Happy Easter! Let’s Look at Some Hot Indian Jesus Photos!

Happy Easter! My Dad’s gonna make a ham, and we are going to hide eggs around the apartment.

If you are a historian, you know Jesus probably looked something like this:

Image result for historical jesus

But if you were raised in America, you know that Jesus looked like this:

Two Kinds of Prophecies of Lord Jesus' Second Coming

European features, longish (but not too long!) hair, and beard.  Also usually tall with high cheekbones.  Basically, our Lord and Savior was a hot hippy who took a lot of baths.

That Jesus-look is awfully attractive though, isn’t it?  And so, for this Holy Friday, I thought we would take a look at some hot Jesus-looking men.  Oh, and it’s not offensive, because I’m Christian myself and I teach Sunday School and everything.  Okay, maybe it’s a little offensive, but just enough to make it sexier.

Let’s start with Hrithik as Jesus-a-little-hungover-after-a-late-night-at-the-club:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hrithikpexclusive2.jpg

And then Hrithik as Jesus-about-to-angrily-throw-moneylenders-out-of-the-temple

Related image

And then Shahrukh, as peaceful-Jesus-Sexily-About-to-Turn-Water-Into-Wine-But-Too-Holy-To-Really-Be-Into-It

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is a0b9b77dcb7a07507a2d33e443366fe9.jpg

John Abraham, as Jesus-caught-without-sins-and-without-a-shirt

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0a5d330849eb1bceb3b0d804c66849f8--indian-man-men-with-long-hair.jpg

Salman Khan as Jesus-about-to-take-on-Peter-in-a-wrestling-match-and-prove-who-is-the-real-“Rock”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7ebab-salman2bkhan2bwallpaper2b252317.jpg

Arjun Rampal, as Jesus-after-an-image-consultant-told-him-to-be-more-“professional”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is c803dce5bbe97886cb760f15e87ed248.jpg

Kunal Kapoor as Jesus-after-that-image-consultant-changed-her-mind-and-said-he-should-be-more-sexy

Image result for kunal kapoor body

Aamir Khan as Jesus-who-is-remembering-a-funny-joke-Mary Magdelene-told-him

Image result for aamir khan beard

Varun Dhawan as Jesus-after-John the Baptist-Ducked-His-Head-Under-Water-And-Messed-Up-His-Hair

Image result for varun dhawan beard

Ranveer Singh as Jesus-crazy-cut-after-40-days-in-the-desert

Related image

Ranbir Kapoor as Jesus-Doing-Sermon-on-the-Mount-to-Screaming-Fans

Rockstar movie stills | IndiaToday

Sanjay Dutt as Jesus-well-this-one-is-self-explanatory

Image result for sanjay dutt sadak

And finally, young Amitabh as Jesus-relaxing-after-a-hard-day-preaching-peace-and-justice-for-the-oppressed

Image result for amitabh young


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter! Let’s Look at Some Hot Indian Jesus Photos!

  1. My sister only knows who Ranveer is because she thinks he looks like Indian Jesus, so if this is a competition, he gets my vote.


  2. Rana as Jesus – come to wrestle with the devil. And probably scare the—-out of him.

    Vijay Raaz as Jesus after fasting for 40 days. (And eating his beard out of hunger.)

    Prabhas as Jesus, proving that HIS jewelry is nicer than yours.

    And you can post that photo of Kunal Kapoor for anything. I won’t complain.


    • This are great Jesuses! I would say Prabhas is “Jesus throwing unbelievers out of the temple” Because that’s kind of what he does in the movie!

      On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 10:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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