Christmas Songs Post: Which is More Irritating, “Where Are You Christmas” or “Christmas Shoes”?

Yes, it is the battle of the hateful songs! The ones where when they pop up on your Pandora Christmas channel, you are willing to listen to an ad to be able to skip them. Or maybe everyone else loves this songs and it is just me?

First, there is absolutely NO reason to make a live action Grinch movie. And once you make that movie, there is really REALLY no reason to record a drippy irritating stupid end credits song. “Where Are You Christmas” by Faith Hill, blech!

That is a terrible drippy song from a movie, but what about a terrible drippy song that created a terrible drippy movie? Yes, it is “Christmas Shoes”!!!!

I think I have to say that “Where Are You Christmas” is just slightly worse. At least “Christmas Shoes” has a storyline to keep you going while “Where Are You Christmas” is just plain terrible.

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