Humsafar Index: The First Crossover Hit Pakistani Serial

Not gonna say the first big hit serial or anything like that, because Pakistani TV serials have been great since the 80s at least. But this was the one that hit satellite TV big time all over the world.

Do you like long slow BBC style novel adaptations? I will love this show! 23 episodes, lots of talking and unspoken slowly developing relationships. And also, enough Drama to keep you interested. A young woman raised in genteel poverty is taken in by her wealthy relatives and, eventually, married to their son out of pity. The new couple have little in common but slowly come to understanding, respect, and then love. But! There is also a jealous female best friend of the husband, and a mother-in-law who resents her son being married off to a nobody, and then a time jump, and on and on.

It’s slow moving, but super addictive.

Humsafar Episodes 1-8

Humsafar Episodes 9-14

Humsafar Episodes 15-23

2 thoughts on “Humsafar Index: The First Crossover Hit Pakistani Serial

    • Yes! Such a happy show! By the way, I recommend “Mentalhood” to you in particular. It’s on ALTBalaji, which is literally $2 a month so well worth it, and it is set in a very very fancy high class school like where you used to teach. So that should be extra fun for you!

      Also, there are many references to “Aryan Khanna” who sends his kids to the school. So a fun little easter egg for Shahrukh fans.


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