Annual Christmas Give Away Announcement!!!!

The world may be all weird, but by golly we are still doing the annual Christmas Give Away! WOOOOO!!!!

Here’s the rules! Every week I will count up who has made the most comments, and that person gets a unique special custom made just for them CHRISTMAS CARD!!!!

You only get to win once, so if Person A has the most comments on week 1, and then again on week 2, I will go down to Person B who has the second most comments on week 2. We’ve got like 9 weeks until New Years, so don’t worry, most all of our regular commenters will get a win! Especially those who attend the Friday Watchalongs 🙂

Starting this week, which I know is a little unfair because we are already half done, but oh well.

And just a reminder of the kind of wonderful thing you might be winning, here is a sample from last year!

16 thoughts on “Annual Christmas Give Away Announcement!!!!

  1. This is the next thing to look forward to in November/December!
    I hope I will also win a card even if I don’t participate in Watchalongs 🙂


  2. Good, I need decorations for my new place and also an excuse to come to the watchalongs, even if my schedule doesn’t allow me to comment as much anymore.


  3. I bought that copy of Tere Bin Laden – should I try to upload it somewhere, like Kodi, or I could also just mail it and anyone who wants to see it can just mail it to the next person who wants to see it.

    I hadn’t realized the main actor was Ali Zafar from Dear Zindagi. (He was so irritating in that movie!) Now I can watch the 2nd one which IS available!


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