News Round-Up: Tiger Has a New Single, and Copyright Violators Are Being Arrested

Both these things are super exciting!!! Who would not want to watch Tiger Shroff “sing” a new “song” in a weird video? And who would not be excited about copyright cases?

Tiger video!!! Tiger video!!!! My first thought, why is it in English? His steady fanbase is Hindi speaking young men. Is it because English is sexy/cool so an English Song is cooler even if you can’t understand it?

Next thought, I really really hate the bootcut pants with side stripe, jacket, no shirt look. I keep thinking he is wearing gym pants with a formal jacket and it confuses me.

Next thought, I still don’t think he is that good of a dancer. He’s athletic, sure, but I just don’t have that fun feeling with him, it’s more like dance is a job

Final thought, his pectoral muscles are strangely mesmerizing and terrifying at the same time.


I am excited about the content of this story, and I am also excited that FINALLY something real is being reported instead of a series of “shocking news story!” “oh wait, SHOCKING FALSE NEWS STORY”.

The Zanjeer boys, sons of the original producer, are litigious and hard driving and I love them. I mean, someone has to be, or else nothing will ever change. There was already a whole court case about the Zanjeer remake with Priyanka, and now they are pushing back against a local satellite channel that played the film without permission. (story here:

This is a whole thing. There was someone who had a copy of the film, who illegally gave it to the channel, there was someone who forged all the paperwork, there was lots of people who profited from it. It’s not just one rebel, or one confused person who doesn’t understand the law.

What is awesome to me about this story is simply that the law is being enforced. The Indian film industries have struggled for years largely because the laws that existed simply were not enforced. Employment contracts were meaningless, actors and other artists would not get paid and no court cared. Theaters would show the movie so long as they could get a copy of the film and didn’t worry too much about where the copy came from. And of course cassette tapes, and then VHS and DVDs were a joke in terms of rights.

It’s a big knot, if rights and laws are not enforced, then it makes it almost impossible for people to make a profit when doing things legally, which means they don’t bother, which illegal means are the only option. That’s why we at DCIB are so devoted to einthusan. If a filmmaker cannot find a legal way to sell their streaming rights, because the legal services just don’t see a profit if they are competing with illegal services, than all that is left is the illegal options. But if the copyright laws are respected and enforced, then suddenly it becomes viable for legal sources to work in legal ways.

This story is about Zanjeer and the Zanjeer Boys pushing against one regional TV channel. But the bigger story is that the crime branch is taking them seriously and treating this as the actual crime that it is. They are exploring the channel who bought it, the broker who faked the documents, the person who had the film reel, all of it along the chain. And if they really stick with this, if these folks end up in jail, that sends a message to everyone else in the industry that the authorities are not turning a blind eye any more and you had best change your ways.

21 thoughts on “News Round-Up: Tiger Has a New Single, and Copyright Violators Are Being Arrested

  1. No, I think Tiger is the best dancer out of the current generation, with the exception of maybe Rajkummar, although I haven’t seen enough technical work from him. For two reasons; fluidity of movement, completeness and perfection of line.

    If you screencap a Govinda dance, in almost every second that you capture, the line his body forms is beautiful in shape and proportion. The dance should be like a temple fresco. Tiger is not on that level but he can do good lines at least part of the time. I think his fluidity and ability to have good lines have been affected by the muscles for show, not for dance, so I would say his dancing has gone down from when he started. I have not seen consistent good lines from any other Hindi actor.

    He is not helped by this insistence on slowing down and speeding up and cutting up his dance scenes. He’d be better served if they spent more time working on them and showed them in different medium steady or tracking shots. I also think you are right that he should work on expression. Just for grace and expression, I think Rajkummar is actually better than any other male Hindi actor working now.

    Anyway, I actually quite liked the song???????


  2. Tiger may not be the BEST dancer, but he is good, better than most actors. I enjoy watching him dance, and I appreciate the athleticism. My issue with Tiger is that his on screen presence is of such an “awe shucks” kind of kid that it only works in certain roles. I was watching Parugu while folding laundry yesterday and I kept thinking how AA’s ability to make you believe that as a captive he could get his captors working for him was much more believable than Tiger in the same role. Not that Tiger was bad, I liked his movie but it required more suspension of disbelief. Thanks for the copyright update.


