Send Me Your Dog Photos!!! So I Can Feature Them, Like Maria’s Teddi (cats too I suppose, I will be open minded)

Dog photos! Somehow blog-drift has brought us to a point where this is a blog primarily about Indian film, and also dogs. If you email me a photo of your dog (dontcallitbollywood at gmail dot com), I will put it in a post! And then we can all be happy. You can also send me cat photos and then many of us will be happy.

Maria Gil’s dog, full name “Teddi Gloria Gil”

Breed: unknown

Age: 1 year, more or less

Weight: 13 lbs

Disposition: diva

5 thoughts on “Send Me Your Dog Photos!!! So I Can Feature Them, Like Maria’s Teddi (cats too I suppose, I will be open minded)

  1. Oh my goodness! Teddi is adorable! I wish we could do a play date where all the doggos could romp around! Theo has not met a dog he has not loved and even the scary ones he licks into submission/loving him! He’s basically a Hindi film relentless stalkerish hero.


    • Yes! In a Post-Pandemic world, what I should do is a big cross-country trip, collecting dogs along the way, and then we can have a massive play date at the end. Me and all the dogs I mean, humans can come to but aren’t required.

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  2. DOGS BREED: AKC German Shepherd Dogs NAMES: tricolor is Shah Chalo white is Miss Polar Bear’s Polly AGES: 9 years and 18 weeks WEIGHT: Chalo 85 pounds and Polly is 45 pounds Disposition: Chalo is regal Polly is puppy

    Sent from my iPhone, S. B. Rogers

    Sent from my iPhone, S. B. Rogers



  3. Here’s my Neni. She’s a nice old lady, 14 years old now.

    Full name: Malena. Named after the lead character from Malena es un nombre de tango, an Almudena Grandes novel. (Her sister was Lulú from Las edades de Lulú.)
    Weight: 9 lbs

    She would not like to join the playdate. She gets more play than she would altogether prefer from the boys. Now that it’s winter, she would like to be left in peace on her cozy bed on the radiator. She is patient with children and friendly with strangers.

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    • Lovely! For a cat. And I am impressed that she is patient with children instead of hissing and fleeing.

      On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 8:26 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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