Directors Week: Imtiaz, and Imtiaz and Ranbir

I was gonna write about Imtiaz, but then I realized I really had to write about two directos. One for Imtiaz and Ranbir, one for Imtiaz and anyone else.

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Female Films Week: Movies To Start a Discussion about Women’s Issues

I like discussions! And maybe this post will start one, or maybe it will just give you a watching list the next time you want to sit down with your daughter or mother or sister or husband or friends and have a wide-ranging “no right answer” consideration of complex issues related to women.

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Vital Question: Which is the Sexiest Shahrukh Song?

I suspect some of you will have STRONG OPINIONS on this question. I also feel like maybe I have done this post before? Or something similar? Anyway, it is a vital question that deserves constant revisiting and revising. And since tastes differ, it is also a question that should spark some interesting and enlightening discussion!

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New Jab Harry Met Sejal Discussion Post! (remember, you can watch it with me on twitter starting at 2pm Chicago time TODAY, Use Hashtags #JHMS and #DCIB)

Happy Jab Harry Met Sejal day!  Shahrukh may not have a Diwali release this year, but that just means we get to keep up the celebration for his last film.  I’ll be reposting some of my reviews, and the index of coverage, and of course the tweetalong starts at 2pm.

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Jab Harry Met Sejal First Review RePost! There Was So Much I Missed on the First Watch! (Tweetalong watchalong today at 2pm Chicago Time! Look for #JHMS and #DCIB !)

DISCLAIMER: This was written after my first watch.  It took my second watch to understand some of the film, and it took my 3rd watch to really see it for what it was, and it took my 4th watch and my scene by scene to fully appreciate it.  Anyway, an interesting time capsule of a first response!

No Spoilers review is already up, time for SPOILERS!  And then, sometime next week, I start the slow crawl through the scene by scene.  Because yes, this movie is good enough to deserve it.  Oh, and also good enough that you shouldn’t SPOIL yourself if you are planning to watch it.  Not super super good, I don’t want to oversell it, but good enough that it is worth avoiding spoilers.

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The Most Imaginative Song Sequences in Hindi Film in Recent Years

Well, I’m having a rumpled start to the week!  Karan sent out an embarrassingly sycophantic tweet this morning, there’s a final warm spell hitting Chicago which is making me not able to sleep, the elevator is broken (again) at work so I have to keep running up and down the really abnormally steep stairs, and my boss gave Dog Hazel some food she shouldn’t eat which wasn’t a big deal except that I had to tell my boss not to do that, which was an awkward upturning of our usual power structure (he’s in charge of me, but I’m in charge of Dog Hazel).  Anyway, time for a soothing interesting post with a lot of great things to watch in it.

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Soothing Songs Post to Cool Us All Down

Hello!  Two comments sections got mildly heated this morning (well, heated for this website where everything is generally at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so going up to even 45 feels hot), so I want to put up a nice soothing post to calm us all down.  Mostly calm me down, because I hate replying to/reading semi-heated comments!  And also it’s Monday morning and my office is maybe the busiest it has been in 2 months.

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2017 Hindi Film Awards: Promotion Related, Biggest Surprise and Biggest Disappointment

I already put up the winning real life stories of 2017, now lets move on to where film and real life overlap, the promotions that try to drive people into the movies.  What films were over-promoted, leading to disappointment.  And what were under-promoted, leading to delightful surprises?  And what were just plain wrong promoted, leading to both?

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Happy Lohri!!!! A Selection of Punjabi Songs to Celebrate

Happy Lohri!  Which is a Winter Solstice holiday in the Punjab, usually celebrated with a big bonfire!  There are of course plenty of Lohri specific songs in Indian films, but they would be super hard to track down, plus I wouldn’t like all of them!  Instead, to celebrate this Punjabi holiday, I am just going to post my all time favorite Bhangra/Punjabi songs, counting down from number 5 to number 1.  There are a lot of them, because there are a lot of Punjabi refugees who ended up in the Bombay film industry.  Because they needed jobs, and also Punjabis are HOTT.

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Best Hindi Soundtrack of 2017, Editor’s Choice: Jab Harry Met Sejal, Perfect Meeting of Music and Movie


This will be the ONLY award for JHMS this year.  Just pointing that out for people who think I am blindly Shahrukh mad.  It was a good interesting movie, but it is only the soundtrack that really stands out for me when I compare it with the other films of the year.  Plus, it wasn’t that great of a year for soundtracks.

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Feminism Versus Feminist Film Criticism

This is a post that has been burbling around in my brain for a while, and I thought I might as well just post it.  Plus, it’s been a while since I put up one of those posts that gets everyone talking and angry with me/aggressively agreeing with me.

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Happy 19 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 19 Best Costumes

I know I already did a silly one yesterday, but I’ve got another looooooooong series of fanfics coming tomorrow, and I am worn out!  So another easy silly one today. Outfits!  Although I am going to try to actually rank them, so that will give you something fun to argue about in the comments.

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JHMS Deleted Scene! No Words, No Subtitles Needed

Well, now SRK is just exhausting me.  I write this whole long thing for his birthday today, and he surprises me with another scene I need to discuss!  It’s too much! I know he loves me, but the man has to let me alone sometimes. (full index of JHMS coverage here)

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