    • Yeah, Tiger’s had a couple of straight up hardcore violent action roles, which I have not seen because BLECH to hardcore violence. But I do wonder how that works with his soft “aw shucks” feeling to him.

      On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 11:18 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I cannot stop laughing at Tiger’s video!!!! Seriously, I am full on laughing out loud because I cannot believe this is a thing. Now as punishment for making fun of it the stupid song is going to be stuck in my head.

    Tiger can dance, but I just never get any “feels” from watching him dance. In the video I feel like he and the woman were just dancing in silos and worried about their own performance/ next move. I think that is it. When Tiger is dancing – most of the time – he just fails to create any chemistry with his costar. Of course, the one exception is when he danced with Hrithik in Jai Jai Shiv Shankar – that was all chemistry!!! When Hrithik dances, I am mesmerized. Even Varun, when he dances, all I notice is his chemistry with his costars and the futility of his movies. Where as when Tiger dances, I feel like he is just thinking 1,2,3,4, step, flip, kick, shake left, shake right, repeat.

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  4. Woohoo copyright! Woohoo following rules and business agreements so people can put food on the table while making art for the rest of us!

    Pretty sure that Tiger video was a dance challenge to see if he could perform the choreography while keeping his abs flexed 100% of the time. Tiger seems like one of those actor dudes who would be terribly boring to spend time with in real life because he’s so in love with himself he could talk of nothing else. His dancing is all “look at me look at me look at me!”, you never see him lose himself in the music and just move.

    Do we care that Riz Ahmed got backyard married to a novelist who he met in a scene straight out of a NY rom com? Because this interview was charming.


    • I care about Riz Ahmed in that “I hadn’t heard of this person before but this is a nice story” kind of way. So, yes! Nice story.

      Agree, Tiger never feels like he is dancing for the joy of it. And other less skilled dancers, like Ranveer for instance, just feel so joyous.

      On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 12:42 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Awww, that is nice! And of course it backfires because now I am thinking “what a nice couple, I very much want to see a photo of them with their baby”

      On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 7:11 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I agree with Popka that Tiger is getting worse and his muscles interfere with his dancing. Genevieve said his style is athletic which is true. The best athetes practice 8 hours a day so they can loose themselves when they compete. Tiger is always thinking; like filmi says,”no feels”.
    He kept touting this vid for weeks: “Casanova coming. Are you ready for Casanova? Six days til Casanova”, and so on. And then, so dumb. Play it without the audio and you really laugh. Who advises this kid?


    • So dumb!!!! And not even that interesting of a video!!! I assume it was all green screen with a few other dancers, but they could have had a lot of fun with that. Like, change the greenscreen background, put him in a jungle and then outer space and then a mountain or something. Be a little tongue in cheek and happy.

      On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 7:50 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Ha! It’s his OWN VOICE!!!! They made a whole deal about him singing for himself. And yes, pretty sure he is a gay icon. His Dad is as well, and his Dad DEFINITELY knows it (there’ve been rumors for years that in real life he is bisexual). But Tiger is so sweet, I can believe his parents are controlling his career to lean into the gay icon market without telling him that is what they are doing.

          On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 8:13 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Listened to the song again. That’s not a tenor, that’s a castrato. And one more Tiger question. His formerly gentle face has hardened. Is it just specila effects, natural aging, or surgery?


          • I think natural aging, I’ve been noticing it incrementally in his films, no big sudden change. His Dad was similar, looked shockingly young and innocent, and then overnight suddenly looked old. They’ve got a very delicate bone structure, and as soon as their face starts filling out with age, it looks totally different.

            On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 8:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. Wow; that’s him?! I bet his moma is probably also looking for a wife. Jackie is a natural telent and as sharp as his son is sweet. Tiger works so hard. You can tell he wants to please his fans, the critics, his parents, but maybe he doesn’t now how to please himself. I hope he grows into his stardom or it will disappear the second his abs soften.


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