Another True Crime Show That Could Be a Hindi Movie, Including a GREAT Role for Jennifer Lopez!!!

I’m still watching bad true crime, so sue me. I am addicted to terrible reenactments and serious talking heads from “relationship experts”. Anyway, great plot ideas for Indian movies!

Secret Bigamist Protected From His Evil Family By His Non-Desi Wife

The true story is pretty darn amazing. Haitian immigrant doctor falls in love with a nurse and they get married at a young age. She stops working after the second kid, they get a house in the suburbs, very happy together. And then after 20 years, her husband is hit by a car and lands in a coma. She rushes to the hospital only to find another woman CLAIMING TO BE HIS WIFE!!!! She is family approved, from the same hometown, and everyone believes her husband divorced her 17 years ago and married this other “better for him” wife. He has been living a double life this whole time. He dies without waking up leaving her with no answers. She goes to court and fights a battle to prove she is the true legal wife, eventually winning. The inheritance is split between the 4 kids (two with her and two with the other wife), but his family is furious with her, doesn’t even let her come to the funeral. And then two years later, she has returned to work as a nurse and is leaving for an early morning shift when two masked gunmen shoot at her! The police investigate and discover they were hired by the husband’s family, who are furious at her for fighting for her right to marriage and inheritance. Happy ending, she survives the shooting, her kids are doing great, and she still has all the money.

I would SO make this into a movie!!!! First thing I would do is make the wife into a white woman. Or Latina? YES! I like that!!!! Desi doctor comes to America, falls in love with a Hispanic nurse, perhaps Jennifer Lopez? They marry and are very happy. Although none of his family came to their wedding and remain very stand offish in general, clearly only being polite to her and her children because her husband is generous with his money to his family. After years and years of marriage, he is mugged and lands in a coma at which point she meets the “other” wife. Priyanka? Yes, Priyanka. Definitely. She investigates and we the audience see flashbacks that confirm her husband really truly loved her all along. But his family emotionally blackmailed him and forced him into this other marriage. Priyanka only wants him for the social status since he is from an old prestigious family and enjoys being Queen of the NRI society. Meanwhile, he spends most of his time with his crowded warm happy household with Jennifer Lopez and their kids. They don’t have that much money, considering how successful he is, but Jennifer understands that is because his family guilts him into giving them money all the time. She doesn’t mind, they have their house and a little set aside for the kids’ education. Jennifer puts it together that Priyanka and the Evil Family coordinated the attack which lead to the coma and does all sorts of tricky things to keep her Coma Husband safe while she fights a court case to prove her legal rights as his wife. She finally wins the court case, but is shot at! Escapes with her life and meanwhile her lawyer (who is of course now in love with her) rushes to save the life of Coma Husband, eventually dying to save the man who the woman he loves loves (if you see what I mean). Happy Ending, Coma Husband wakes up and starts trying to explain, saying he was going to tell her everything the night before he was attacked, they re-affirm their love for each other and swear that he will never talk to his family again, it will always be just them and their kids from here on out.

Jennifer Lopez on Quarantining With A-Rod and Revisiting Old Heartbreak for  a New Movie | Vanity Fair
Obviously she does a dance number

I’m thinking, Coma Husband is Abhishek (he would be so charming with JLo). And Tragic Dead Unrequited Love Lawyer is Akshaye Khanna. Don’t know why, just feeling it.

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