Random Questions I Am Group Sourcing

I have various wonderments this morning, and since I can’t talk to people-people, I will talk to my DCIB people and see what answers we can find.

Did I see something about India and England having a test series right now? Is that true? What about Virat’s baby? Doesn’t he get paternity leave?

Image result for virat anushka baby name
Little Vamika! She needs her daddy!

If a client at your customer support job called you “condescending”, would you react like me and want to send him cookies so he would like you again? Or would you react like my coworker and want to burn down his house?

Image result for phone support
This is my job, most people LOVE me! I answer the phone and they go “oh yay, it’s Margaret!!!!” Like literally, that is what they say. How can someone not like me????

Is it better for the heat in your apartment to be on too high so that you are always overheated, or better to have it too low so that you are always a little chilly?

Image result for radiator
If your answer is “it is better to have the perfect temperature”, then that means you have never dealt with an old steam radiator.

Which was the best Golden Girl, Blanche or Rose or Dorothy or Sophia?

Image result for rose golden girls

How can my nephew survive when all he wants to eat is Cheez Its and bottles of milk?

Image result for whole weat chees its
Also, if HE is allowed to survive on milk and cheez its, why can’t I just have milk and cheez its? Why do I have to have a stupid “balanced diet”?

19 thoughts on “Random Questions I Am Group Sourcing

  1. Such great questions.

    1. I know nothing about the India England test series but IMO all fathers should get paternity leave. I am just so excited for Virat and Anushka and love the name Vamika!

    2. HA! I just came off a call where the person on the other line was condescending/really bossy and it has put in in a bad mood but I did not call her out on it. However, if someone called me bossy, I would be annoyed and not do anything to make them like me because they are the ones that are clearly at fault! I have gone the “burn down their house” path way, but it is usually when I am just at my wits end and need to vent. After venting I am immediately calm and over it.

    3. Underheated! I HATE HATE HATE being hot. I would rather be chilly and layer up.

    4. Sofia! She is just so snarky and awesome!

    5. My sister lived off of chicken nugget sandwiches from 1st to 12th grade (I am not joking) and turned out fine. She is still a stupidly picky eater but overall pretty healthy. So I think your nephew is fine.


    • 1. Also, surely the Indian team wouldn’t want a sleep deprived and distracted captain? Just better all around if he is allowed to sit this one out.

      2. But THEY DON’T LIKE YOU!!!! How can you live with this???? Everyone has to like me all the time!!!! Which is why I am so freakin’ FABULOUS at customer support. And probably why it is a good thing I am not a lawyer like you.

      3. YES! This was also my decision today!!!! I am so hot right now, I even got iced coffee instead of hot. Even though it is well below freezing outside, it feels about 80 degrees inside. UGH!

      4. So mean! Everyone likes Rose (I may have a theme today)

      6. I guess. But this is the kind of story that makes me go back to the idea of “why do I have to eat healthy?” Here I am, all conscientiously trying to have protein and fruit and stuff, and there are picky children happily going around just eating chicken nuggets.

      On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 11:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • 2. People also generally like me and think I am very very extroverted and diplomatic. But I am SO not extroverted. It takes so much out of me to be attentive and charming and clever and make sure everyone is getting the undivided attention they deserve. Not because I am being fake but because I think people deserve that level of attention and if I can provide it then I should. And then afterwards, I am exhausted and need so much alone time to recuperate and get my energy back. For example, this is a silly one but I HATED dating when I was single. I always felt like at the end of the date, the guy thought we had such an amazing time and wonderful conversation and I felt like I was working. My husband says I’m the most extroverted introvert and he’s the most introverted extrovert.

        5. I feel like as we get older our digestive systems get old too and we need to be more balanced. I feel like kids have some amazing superhero metabolism/digestive systems that makes anything they eat okay.


  2. If someone calls you condescending for no reason, and they are the minority in that opinion, it might imply that something’s wrong with them and not you, so there’s no point in wasting energy trying to appease them.

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  3. I know nothing about cricket but when there was this important match (that one everybody except Aamir was happy a week or two ago) Virat wasn’t there. In fact everybody was sure India will lose this match without the capitain but they won. I saw some stupid comments saying: How dare Virat take paternity leave when there was this match.


    • It’s not like babies come on schedule!!!! He couldn’t pull out a calendar and talk to Anushka’s stomach and say “okay, we’ve got matches here and here, but nothing here. So try to be born during this gap, that would be best”

      On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 2:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. 1. Doubt that sports players get more than a couple days paternity leave. And isn’t he the captain or something?

    2. If a man called me condescending my first thought would be he doesn’t like women, or at least not women like me, so there isn’t much I could do about it. If a woman called me condescending my thought is she feels powerless and wants to strike out, and maybe she is incompetent so maybe I am condescending. I would try to moderate my voice when talking to her to sound sweeter, but forever after I would think of her as an idiot.

    3. I typically leave the house cold, until one day when I desperately want to me warm and I raise the heat for a day. Then I turn it back down later. I have worn a snow bib inside my own house because I was sick of being cold. Meanwhile my children wear shorts no matter what the weather.

    4. Sophia – but in reality none of those woman is cake on their own, they are all vital ingredients to cake.

    5. Milk provides almost or all of what a child needs for the first two years of life. Especially infant formula (not so toddler formula I’ve heard). I think cheez-its are colored with paprika, but if not food dyes really aren’t good for children to eat regularly. Yes fruits and vegetables and varying grains would be best, but he as long as he is getting milk he can survive even if he only eats cheez-its.


