Good Night, Sweet Movie Dreams for Aditya Chopra Week!

I forgot to do an Aditya Chopra post today! Although I kind of did since my post on streaming included discussion of his smart moves with YRF.

In case you need a suggestion of how to dream, or what to dream about, here is Shahrukh as the man of your dreams.

3 thoughts on “Good Night, Sweet Movie Dreams for Aditya Chopra Week!

  1. I was just rudely awakened by Cosmo the puppy’s perfectly reasonable but annoying needs and saw this. You’ve soothed me back into sleepy time…a few months ago I had this song on repeat for quite some time. Huxley can sing it. Shahrukh is man of our dreams for all decades!


    • Puppy’s and their needs! Wait until he’s a little older and you can have the debate I go through every morning, “did the dog sense that I woke up even though I am still laying perfectly still with my eyes closed? Or has he been sticking his nose in my face every twenty minutes all night and I just got awake enough to notice?”

      On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 2:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. When it comes to the kids, they mostly love to sing along with “Nonsense ki Night” (at current time).
    Give me any song with ShahRukh in it and it will be a good entry into the night (although he isn’t the man of my dreams, I know, he’ll come into my dreams if I really need him 😉 )


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