Hrithik Birthday Question!!! When Did His Dancing Peak, or Has It Yet?

Yaaaay, it’s Hrithik’s birthday!!!! Which means we get to watch a bunch of really really good dances.

I’m gonna go through his filmography and pull out every really good dance number (if I miss one, put it in the comments). So this is a chronology of Hrithik dancing, from age 26 to age 46. The question is, when did he peak??? Not necessarily which of these is the best song, but which of these shows him at the top of his abilities?

“Ek Pal Ka Jeena”


“Chamakti Shaam Hai”

“You Are My Sonia”

“O Re Gori”

“The Medley”

“It’s Magic”

“Main Aisa Kyon Hoon”

“Dhoom Again”

“Kwaja Mere Kwaja”




“Gun Gun Guna”

“Tu Meri”

“Tu Hai”

“Jai Jai Shivshankar”

I vote, he still hasn’t peaked!!!

If you look at these songs, he starts out really pushing these tricky moves, you can kind of see the effort. Then by the time he gets to “The Medley”, the standard moves have become easy for him, there is an effortless joy to all his dancing, but he still hasn’t reached the edge of his abilities. With “Main Aisa Kyon”, he hits a new level, he doesn’t just want to do the best dancing of any star, he wants to do the best dancing that he personally can do. That push keeps going through “Bawre” and “Fire” and “Tu Meri”, but at the same time he experiments in songs like “Gun Guna” where he does very simple easy moves, hardly seems to be dancing at all. But my favorite era is where we are now, with “Tu Meri” and “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar”. He can’t do the spectacular dances any more, but he brings a whole new level even to the easiest simplest moves. I feel like the line between “choreography” and “Dance” for him versus simple “movement” is getting more and more blurred, to move is to dance and to dance is just to move.

9 thoughts on “Hrithik Birthday Question!!! When Did His Dancing Peak, or Has It Yet?

  1. I watch all the dance clips on YouTube. They’re always comparing Hrithik to Allu Arjun to Jr NTR to Tiger, to Sid, and so on. They leave out Prabhudeva because nobody can toucn him. I have to say Hrithik is the classiest dancer, but not a natural one. He works at it, like you say, and improves with every film. But he’s just as compelling in War as in pre-Medley days. My least favorite is the goopy, snakey dance from Lakshya. My fave, Dhoom 2. Easy, sexy, fun. He’s at the top of his game and he knows it.


    • The goopy snakey dance was the one time Hrithik was choreographed by Prabhudeva, which is interesting. Since it doesn’t work for you, it makes me think that something about Prabhudevas choreography really works differently when he himself is doing it.

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      • Wow! Other dancers use that move and I never like it. But I can’t say it bothers me with Prabhudeva. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s more seamless, less showy with him, and all of a piece with his “boneless” style.


  2. Baawre is my fave of what you posted. He’s just so fluid and gives the right amount of showiness to the moves, it doesn’t feel tricky for the sake of showing off what he can do but he is turning on the star power so you can see why the film producers panic when he bails.

    I’m also a big fan of the dancing with a ball sequence from Guzaarish:

    But my favorite era is where we are now, with “Tu Meri” and “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar”. He can’t do the spectacular dances any more, but he brings a whole new level even to the easiest simplest moves.

    It’s not my favorite era because I do miss the moves he used to be able to make. But the way he was able to completely overshadow Tiger in Jai Jai Shiv Shankar even though Tiger was jumping around like a cracked out bunny while Hrithik just swayed his hips was really something to witness. How a true star and artist can simply wave his hand and rivet the audience.

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    • I’m thinking about watching Luck by Chance with my friend group this week to celebrate Hrithik’s birthday! He’s just SO GOOD in it.

      You know the Joffrey ballet? The Chicago premier company? There’s this one male dancer who stands out because he is really really tall (for a ballet dancer). Anyway, he must be almost 40 by now, seeing as we have been watching him dance at the Joffrey for about 15 years, and he has gone from having the really spectacular impossible solos, to less challenging stuff. But you can see that the choreographers now are writing in roles for him. He can’t do the big young stuff that the original ballets are designed for, but he is still SO GOOD that they are kind of increasing the importance of side parts so that he can still do fun stuff even if he isn’t jumping around. Anyway, that reminds me of Hrithik. He can’t do the leaps and stuff any more, but it’s worth it to figure out a move that he can do because he is still so good.

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    • Yes , Alisa WTFDWDTSTC Newbie, so true.
      Tiger’s dancing leaves me cold, as do his muscles. It’s all mechanics and technique with him. And I don’t think he’s enjoying himself. It’s like he’s counting in his head, 1,2,3 kick, spin, kick, bend. Unlike his dad who can phone it in and still be riveting, Tiger workso hard at perfection. But just like the line about “sweet disorder in the dress” kindling wantonness, dance has to be wanton and abandoned. You don’t need to see the stitches.

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  3. You know, you make a very good point. I, too, love the fluidity of Hrithik’s dancing, the way he makes it look like it isn’t difficult at all. In “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar”, Tiger feels like he’s working hard to show off, while Hrithik is just having fun. Actually, did the camera show his face more than it did for Tiger?

    I always thought that “Señorita” was a good way to show off Hrithik’s dancing. Abhay struggles to complete the basic steps of the choreography, but Hrithik always adds two or three more. And you honestly get the impression that it would have been harder for him to hold himself back from doing that.


  4. I have to say I think he started out strong, and stayed strong. But is now on the decline. Right from the start he could move his body like water. Some choreographers took advantage of that, and some didn’t. Also, after seeing all these clips, I am realizing there are a lot of Hrithik movies I haven’t seen, or have only seen part of.


    • Not all these films are good, so don’t worry too much about seeing them!

      Your vote is, stayed at the same level of quality straight through, until recently when he has been physically declining?

      On Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 12:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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