Late Movie This Friday! Jab Harry Met Sejal Starting at 6PM Chicago Time!!!

At this time on Friday, so 6pm Chicago time (7pm Eastern time, 4pm California time, 9am in Australia so Sal had better join us. Oh and Miss Braganza too!), we will watch Jab Harry Met Sejal! YAAAAAAY!!!! And if you can’t join us, you can always check out the post later and read through the comments. But I hope you can join us!

Jab Harry Met Sejal! Arguably the most popular movie among all DCIBers. You should watch it with us!

If you haven’t done one of our Friday Watchalongs yet, the way it works is that a little bit before the start I put up a post. And then at the time the movie starts, we all start commenting on the post as we watch together. It works surprisingly well! Better than twitter I think.

Come! Let the power of JHMS compel you!

9 thoughts on “Late Movie This Friday! Jab Harry Met Sejal Starting at 6PM Chicago Time!!!

  1. I haven’t watched JHMS in a long time, so I’m super super interested in coming to this one and looking at it through the eyes of the DCIB community. I’ve just been eating dinner so late in these times cuz of everyone’s weird new schedule that I might end up coming late or disappearing for a long time.


    • I told my family they were having frozen pizza because I wasn’t going to be available to make dinner. And now my husband is all excited about making pizza dough. Bless his soul I hope it works because I’m not gonna help.


  2. Yaaayyyy! I was thinking about joining this weekend anyway, because it’s the start of a long weekend and I’ll have time to recover, but even better if I can watch while I’m actually awake!


  3. Hey SRK fans don’t you feel like Harry met sejal was a bit disappointing. I was expecting so much from this movie but i guess ” aise bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain senorita”


  4. I hope to join you all too. It’s been about 1 year since I last saw this. I’m even more deeply moved upon every rewatch.

    Suggestion – after the movie let us watch the deleted scenes together too? I find they add to the depth of the experience, especially because the acting is so raw in those.

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