Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Sew!

Happy Saturday! I just ordered delivery coffee because I have to sew 24 masks in 2 hours because of irritating people.

This is just the most irritating organization! First, they sent out a message trying to guilt me into making masks and donating to them. Which is insulting, because I’m gonna do it anyway! It’s not like you have to convince me! What kind of a horrible person do you think I am that you have to give me a whole long argument? So fine, I said “here is how many I can have ready, here is when they will be ready, is that okay with you?” And the response I got was “we will take whatever you can give us whenever, because we (the other volunteers) think this is SO IMPORTANT and are SO VIRTIOUS.” Great! I start working away, and then I send another message saying “this is the exact date and time you can do pick up”. And then my job-job got busy so in order to make that deadline I was staying up all night sewing and being all bleary in the morning and falling behind on blogging. I got about half done, and then I got a message saying “ooo, sorry, can’t pick up then, can I do it this weekend?” So I guess it’s not the most important vital thing ever for you after all like you said it was in your first message! Fine, I plan on the weekend, I watch a movie with y’all yesterday afternoon, I hang out with my parents, I’ve got time. And then this morning I wake up to an email saying “hey, can I pick them up in two hours?”

So you go talk about whatever you want, I’m gonna get delivery coffee and sew like a madwoman and never ever donate to this group again. And they really are serving a vital need! I just hate the organizers so much now. My next batch is going to the other group with the incredibly organized drop off system.

Oh, and in “news”, Sonam Kapoor got a puppy

Navya Naveli Nanda graduated (in a ceremony at home with her family)

And Salman posted a video that is either a new ad or a new song from his film, don’t know which

Now, you talk! I’m gonna guzzle caffeine and sew.

17 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Sew!

  1. I rewatched DilSe after many years & was blown away by how perfectly made it was. As a teenager when I had first watched,I was so disappointed and found it weird and unsettling. But now I get it.Also Manisha Koirala! Never noticed earlier how little of dialogues she has. But so much conveyed through her glances and subtle expression changes. The haunting feel that stays after the movie is over is all due to her. If anyone had given such a performance now,it would have been hyped so much. The song Satrangi Re seemed like such a strange song when I first saw it. Realised now that the song is pretty much the gist of the movie. I’m also conflicted about SRK’s casting in this movie. On one hand,without him the movie would be too realistic or artsy+ but on the other hand,his too mainstream energy doesn’t really gel with the movie unlike Preeti Zinta who hits just the right spot of being naturally vivacious. Also the costumes deserve a special mention. Colorful,yet muted. I remember watching DilSe & Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in theaters within a gap of few months & being so impressed with KKHH. But now it seems DilSe aged so well while KKHH seems like child’s play.


    • I kind of like Shahrukh’s disconnect in this movie, because I think of it as deliberate. Shahrukh’s character is carefree and happy and from the India of KKHH and bright happy films. Manisha is from a whole different world. Shahrukh thinks he is in a happy love at first sight love story movie, and Manisha is in a tragic realistic drama. But that’s the point, the people who live in Delhi, who have safe comfortable unquestioning lives, they are so different from the people suffering in other regions of the country, it’s like they aren’t even in the same movie. There was a similar but much slighter effect with Arvind Swamy versus Pankuj Kapur in Roja. Arvind is serious and cares about the world, but also sort of light and happy and with hope and love. And then Pankuj gives this very bleak and unemotional and serious performance.

      I’m not saying it right, but do you see what I mean?

      On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 10:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I do. I get what they were trying to do with his character & hence the conflicted feel. Also in the second half he comes off more grounded than the filmy style in the first half as the character evolves. Still something seemed off. But I can’t really imagine anyone else playing this character. I also think most of us at that time went expecting a KKHH kinda movie (in MR style but still a Hindi film) but wasn’t prepared for the kind of intense,layered theme that this movie had. I feel had it been released now,it would be discussed and dissected so much.


        • Have we talked about Kaatru Velidiyai? Because that’s what I feel like Mani Ratnam was doing there, only more so. It’s a swoony romance, and also an indictment of swoony romances. And if the audience goes in just looking for the romance, that is all they will see. Passionate hero, faithful heroine, etc. But if you watch it a little more, you see there is a whole layer to it that goes way way beyond the traditional swoony romance to ask just what makes a woman give herself over so much to a man, and how a man might abuse that.

          What I find really fascinating is just how many viewers ignored that second layer.

          On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 11:31 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I’ve gone back and forth with Dil Se. The last time I watched it I remember noticing that, while it is a shade of his cocky young man character, this one is noticeably darker. Even in the beginning when he falls for Manisha, his relentlessness, the way he’s rough with her, it goes farther than his other roles. It’s not a very likable character, really, he behaves badly. I mean this as an intentional choice by Mani and SRK, he’s in a familiar mold but there’s a darkness from the beginning.


          • True. I was totally with him in second half.It may have helped,if there was some prelude to establish his character before he meets Manisha. That’s one thing Mani did better in Kaatru Vilayidai where the two leads are established before they meet each other. Mani expects his audience to connect everything. Like Margret said,his narrative structure of building a deception in the first half which is then slowly deconstructed. It is a stretch for most of us, especially in a first watch.


          • Kaatru was also more subtle about the national issues mirroring the relationship issues. In Dil Se, I felt like Shahrukh and Manisha were a metaphor for the Centre and the Oppressed States. But in Kaatru, I felt like the military occupation of Srinagar was a metaphor for their relationship. Mani’s main focus wasn’t a war story, but an abusive relationship story with the army setting used to highlight that.

            On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 1:21 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I just had the best morning and I figured I would share the joy. For those who are going through, Fawad withdrawal, Prime has his 2013 rom-com movie, Armaan. Also, bonus, the heroine is Aamina Sheik, the oldest daughter in Cake.

    Conclusion-No matter how attractive hot Azad and hot Yasir maybe, nothing compares to hot Fawad and he is so darn flirty and cute in this movie! Ooof!

    Liked by 1 person

      • If you watch it, let me know what you think! It was a cute movie. It has many flaws but it had cute Fawad, self righteous but lonely Aamina, awful stepmother, flawed but sweet and naive, step sister. It just made me happy to watch it. Also NOONE can do the sexy state like Fawad. He is just gorgeous.

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    • Filmikudhi you read my mind! This sounds delighful!
      Just a couple of days back, I came across a telefilm called Behadd starring Fawad on Youtube. The description said it’s about a widowed mom of a teenage daughter, Fawad falls in love with the mom (older than him) and wants to marry her, then the daughter messes up their relationship. This sounded so interesting, I realized I missed Fawad onscreen, so I watched it. It was kind of a letdown, there’s not as much romance as I expected, but an okay watch. Sadly, it’s in Hindi/Urdu and no subtitles.

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      • Does Behadd have a happy ending because then I might still watch it for Fawad? I am trying to see if I can find Akbari Asghari which is a series with Fawad. It’s about two sisters and two brothers who are unlike each other getting together. Sounds like such a fun rom-com to me.

        Also, with regards to Armaan, the subtitles are TERRIBLE (i.e. miss spelled words, incorrect translations etc.) but it was still worth it.


        • Yes it’s a happy ending. I see that Akbari Asghari is on youtube, no subtitles though!
          Ugh, I’ve recently begun to experience how frustrating bad or lack of subtitles can be!


    • That is a random question! But I think I can answer it.

      Singin’ the Rain

      Jaan E Mann


      Spider-Man (Tobey MacGuire)

      Shall We Dance (Fred Astaire)


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