Amitabh Love Fest, Indefinite Positivity Good Vibes Parade

I’m not sure a totally agree on the power of good vibes and prayer and so on. But I certainly don’t DISBELIEVE it. So in a “can’t hurt and makes us feel better” kind of way, DCIB will become a Good Vibes Parade for a while in service of making Amitabh (and Abhishek) healthy. I know there are millions of other sick people in the world, but this is an Indian film site in the end, and Amitabh is the person we all share.

Amitabh! I know not everyone here loves him, but a lot of people do. A lot of people don’t necessarily love him but have a strong feeling about him because of nostalgia, family history, and so on. Almost everyone enjoys him as an artist and is eager to see him continue to work. Most of all, I know that everyone here wants him to recover and go home, simply because he is a 77 year old father and grandfather and husband and his family needs him.

Let’s have Amitabh himself get us into the rhythm of meditation and vibing with the universe. Part of his (many) gifts is an ability to almost immediately put you into a meditative Sufi-like state through his voice. He isn’t a great singer, it isn’t a perfect voice, but he can use it so that your pulse slows down and the world flows easily around you and everything becomes one.

Here he is reciting his father’s poetry. Don’t worry about understanding the words, the rhythm and voice alone will send you to a different plane.

And here he is singing with Farhan Akhtar, someone he has known and loved since he was a little boy and vice versa, and (to me) that love comes through in their voices and faces:

And finally, the thing to hold on to, “Agneepath”. The poem written by Amitabh’s father which sums up the way Amitabh himself has lead his life.

Even if there are mighty trees all around you,
Let them be shady, let them be huge,
But, even for the shade of a single leaf,
Beg not, beg never, ask never!
The path of fire you shall tread! The path of fire! Yes, That Path of Fire!

You shall never tire,
You shall never slow down,
You shall never turn back,
This oath you will take today!
This oath you will fulfill in your life!
Take this oath!
And walk the Path of Fire, every single day!
The oath of fire! Yes, That Path of Fire!

What greater spectacle,
Than to see such a man walk,
Who in tears, sweat and blood,
Is soaked, covered and coated;
And still walks on in the Path of fire!
Walks the path of fire! Yes, That Path of Fire!

(translation from here: )

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