Another True Crime Story For Remake! An Evil STEM Professor Villain and a Prostitute Heroine!!!

This is such a ridiculous true life story that I can’t resist making it into a movie. Especially because it means I can give it a happy ending. And also talk about how male science professors are the SCUM OF THE EARTH.

Real Story, Professor Murders Prostitute

To fully enjoy this story, you have to know that prestigious tenured older male science professors are (generally speaking) the scum of the earth. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and all that. So this tenured professor has a hardworking underappreciated research assistant who starts noticing odd things in the budget. She tracks down that he is using school funds to pay for personal items, like condoms. She confronts him, he says “I’ve got tenure, I’m untouchable”. She takes it to the board who say “he’s got tenure, he brings in a lot of money, you are a little girl lab assistant, ignore it”. But she keeps digging and finds a massive amount going to another lab assistant who she has never met and has no idea what work she is doing. Calls around, finds out this lab assistant is made up, and in fact he has been taking from the budget to pay for his prostitute. At which point the administration does actually have to act. So they put him on administrative leave (with pay). And I guess don’t call the press or publicly shame him or anything because it would be embarrassing for the school. Meanwhile there is a hardworking young woman from a working class family who gets a scholarship to art school. While away at school she meets and falls in love with a new boyfriend, he is really nice, meets the family, etc. And also introduces her to sex work at a high class club in order to make some extra money for school and save for their future. She meets the professor at the club and takes him as a regular client. He gets obsessed, she stays money focused. He takes her away for the weekend and underpays her. She demands her money, he kills her. And then her boyfriend/pimp immediately goes to the police. And keeps pushing even though they don’t want to do anything. Because by golly, he really did love her! It wasn’t just a pimp thing, they were saving money for their future and he doesn’t care what happens to him if he can get the police to investigate. The police of course are not interested, but the boyfriend keeps pushing and so does her family and finally they start digging around and find this professor. Bring him in, he confesses, goes to jail for 8 years then gets out. Presumably still tenured. I’m telling you, SCUM OF THE EARTH.

Anyway, my fictional version would keep the professor as Earth Scum, and elevate the sex worker, her boyfriend, and the loyal lab assistant to true hero roles. And also not kill the sex worker, because I like her and her weird love story.

Sex workers work SO HARD. They deserve to be heroines.

We start by seeing prestigious professor getting an award and being deeply respected by everyone, while casually dismissing his faithful lab assistant to go refill his coffee. Meanwhile, we see young hardworking art student struggling to pay tuition and going out for a night to try to forget her problems. She meets a fast talker at a club and somehow they hit it off right away. He learns she is desperate for money and offers to help her get a job at a dance club. She takes the job and the money is amazing, especially when a customer offers her even more to sleep with him. She accepts the offer, but her boyfriend is worried when he hears about it and thinks it isn’t safe. They fight, but eventually he has to respect her decision, just makes her promise to always be safe and call him all the time so he will know if something happened.

And then the story progresses, our young couple has a lovely little romance going, so long as they don’t talk about her sex work which he still worries about. She’s gonna finish her degree, pay off her troubled brother’s debts, and then the two of them will have saved up enough to get a down payment on a flat. She meets the professor at the club and he is a great mark for her, almost too easy. But then one weekend they are supposed to go away together and she never comes back.

Her nice boyfriend goes to the cops, who aren’t interested. So he goes to her troubled brother for help, he is at first furious with the boyfriend for getting his sister into sex work, but then sees that the boyfriend will take all this abuse because he sincerely loves her. The troubled brother and the boyfriend start investigating and find the dedicated lab assistant who has now been fired and also tried going to the police about the fraud. The three of them investigate together and, eventually, find the sex worker where she is being kept captive (she managed to use her emotional intelligence to keep the professor feeling sorry for her and keep her alive). The sex worker is in danger because the professor’s wife has discovered her and re-kidnapped her and really wants to kill her. The little band of three rescue her, and post all the evidence online to shame the police into actually arresting the professor and the university into firing him. And of course, the tough troubled brother and lab assistant are now in love and she has gotten her boss’s job.

I say,

Evil Scum Professor: Amitabh Bachchan

Psycho Driven to Kill Wife: Jaya Bachchan

Young Pimp/Boyfriend: Shahid Kapoor

Young Art Student/Sex Worker: Kiara Advani

Troubled Tough Brother: Aditya Roy Kapoor

Smart Unappreciated Lab Assistant: Sonakshi Sinha

Is this actually an appealing story, or is it just appealing to me because tenured respected male science professors are SCUM OF THE EARTH??? (a delightful 58% of women in science academia in America report sexual harassment, second only to the military. And one study found a total of 20% of undergrad female science students reported being sexually harassed by a teacher, and that number climbs to 43% for grad students, and then I guess another 15% get harassed after grad school bringing us to the total of 58%

2 thoughts on “Another True Crime Story For Remake! An Evil STEM Professor Villain and a Prostitute Heroine!!!

  1. Sigh! This is depressingly true…and I say that as a male professor hoping to get tenure one day…

    Some additions I would suggest…maybe the professor decides to experiment on the sex worker…frankly professors never give an opportunity to get data…a captive woman seems perfect for experimentation…maybe a CRISPR gene-editing experiment (currently banned on humans)

    And make the wife a tenured professor too…there are many academic couples!! Now the wife also has a motive to help her husband…she is horrified by the experiment and wants to kill and hide the evidence to protect her own career….


    • SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!! Not you, I am sure you are very nice, but all those other people you have to be polite to at university gatherings.

      Oooo, I like your twist!!! But I don’t want our poor sex worker permanently injured. Could it be something morally wrong but semi-harmless? Like keeping her on a special diet, or under a UV light, or something? And then the wife finds out what is happening in her husband’s “home lab”, their research is tied together, so she wants to kill the sex worker and hide the evidence to protect her on reputation.


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