Prepare for Valentine’s Day! Here is a List of Movies for an Anti-Romance Marathon!!!!

The World says Valentine’s Day should be about hearts and love and candy. I reject The World! I’m a rebel! I say, celebrate anti-love and eat salty snacks alone in front of the TV! Join me, and use this list as viewing suggestions. The movies that make you think “I’m so glad I am single”. And yes, they are all about men sucking and girls being awesome. Whatever, boys can watch every other movie if they want to feel happy within themselves, it’s harder for women.

Men Suck= The Patriarchal structure of society encourages men to take advantage of their power over women, especially within romantic relationships. Because of this, sometimes the happiest and healthiest thing a woman can do is to break off all romance and focus on other parts of her life, including non-romantic relationships with men (friend, father, brother, etc.) where she feels safe and fulfilled.

All of this have strong triumphal endings, but some of them go darker than others before we get there. I’ll warn you.

22 Female Kottayam

10 on the Dark and Violent Scale

8 on the Triumphal Ending Scale

Our heroine Rima Kallingal forgets her ambitions, and leaves her friends behind, in favor of a perfect man who loves her. But when it all goes bad, she learns that it is better to rely on herself and trust her female allies than give over power to any man.

Image result for 22 female kottayam"

Luck By Chance

2 on the Dark and Violent Scale

6 on the Triumphal Ending Scale

Konkona wants just a little more in life, a little more love and a little more success and a little more fulfillment. But she keeps thinking it is a man who will give her that, instead of realizing that she has to be independent and stand on her own feet and make her own happiness, enjoy what she can give herself, not ask for anything from anyone.

Image result for luck byu chance konkona"


7 on the Dark and Violent Scale

8 on the Triumphal Ending Scale

A movie that shows the acidity of romance. It isn’t an anti-man movie, all the men around our heroine are awesome except for the one who claims the right of romance. That is the true poison, be proud and strong and stand for yourself and don’t allow love to become a chain to weigh you down.

Image result for uyare"


10 on the Dark and Violent Scale

4 on the Triumphal Ending Scale

This is an anti-man movie, or rather an anti-Patriarchy movie. Even “nice guys” are poisoned by power and control, woman need to stand by each other in order to survive in this horrible cruel world.

Image result for pari poster"


10 on the Dark and Violent Scale

8 on the Triumphal Ending Scale

Shahrukh’s first great “evil patriarchy bad romance” role! Rich, in love at first sight, romantic gifts and all that, and it is EVIL. He is the enemy of Madhuri, not the lover, and she must garner her strength and survive terrible torments in order to defeat him. Actually, it’s a really similar plot to 22 Female Kottayam.

Image result for anjaam madhuri"


7 on the Dark and Violent Scale

7 on the Triumphal Ending Scale

Shahrukh’s other great “evil patriarchy bad romance” role! And this film brings out even more the lesson from Anjaam that the “good” man is almost as dangerous as the “bad” man. Anyone who takes away the heroines agency, makes her afraid to think and act for herself, is putting her in danger. Let her be free and strong and independent if she is going to survive.

Image result for darr juhi"

Dear Zindagi

1 on the Dark and Violent Scale

6 on the Triumphal Ending Scale

All the many flavors of bad relationships! The nice guy that you are afraid to break up with and so sabotage the relationship, the older guy who makes you fall in love and then destroys you, the nice guy who just isn’t right and you are finally brave enough to break up face to face, and the much older guy that you have a hopeless crush on and delude yourself into thinking it is real. You know what the BEST relationship is? The one with yourself! Learn to love yourself and you will be happy, boys are stupid.

Image result for dear zindagi alia"

Veere Di Wedding

1 on the Dark and Violent Scale

10 on the Triumphal Ending Scale

Girlfriends! That’s what matters! Boys come and go, but friendship is forever. Plus, boys aren’t always great. There’s the mama’s boy who forgets you when he is with his parents, the guy who holds you to a perfect standard and blames you when you fail, the emotionally abusive relationship guy who makes you feel small and useless, the father who disappoints you and won’t apologize. And of course, the really nice husband and perfect gay uncles, so it’s not all bad. But unless your guy is as good as the nice husband and gay uncles, put your friends first and him second and live a happy life!

Image result for veere di wedding"

Made in Heaven

8 on the Dark and Violent Scale

10 on the Triumphal Ending Scale

Relationships are complicated! Especially marriages. Don’t compromise, don’t lie to yourself, don’t try to be happy when you aren’t. Sometimes the love of your life is your platonic friend, and your happy ending is sitting around laughing together in your shared office.

Image result for made in heaven"

Okay, what would you add to this list? And would you fiddle with my “violent” and “triumphal ending” rankings for any of these?

7 thoughts on “Prepare for Valentine’s Day! Here is a List of Movies for an Anti-Romance Marathon!!!!

  1. I’ve been wanting to try Made in Heaven sometime soon. Do you think I would like it? I did like the trailer but I didn’t start because I felt that I didn’t have time to start a show right now.


    • I think you would, but only if you binge it. It takes a while for the plots to get going, and I don’t think the atmosphere alone will necessarily be enough to keep you interested. It’s very Delhi rich people. Also, as I was just telling BollywoodNewbie, it’s one of the few shows where the lead characters get better over time, not worse. So you would like it for the intricate way the plot unfolds, and watching them become better people, but that only works if you do it all at once. Next time you’re sick, or have a plane ride or something.

      On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 6:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Oh good! I didn’t vote, but I would have voted for this category. Of the ones I’ve seen, I’d only quarrel with the darkness/violence rating of Made in Heaven – I’d put it lower, more like a 6.


    • Finally, a comment! I was really pleased to write all of these out and then no one commented. Oh well.

      I debated the MIH rating too. But there is technically a rape, even if we don’t really see it. We do see the emotional aftermath though. But maybe I rated it higher because SPOILERS I wanted to make sure I wasn’t underrating it just because it was a male-male moment of sexual violence END SPOILERS.

      On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 9:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Exciting! I’ll be on my way to New Zealand on Valentines Day, but I’ll (re) watch a couple of these, I think. (Not Pari. Too scary).


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