Watch Aaina With DCIB Here in 24 Hours!!!!

Yaaaaay, Friday movie time!!!! Not as much excitement in the “pick a movie” post this week as previous weeks, but I plow onward regardless! I mean, even if it’s just me and Kirre and Genevieve this week, that is a freakin’ PARTY! Still the best part of my week.

Aaina! It’s a 90s movie so, you know, be warned. Colors are garish, plots are thick, sets are strangely bare (really, why? Did no one have pictures on walls in the 90s?). But also Juhi is ADORABLE, and Amrita Singh is a villain you love to hate, and Jackie is almost attractive as the hero.

Most importantly, it is easily accessible, with subtitles, on Prime, pretty much everywhere in the world. So you have no reason not to join in! 3pm Chicago time tomorrow, I’ll put up a post about half an hour in advance and then we will all hit “play” together and start commenting below. Oh, and if you don’t have Prime, you can rent it on youtube with the link below:

8 thoughts on “Watch Aaina With DCIB Here in 24 Hours!!!!

    • Oh boo! I wish you could join us too! If you want, you can always watch the film on your own (not nearly as much fun) and read our comments later.

      On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 4:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I’ll be there! There is a chance I might have to leave for part of it to zoom (did you know that is a verb now) with my elementary school to get my youngest into kindergarten. But that shouldn’t take too long.


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