A Poem For Today, Courtesy of My Mother

My Mother just showed me the poem she has been holding on to, planning to post on the door of our building once the election was over. It’s by an American, E. Ethelbert Miller, and it was published in 1994. Presumably written in 1992 after the election of Clinton.

The Door

E. Ethelbert Miller

the day after the national election
the sky cleared and the sun found its guitar.
i ran to the plaza and soon discovered myself
dancing in the middle of a jubilant crowd.
a nation of song, a nation of thousands pushing
like the sea to the cathedral. i found my place
among the living, the dead, the ghosts, the children
waiting to be born. something more powerful than
victory was in the air. i could breathe again.
my prison door was open. my country was outside.
she had been waiting for me.

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