it out of Hrithik that he was going to propose, etc, and tells him plainly that there’s been a lot of confusion and tension and it is up to him to help clear things up. He needs to ask Sanya what she meant, not just decide he thinks he knows what she meant. While maybe not a bended-knee proposal, he should ask, and be direct about it, if she’s ready to talk about settling down with him. Juhi tells him that it could be hard, that Sanya might have given up–and then Anil, who has been hiding in the kitchen wishing SO hard he wasn’t here for this conversation, pipes up that Sanya hasn’t given up but she does need some encouragement from Hrithik.

            So, each sufficiently bolstered, they find each other–like you said, mirroring the movie–then there’s a happy, peppy love song where they’re listing out the things they hope for, the things they fear, and ultimately what they want–which is to stay together.


          • I like the flip, and then it can be the other way around in the past. Past-Juhi can tell Sanya not to give up hope, she saw how Hrithik looked at her, even if he is all confused in his own mind he clearly loved her. Sanya should go home to her village and Juhi promises he will show up on her doorstep one day. And then Past-Kareena can talk to Hrithik about how they both just went along with this engagement because it seemed easy, but she has never seen him so alive and happy as he has been the past few days, he needs to go after that girl.

            Next movie, starts with the wedding and honeymoon and then Sanya tries to turn herself into the perfect Star Wife and misunderstandings and misery ensue?

            On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 12:32 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Crud not Aditya Chopra oh my god *facepalm* gah…*google searching names* Shahid Kapoor — I was thinking of Jab We Met and my brain was Very Helpful(TM) and said “Yes, this is his name. No, don’t google it. You know it.”

    I did not, in fact, know it.


    • HA! I thought you actually meant Aditya Chopra. Because for me, that would be the greatest temptation. He’s just sooooooooooooooo talented.

      On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 12:35 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • So I read up on him some more, I didn’t know that he gave the House of Mouse a flat ‘no’ when they tried to take over YRF!


        • Yep! Adi is the freakin’ BEST. You see why Fictional Hrithik would see him as a legitimate threat to the relationship with Fictional Sanya?

          On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 8:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Because she is brilliant, and Adi works his butt off and has a ton of hits, and Sanya knows how to pick hits too–and there’s this huge movie that is straining their itty bitty production company, that if it flops it could sink them (it doesn’t, the love stories are too pure in it and everyone loves it immediately and it pays for 20 yea….I mean…um.)

            But they get through it! They get through the production of the movie, they get through their personal angst, and in the present they have a courthouse wedding while in the past/movie they have a huge wedding where everyone pitches in to show the two lovers have the support of their whole communities around them.


          • Oh oh! In the past, Hrithik thought he had to marry Kareena and fire Sanya and do all of these things to please his old grandfather who raised him. But then he finally has the courage to go to his grandfather and say that instead of firing employees, he wants to sell the family house and pour the money into the store, and instead of marrying Kareena he wants to marry Sanya. And his grandfather tears up and says he is proud of him, he was just pushing him to force him to stand up and be a man, and now Hrithik has proved he can stand on his own two feet and has his own mind. So their big wedding at the end is with his powerful rich Grandfather’s approval, which forces all of Bombay society to approve too because he is so powerful.

            And in the present, Kareena and Anil can be their courthouse witnesses.

            On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 12:06 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Who should play the rich grandfather then??

            Also can we imply that Kareena gets together with Juhi’s son and moves abroad to live with him/go be in movies/tv??


          • Ooo, my mind is a blank! Naseeruddin Shah I guess? He’s the only one I can think of.

            On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 9:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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