Friday WatchAlong, Kabhi Kabhie! Right Here at 3pm Chicago Time!

Yaaaaay, Kabhi Kabhie! Shashi Kapoor being AWESOME, Raakhee being pretty good, everyone else being shades of terrible culminating in truly terrible Amitabh. The snark should be strong in us.

Kabhi Kabhie! Watch on Amazon Prime, or youtube, or googleplay, or DVD starting at 3pm Chicago time.

I will start the comments off at 3pm, and then you all pile on after me, right here.

511 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong, Kabhi Kabhie! Right Here at 3pm Chicago Time!

  1. Karan says this film heavily influenced K3G, do you think that includes the “scene where Amitabh asks for forgiveness he does not deserve and is given it”?

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  2. I’m glad I watched!! My first Rishi movie was Deewana. I couldn’t figure out the appeal. Plus, when SRK showed up halfway through, the movie actually felt so completely different in an, “Ah, here’s the next star!” kind of way. I love him in his more recent movies. He’s a cutie.


    • We did Do Dooni Char a few weeks ago, highly recommend it, it’s him and Neetu as a middle aged middle-class couple from a few years ago. They are as cute together in their 50s as they were in their 20s.

      On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 6:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It’ll have to wait. I’m trying to fall in love with Hrithik. The Dhoom Again dance gave me such hope! Damn, girlfriend can DANCE! I watched Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai last night and I loved it and it’s also considered a “classic” now. Well, at least a must watch.
        So, Shashi and Rishi will have to wait a bit while I get my Hrithik on. 🤗

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        • Jodha-Akbar, no dancing but I think the best objective film he has been in, and sooooooooooo beautiful. And then Bang Bang and War, big dumb fun greatness. Those are my Hrithik recs.


          • No, I think by mood. If you want a romantic magical beautiful story with no dances, Jodha-Akbar. If you want something with great dancing and dumb explosions and action, Bang Bang followed by War.

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          • I second Margaret’s recommendations. As someone who is in lust with onscreen Hrithik, Jodha-Akbar is just beautiful and probably my all time favorite pseudo-historical Hindi movie. Bang Bang and War are just perfect for lusting after Hrithik. They are both light/dumb/action movies. Anyways Hrithik is gorgeous in all three of these movies.

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  3. Yesterday I re-watched Kabhi Kabhie; and I noticed something peculiar.
    In the beginning of this film Amitabh is enjoying a romantic outing on a lake in a small boat. The name of this boat is “Chicago”.
    Two days before I re-watched Deewar. In the beginning of this film Shashi Kapoor speaks to a crowd of police officers during his award function. The mike he uses is adorned with the words “Chicago Radio”.

    Is this all coincidence or is there some connection between Yash Chopra and Chicago?
    (I’m not aware of any other Yash Chopra Chicago references)


    • the Chicago microphone you will see in almost all movies, I think it’s just that the microphone company from Chicago made most of the microphones sent to India. For the boat, I don’t know! Maybe named after the microphone?

      On Sun, Oct 25, 2020 at 11:25 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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