PSA: Check Your Local Hospital Websites For Ways to Donate!!!

I’m not even telling you what to donate, I’m just giving you a tip on how to get started and figure it out. Because I was stumped!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting all kinds of unofficial messages from Facebook and stuff about making masks or other donations. I didn’t want to do anything, because I couldn’t figure out if this was the usual useless rumor, or if it was something actually useful. For instance, I’ve also been seeing messages like “I saw two people kissing on the sidewalk and I called the police and they wouldn’t do anything!” That is clearly NOT USEFUL and makes me doubt other information from the same sources.

Anyway, my aunt sent an email about the masks she is making saying she found instructions through her local hospital. And I went “AHA!!!! I should check hospital websites! That’s official and reliable!”

The tiny hospital closest to me (where my father was born) doesn’t have anything on their website. But I checked two others, and the University of Chicago hospital system has a link to a pattern for masks and a form to donate them, and instructions on how to mail them in.

And Swedish Covenant Hospital doesn’t have information on masks, but has a sign up sheet if you want to send meals to staff, with detailed instructions on how to do it and what they want.

I’m not even putting up those links, because my point isn’t “give stuff to my local hospitals”, my point is “hey! If you are feeling at loose ends, check out the websites of your local hospital, they may have information on exactly what is needed!”

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