Biggest Event of 2020: I Got a Mild Hair Change

Truly, Biggest Event! I think we can all agree on that. I’ve been thinking about it for about a month (thus the hair posts, sort of. It wasn’t feedback or convincing me exactly, it was more that having those conversations with friends made me realize it was a fun conversation to have), had the appointment scheduled for a week and a half, and finally did it today. And the whole process was miserable, I never want to get a salon cut again, blech!

Very unpleasant experience, for reasons weather and pandemic related, not the nice salon or nice lady who worked on me.

  1. The weather here today is awful, chilly and humid at the same time. So the salon was insanely stuffy, no a/c turned on and at the same time air so thick I couldn’t breath
  2. And of course I had to wear a mask, which made breathing even harder. And made talking harder, so I pretty much gave up on pleasant chit-chat with the stylist lady. And I looked even worse than I usually do at a salon (no one looks good in a big black tent tight around the neck) without any bottom half of my face in the mirror.
  3. The salon lay out was really unpleasant, again for good pandemic related reasons. Everyone was super spread out and shouting to be heard and somehow the end result was that one conversation (out of the three customers there) came through extremely clearly and dominated the room, along with loud music. Did you know there is a reality show in which girlfriends get to pick tattoos for their boyfriends without them seeing what it is? I now know ALLLLLL about it.
  4. It took FOREVER. This isn’t weather or pandemic related, it just took the time it takes, but the longer I was there in terrible weather, dying of thirst, struggling to breath in a mask, and in a weird inability to talk to anyone and be heard, the worse it was.
Weather out my window, clearly a day to stay home and not stress. You know India in those last few weeks before the Monsoon when you think you are going to die? That kind of feeling.

Anyway, upshot was, I got a tiny bit of hair cut off to create a sort of bang-y fringe. Along with my usual annual trimming of the bottom 4 inches to get the yucky ends gone. I’m honestly not sure if I like it, but at least I don’t hate it. And I think I will like it more when it grows out a little more. Most importantly, it was just a tiny bit of hair and had no effect on the great mass of growth at the back.

That wasn’t the time consuming part, that part took almost scarily little time, she just went snip snip snip with no ceremony. The time consuming part was that I decided to dye my hair a fun color, for the first time in my life. Just the last few inches, so it will be easy to maintain and will grow out pretty fast, but still exciting! And it meant bleaching, sitting, then dying, more sitting, UGH! Never again! Luckily I’ve been told the bleaching only has to be done once so if I decide to do it again (instead of just chopping off the ends when it fades), I can get a friend to do quick new color and be done.

And now, the bangs! Which, as I said, I am conflicted about. I will say that they look about 100% better than they do in this picture. Largely because, again, TERRIBLE WEATHER. My face is all sick and grey looking because of that, not because of Hair Curse.

And now you all tell me how exciting it is and how wonderful it looks. Because, as well brought up people, we all know that the only possible response to a new haircut is “it looks so good!”

Oh also, I just realized why this looks so familiar, I’m Sadhana! Right?

Sadhana Shivdasani - Wikipedia

31 thoughts on “Biggest Event of 2020: I Got a Mild Hair Change

  1. They do look great, and especially in combination with those glasses. And haircuts just need a day or two to “settle” before the owner of the hair decides they do, in fact, look great.


    • But it’s my whole identity! No joke, my college application essays were about my hair. And I got in everywhere! There was real depth and feeling there which admissions officers appreciated.


    • I’ve got a different pair of glasses somewhere that I think it might be better with, I just have to find them

      On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 2:54 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. It looks funky, I like it!!
    I think it must have taken considerable courage and quite some deliberation to do, am I right lol?
    Pleased you didn’t cut much off your trademark length though.


  3. Whatever the outcome, I like that you just did it…a small adventure..and yet, not so small. (I like you in whatver you show to me/us, Margaret…because it’s YOU 🙂 )


  4. I’m in a similar place, I went to a different salon than my usual place because I could walk there instead of taking the subway, and my cut is OK but not as good and she took my “shorter in front” request to mean a side bangy fringe. But…I still am happy having it cleaned up, and I think the side bangy fringe will grow out well, so just waiting it out. Anyway, your bangs look cute and will grow in well, and I love the purple, so fun :). And agree with Claudia, well done finding a way to be adventurous in these times.


  5. Great new hairstyle. Did Ablie notice the change? I always wanted to dye the tips of my beard but was put off by the bleaching process. Do you if the bleaching process is more time consuming for black vs lighter color hair.


    • Albie did not notice the change, Albie also does not seem to notice when I am wearing a mask versus not mask or clothes versus not clothes or any of that. He isn’t terribly observant. MEN!

      I chatted away with my hairdresser (as much as I could) about the bleaching process. It sounds like it is basically the same for all hair, takes about the same amount of time and looks about the same when it is done. The bleach only had to sit for about 20-30 minutes I think? But it took forever for her to get it on the hair because I have soooooooooooooo much hair, that’s what was driving me crazy. For your beard tip, I imagine it wouldn’t take nearly as long to get set up to start.


  6. Well, I know how weird it can be when everyone loves a haircut that you’re lukewarm about yourself. So I’m only ever going to be honest. But the bangs do look good on you. They make your face look more open somehow.

    And great idea about the purple tip. I can imagine how perfect long hair like yours would make you less adventurous with color. I mean, I dyed all my hair traffic light red for my high school graduation, but then it was already pretty short and no big sacrifice to just buzz it down to 12 mm afterwards. I wouldn’t have done that with long hair like yours. And I doubt I’d have been creative enough to just dye the tips. Great turnout!


    • I am coming around on the bangs more. I switched to my alternate glasses (not the ones in the picture) and it looks a lot better with them. Plus it’s settling down more now that the hair has had a few days to adjust. And thank you for promising you are honest when you say it looks good!

      I am very happy with dying the tips. Most of my friends were like you, dyed their hair crazy colors in high school as a sort of coming of age thing, and shaved it, and dyed it again, and so on. And now, finally, I am like everyone else! I have had the dyed hair thing! In a very mature adulty subtle way.

      On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 12:44 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • My kids all went to Catholic school, and the boys all had to wear their hair above their collar, and the girls could only have “natural” hair colors, no obvious streaky hi-lites, etc. My youngest twin got her hair bleached just on the underside after graduation. She did pink, initially, but has since moved on to a teal blue. With her hair down, you can’t even really see the color, but she can do a pony or half pony and there it is! I was reluctant for her to do any bleaching to her hair because she has the most gorgeous nutmeg colored hair, but this was brave of her and it looks good! Honestly, I think anything can look good if you pull it off with aplomb! I shall show Gracie your purple – it’s a nice purple!


        • Oh! I have friends who did that! It’s a brilliant compromise, you can still have a normal boring job and look respectable for Grandma, but express yourself when you are with your friends.

          On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 1:30 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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