Aditya Chopra Week: Adi as a Writer! Successful Director Turned Invisible Writer, How and Why Did This Happen?

Aditya Chopra week doesn’t seem quite as popular as Madhuri week, but I don’t care, because I love Adi so so SO much! And I want to talk about one reason he is special and I love him, his turn towards writing instead of directing.

In Hindi film, writer-director-producer are job titles that tend to blur together. The director is the parent of the film, gently rubbing and polishing the initial idea into something commercial and viable, at the same time he runs around finding the funding and getting contracts signed for casting, before actually directing the thing almost as an after thought. Of the three identities, “director” is the one most respected and most often used to indicate those three areas of responsibility combined. Next would be “producer”, understood to mean that you did practically everything except for standing on set and placing cameras. “Writer” is basically meaningless, no one wants to be a “writer”, that job is just half a job with the rest done by other people.

Until after about 2000, “writers” didn’t even technically “write” things. Like, write them down. The idea of a “bound script” was rare. Instead, there would be a “narration”, usually given by the director/producer, in which the entire film was described shot for shot and plot point by plot point, and that is what actors, cinematographers, composers, and so on, would use as the basis for their work. The “narration” was a combination of the plot ideas provided by some writer somewhere, and the specific concept of how to present them created by the director. Finally on set would be a third person, the dialogue writer, who would dash of the specific words needed scene by scene. Of course there were exceptions to this idea, but those were understood in the industry as exceptions. It’s almost wrong to say “Salim-Javed were better than usual scriptwriters”, rather than say “Salim-Javed were totally different from scriptwriters”. Like, the terminology doesn’t even fit what they were doing when they wrote out a whole film, in advance, with dialogue. That’s not usual “scriptwriting” in Hindi film.

We can see this breakdown in the end results easily enough. If you take a strong auteur director like Raj Kapoor or Guru Dutt or Yash Chopra, it doesn’t matter if they are officially listed as “director” or “director-writer” or “Producer”, the film all looks the same and is distinctly one of theirs. Even if KA Abbas wrote the script, Raj Kapoor is going to mess with it during filming to such a degree that it belongs to him now. Even if someone else directs the film, Yash Chopra is going to give so many notes and be so involved during filming that it will look like one of his films.

And this brings me to Aditya Chopra. He knew he wanted to be a director, he apprenticed with his Dad over school breaks, and finally he graduated from college and was ready to make his “real” movie. First step, write the script. Not “I have an idea for a script, so I want to make a movie” but “It is time for me to direct my first film, and the first step to directing is writing a script”. He sat down and planned out the whole exact story he wanted, and wrote it out shot by shot. Script and storyboarding were the same step. Then he started spitballing the story with his new friend Karan Johar, and figure out the dialogue bits, the exact character moments (should Shahrukh steal beer or condoms from Amrish Puri?). And finally, with his father’s support, he put together the exact cast he wanted to use, handpicking each actor, picked the composers, planned the locations, and as the last easiest task of all, actually shot the thing over the course of about two months.

That’s the classic writer-director-producer kind of process. It’s all about making the movie, starting with having an idea for a film you want to make straight through to holding the camera and shooting it, with a stop in the middle to find funding and put together your creative team. All one man, one vision. But after that first movie, Adi wasn’t interested in doing it like that any more.

For the past 25 years, Adi has left the “director” part of the job behind in order to focus on the smallest least respected part of it, “writer”. Sure, he’s a producer too, runs the whole YRF empire. But he’s far less hands on than, for instance, his father was as producer. He’s not doing one film at a time, running around getting funding, giving narrations personally to each actor, and so on. No, he is building a massive studio lot, finding talented youngsters to help him, and trusting them to handle the details of production film by film. It’s “writer” where he still keeps his hand tightly on the pulse of creation. No one really talks about it, you don’t get stars or directors saying how much they liked his script or anything like that, but if you look at the YRF slate of films the hidden story of Aditya Chopra sitting in his office pounding out story ideas and handing them off to other people to be created becomes apparent. He does the boring grunt work of idea creation and lets everyone else get the credit.

Now, here is a list of all the films where Adi is listed as “writer”, primary writer (I’m not including movies where he was one of 3-4 credits), but not “director”:

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6 thoughts on “Aditya Chopra Week: Adi as a Writer! Successful Director Turned Invisible Writer, How and Why Did This Happen?

  1. The story that I want to know and we will never know about this I suspect wonderful and mysterious man is why did it take Rani and him to get married? What happened in his first marriage? How long were they a secret couple? That is a great movie in itself. I love how respecte he is.


    • I can work backward and explain him and Rani at the end of their relationship at least. His divorce dragged on a long time, like over a year for the dissolution of assets. And then they waited until a nice 6 months-year after his divorce was final before going even a little bit public with their relationship, then got married a nice respectable year or so after that because Rani’s Dad had a health scare and wanted to see her married. So the last 4-5 years of not being married makes total sense, his wife was dragging her feet, then they didn’t want to look like they rushed into a relationship, or rushed into marriage. But still a mystery to me why it took 2-3 years before divorce proceedings started.

      Heck, maybe they are telling the truth and didn’t even start dating or become friends until months after his divorce was final! But even my very idealistic brain can’t quite believe that.

      On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 11:15 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. I remember Shahrukh once said that the main difference between Aditya and Yash Chopra is that (paraphrasing) Adi writes stories from the man’s perspective or journey while Yashji does so from the woman’s. How do you feel about that?
    I feel like it may be true, but not sure if it’s that clear-cut or if it HAS to be one or the other.


    • That is fascinating! Now you have inspired me to write a critical post. Because I think it is absolutely true, and that is not a bad thing. Adi’s heroes are flawed, confused, growing up, trying to find themselves, not “perfect” men at all. And his female characters are still smart and layered and stuff, they just aren’t the protagonist of the story.

      On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 2:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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