Friday WatchAlong: Kaho Na Pyar Hai!!! For CHRISTMAS!!!! Because Jesus Had Abs

Woo-hoo! You know it’s a holiday when we get to watch a cheesy stupid 2000s Hrithik movie!!!!

Hrithik! Amisha’s baby voice! Hot Evil Mohnish Bahl! Club Indiana (which has a special humor for those of us who live near the state of Indiana)!!!! Amisha’s horrible fat pants that you see for just a second in the middle of Hrithik’s fantasy love song! The sprinkler system that goes off within Club Indiana! “Are you with me? Can you feel it? Then let’s go for it!!!!”

Am I the only one who watched this movie so many times between the ages of 19 and 21 that she can almost recite the dialogue? No, right? It’s just the perfect sort of sleepover/dorm common room hang out movie. And that seems like it should also be a perfect WatchAlong film.

Anyway, it’s only on einthusan because Roshan films are STUPID. Hit “play” at 3pm when I say “And PLAY” here. And then we can all comment along and consider the superiority of Hrithik with body hair versus Hrithik without body hair.

476 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Kaho Na Pyar Hai!!! For CHRISTMAS!!!! Because Jesus Had Abs

  1. NZ Hrithik, hugging the boy he’s never met. Such an interesting character. I confess to liking him so much more than Indian Hrithik.


    • There’s an interesting film classic that is about a soldier whose commanding officer looks a lot like him. The officer dies, and his widow sinks into depression. The soldier (who has his own romance too), takes on the responsibility of this widow and so on because they miss the dead man so much. and then other stuff happens, I haven’t actually seen the whole movie, but that idea of the responsibility for taking on the loved ones of your doppelganger is really itneresting.

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  2. I’m starting to think NZ Hrithik is too good for his grief boring Ameesha. Take the psuedo brother and fly back to New Zealand.


  3. Ameesha – you idiot. You are this shocked that NZ Hrithik is in love with you?!?! What did you think was happening since he came from NZ to India with you?!


  4. Okay, I understand Ameesha is dumb and didn’t realize her father was evil. But Atul (Dilip Tahil’s son) seemed smart. How did he not realize that his father is evil??!!

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      • bronzer… Sometimes I wonder if outside of acting ability SRK became huge because he was darker, and well, actually looked Indian. As an American who sees so many different cultures, I would never be able to tell you Hrithik was Indian if I saw him on the streets. Attractive yes, but attractive with an unknown nationality.

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  5. Oh! I just now remembered something very important! Rakesh Roshan in his Ganti interview talked about his concept of a film finale. The idea isn’t that you bring the energy way up at the end, it is that you have high energy all along, then suddenly drop it right before the finale to create the illusion of a big ending.

    Definitely feeling that now, this bit is great, the pre-song bit was a little dull

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  6. Didn’t Hrithik tell you to shut off your cell phone, Anupam?!?! Idiot! At least keep it on silent and you would have gotten away with everything!


  7. No final dance number! Boooo! I’m going back to the Indiana in New Zealand. Thank you for the watch-a-long Margaret. Don’t forget to post of video of your dancing to PROVE you and Hrithik are the same!

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  8. Thank you so much for hosting this magically festive movie, Margaret! It was perfect! Thank you ladies for making it so enjoyable with your comments!

    And it ended just in time for my virtual family game night!

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