Important Question in Honor of Kartik Aaryan’s Birthday, is “Tere Yaar Hoon Main” the Best Modern Male-Male Love Song?

I’ve asked this before, but really it is a timeless question. And why not revisit this vital issue again?

Okay, the top non-fanvid actual real film songs to express romantic love between men! One more time!

Newest entry, “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar”

A lovely 2000s classic, “Jashn-E-Ishqa”

A 90s classic, “Dosti”

And of course the Birthday Boy’s option, “Tere Yaar Hoon Main”

How would you rank them???? In terms of pure romance???

I think I would do “Tere Yaar Hoon Main” top because it is the most achingly tragically romantic.

And then “Dosti” for the sweet euphoria of love.

Then “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar”, for that sort of early excitement and dreaminess of love requited.

And finally “Jashn-E-Ishqa”, which is just sexual.


5 thoughts on “Important Question in Honor of Kartik Aaryan’s Birthday, is “Tere Yaar Hoon Main” the Best Modern Male-Male Love Song?

  1. My favourite recently is actually Binte Dil, if that counts because it is text. Aside from that:

    1. Bobby.Akshay
    2. Gunday
    3. Tera Yaar etc.
    4. Jai Jai Shivshankar (gay but the least gay one here)

    I do appreciate the Merchant Ivory feeling of Tera Yaar a lot. It’s a vibe I want for movies. But ugh, Kartik.


    • Binte Dil definitely counts! Personally I don’t like it because of the power dynamic, I think I keep blocking it out because of that. But that’s not fair, it belongs on this list.

      I’m really surprised you put Bobby-Akshay on top! Their song is nice, but I just don’t have that excitement that I get in the other songs.

      On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 12:30 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I get that, their whole relationship has a kink element you have to be able to roll with. Personally, I love the pining.

        I love Bobby in that song, that’s the thing. He’s so toppy with his girly shirts.


  2. 1.Dosti
    2.Tera Yaar
    4.Jai Jai shiv shankar(the song is just celebration,no affection except in visuals).
    I too like Binte dil the most,but the fact that Kafur was ‘enslaved’and Khilji was a king messes it up.But it was also accepted in those days,which doesn’t make it necessarily right.But the music itself and Radeef ornamentation by Arijit was phenomenal.
    When this song was released,I had no interest in this film but was mesmerized by the song.I had assumed it was about Khilji fantasizing about Padmavati,so I was dumb struck by the actual concept.
    Do you intend to do a 101 of Bollywood attempting melodies from the Middle East,and what it signified in films like Razia Sultan and Padmaavat?


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