Miscellaneous Isolation Links! Sesame Street, Internet Archive, Old Time Radio

This is the random weekly “hey! check these resources!” post. Inspired by Sesame Street, Greatest Television Show of All Time.

I signed up for a 30 day HBONow trial and this morning I was all set to watch the multi-part documentary on Robert Durst, and then I thought “why would I want to watch hours about a creepy murderer first thing in the morning?”, and Classic Sesame Street was right there on the homescreen, so I started watching that instead. So good!

Anyway, then I googled Sesame Street and they have a whole resource website set up! It’s great!


Last night my Dad forwarded me a thing from the New Yorker, the Internet Archive is providing free books, until June 30. They have tons of books and are throwing out any worry about publication rights, for now. Obviously you should still buy books as much as possible to support authors and independent booksellers, but if you need a book you cannot acquire digitally (by the way, now is the time to figure out your library’s digital lending system if you haven’t already), here is the place:


But what if you don’t want to watch Sesame Street (madness!) or read a book? Then I have another suggestion for you! I have been addicted for a while to Old Time Radio, now is the time for you to check it out! Mysteries, comedies, whatever, all here.


1 thought on “Miscellaneous Isolation Links! Sesame Street, Internet Archive, Old Time Radio

  1. Hey virtual pals, my friend/dance teacher is doing live Zoom BollyPop classes so it seems appropriate for this group. It’s the MOST fun.

    Like Zumba but with the Filmi music we all love! And she’s also the best person and donating part of the money to Manav Sahdna in Amhedabad, Gujarat where the Gandhi Ashram is creating food packages for families that include Kichdi, atta, oil and other basic staples to help day workers in India who are not working now. The other night she did a class dedicated to that and we sent $550 that will feed 17 families for 3 weeks.

    Follow Aakansha on Instagram to see what it’s like and every week she posts new class schedules for her, her 2 instructors and another gal who is teaching mom and me classes. She’s also taking requests for new songs and choreo so every time we do an SRK song she gives me a public shout out. It’s very fun.

    This week’s schedule here:



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