    • 1. He is the Captain! But his baby is so tiny. Just doesn’t seem fair. Especially with international matches, it’s not like he can fly home between times.

      2. This was a man, and I think he falls into the realm of “ask a dumb question, get a condescending answer”. Like, either you laugh it off and go “oh duh! I feel dumb now, thanks for your patience” or you get huffy. 90% of the time, if not more, I get that nice “thanks for your patience” answer. But not this dude.

      3. I’m kind of looking forward to this weekend. It’s supposed to get down to around 0 degrees and I know from experience that that is the temperature where my apartment is FINALLY chilly. Anything above 0 degrees, and the radiator heat dominates. But 0 makes it a fair fight. I might get to wear a coat inside too!

      4. Too true. For instance, I have never really felt the urge to watch any of their other hit sitcoms. It’s GG or nothing.

      5. He seems to be following a “cheez its or nothing” diet philosophy. His loving parents offer all kinds of great things like mushed vegetables and pasta with sauce and bananas, and all he wants is soggy cheez its that fall on the floor and then he picks them up and eats them anyway. So I guess at least he is eating SOME solid. Also this kind of blows my mind, because he is a very little person, and you would think his diet is totally under the control of the Bigs around him. But no!!!! He has firm opinions on food and can apparently enforce them!

      On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 3:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I only have answers for the second and 3rd ones.

    For the condescending one, I’d probably want to burn his house down. I’d probably act nice about it to the actual person, maybe a little witty but in a fun way, but then I’d scream about it later. Before one of my quiz classes today, this kid told me “you better do this thing with the quiz” and I wanted to claw his eyes out.

    For the heat, I used to be a keep it slightly hotter person and now I have completely flipped to a keep it slightly cooler person. My parents always kept it too cold to the point where I was constantly wrapped in throw blankets, even in the summer. But now my roommate keeps it too hot, and it’s literally physically impossible for me to sleep unless I get up at midnight and turn it down. Plus I have been gifted way too many throw blankets for a single person, so keeping it colder means I have to use them.


    • I love throw blankets! I have so many of them, and I never get to use them. Not because of the heat, but because my Little Dog keeps stealing them from me.


  6. I love all these answers and getting to know my DCIB family.

    I have a theory: If everybody likes you, something’s wrong. If nobody likes you, something’s wrong. I am neither beloved nor hated and at this advanced age, I still have all my teeth, thick hair, and can eat anything (not really a blessing). I believe working too hard at pleasing folks ages you prematurely and is basically unhealthy. I know you have to swallow a lot of sh-t in service, but professional courtesy doesn’t require absorbing insults. If a customer angers you or hurts your feelings, you can alway say,” that was unkind,” and move on. Please don’t send that bum cookies.

    Now as to the other questions: Anushka needed Virat but the baby didn’t. She should have let him do his job if he wanted to. But it’s different today. I went into labor alone, had my babies alone, nobody was allowed except nurses and docs. But my grandsons were born at a party! Everybody was there, dads, grandparents, places to sleep if it went on too long, music, even food.

    As to the rest: Cooler is healthier and cheaper if you pay for it. What’s wrong with sox and a sweater? Kids can survive almost any kind of diet but EVERYTHING shouldn’t be their choice. And, I never did watch sit- coms, so you are rescued that little bit from my advice.

    Now go out and conquer the world!


    • I have to say, in my customer service job where I have worked for 10 years, I have had only 2 people dislike me. But then, it is my job to make folks like me and I am very good at it. In Blogland, I definitely have folks who don’t like what I say. So yaaaaay! Good for me!!!!

      So far as I am concerned, with Anushka having just given birth and being sleep deprived from nursing and after 9 months of pregnancy, she is allowed to demand her husband stay home and skip a Cricket match 🙂 I’ll also say that, from the little we know of Virat through social media and stuff, I think he is more of a “I really want to be with my newborn daughter” type of guy than an “oh gee, I wanna go play!” kind of guy. So I’m glad he let himself take at least a little break to enjoy fatherhood before hitting the grind again.

      I am SO HOT right now!!! I have turned off all but one of my radiators, and it is still SO HOT. Being on the third floor of a brick building is like being in an oven. Bring on the sudden temperature drop this afternoon! Let me wear those socks and sweaters!

      On Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 8:03 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  7. Milk is just too tasty and nutritious. Our boy gets cows’ milk in a glass, but we have to to stop him after one helping per meal. Luckily, he loves peanuts too, and will even eat a slice of cucumber occasionally, so I’m not too worried. I think his body still knows what it needs.

    I * think * that too cold is better than too warm, but somehow I always end up with the slightly higher settings on the radiator.

    I also tend to question myself rather than the other person, but here’s my suggestion for you: consider the old meaning of “condescending”, circa Pride and Predjudice. You are so obviously his better that he’s feeling honored that you’d condescend to his level.


    • For the amount of calories they burn put-putting around the house all day, it’s amazing how little they eat! I can watch my nephew on video and he is literally never still. And yet survives on milk bottles and three crackers for dinner.

      It’s true, I am obviously his better! He just couldn’t handle the honor.

      On Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 8:10 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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