Why is Shahrukh Khan Born on November 2?

This is a special little fable for my American readers.

55 years ago, the spirit that would become Shahrukh Khan was up in heaven talking to God. God told him that the parents he had chosen were about to give birth, he could pick the day he wanted to arrive on earth.

God asked him, “Do you want to be born on a holiday, a holy day? Do you want to be born on Diwali when good conquers evil, or on the first day of the holy month of Rajab? Or on a day of significance to your country, Children’s Day and Nehru’s birthday?”

Shahrukh asked, “But God, I know I have a greater destiny, can I see what my birthday will mean through out my future before I make a decision?”

So God showed him all his future rolling before him, the crowds that would gather outside his house, the global celebrations. And Shahrukh saw the crowds and the people, and he saw the future of the earth and his place in it and what it meant, and he spoke again, “Make me born on November 2.”

God asked, “Why that date? Of all the significant days you could pick from, why this meaningless small day?”

And Shahrukh said, “Because in the year 2020, my Americans, my most faithful of fans, will need my spirit most on that day, will need my celebrations and my joy and my strength. Let my birth serve them, let it have meaning because of the meaning they give it.”

And God saw that it was good, and Shahrukh was born on that day, because he knew that we would need him most on this day in this year.

6 thoughts on “Why is Shahrukh Khan Born on November 2?

  1. Well you did it again…I’m crying. I’m always so weepy on this day, and much more so this year. We do need him, his goodness, his kind heart, his example that anything is possible and that miracles are real. Happy Bday Shah Rukh…thanks for picking us to fill with happiness.


    • It really does feel like he did it just for us, the poor Americans. When I saw him live there was part of the emotion that was just “he traveled so far, came all this way, just for us to see him”. I’m not saying it right, but something about reaching out and caring for his American fans, feeling us all the way across the sea, it is so touching.

      On Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 12:34 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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