Glasses Report! I Get To Have For Real Bifocals!!!! And You Get to Help Me Pick Frames!!!

Great news! I officially need real reading glasses for the first time ever, which explains why my eyes have started hurting so bad when I spend the day working on the computer. So it is NOT little elves beating on my optic nerve with tiny hammers and chisels, as I thought.

Ready for something HILARIOUS? When I was 12 years old, I got my first pair of glasses to correct a stigmatism which the eye doctor described as “the problem is, she over focuses”. At which point everyone who knows me starts to laugh because, already at age 12, it was clear that “over focusing” was definitely my defining trait!!!! See, if only I had gotten the right kind of corrective lenses to fix the stigmatism, I would have finished my DDLJ recap ages ago instead of getting bogged down on 2,000 words to discuss the color of someone’s shirt.

Anyway, I have the stigmatism/personality trait issue, and then at 13 or so I got my first prescription for seeing bad far away (not even go try to figure out what the right term for that is. Because I over-focus, and every time I try to figure it out, I get bogged down by thinking about the history of language and what words mean the opposite of what they are supposed to mean and why we say “unfurled” but never “furled”). And every two years I get retested and my seeing bad far away is ever so slightly worse. But this time! For the first time! My seeing bad far away is basically the same, but I now officially have seeing bad close up too!!!

My first instinct is to consider the deeper life meaning of this, and the history of seeing bad close upness, and the metaphor it might mean as we are forced into quarantine together with those closest to us, and so on and so forth. But I am going to fight my over-focus stigmatism, and instead see clearly to the surface meaning, which is “I get to pick out new frames!”

Which brings me to you!!!!! Of these frames, which do you like best for Margaret?


Pink Rectangle Glasses front-view
Pink Rectangle Glasses side-view


Blue Rectangle Glasses front-view
Blue Rectangle Glasses side-view


Multicolor Rectangle Glasses front-view

Tortoise Shell

Tortoiseshell Rectangle Glasses angle-view


Blue Rectangle Glasses angle-view


Rose Granite Rectangle Glasses front-view

Pink Cat Eye

Pink Cat-Eye Glasses front-view

Blue Ice

Blue Cat-Eye Glasses front-view

What do you think? Knowing I have blue eyes, blondish hair, bangs, and also my personality?

(I couldn’t resist over focusing. Did you know newborns are all far-sighted? Which means my sight has been getting worse as my nephew’s has been getting better. Is he stealing my sight? Also, there is a hot historical debate over whether glasses were first invented in Italy, China, or India. Naturally, India is very big on claiming it for themselves. What is the DEEPER MEANING here??? I should do more research!!!)

12 thoughts on “Glasses Report! I Get To Have For Real Bifocals!!!! And You Get to Help Me Pick Frames!!!

    • I do too! But I am worried it is too close to my skin tone. But maybe that is good? Kind of disappear like I’m not even wearing them?

      On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 2:48 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. i can’t give you good input because I don’t know enough about your face shape, colouring, etc, but the cat eyes are AMAZING and I would wear blue ice tomorrow. Second and third place to tortoise shell and turquoise.

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    • Isn’t blue ice good? It’s not even called “blue ice”, that was just what leaped to my mind as soon as I saw them.

      On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 2:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. My favorite favorite is Torquise. Second favorite is Tortoise Shell, that isn’t really tortoise shell because it has blue bits, so it is like sneaky colored tortoise shell. And then pink and blue ice are tied for third favorite.

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  3. I like multicolor. Tortoise shell in second place if you’re worried about looking at a Rothko painting on your face every day.

    Funny how glasses frames are so dependent on coloring. I’ve been buying dark tortoise shell my whole adult life, with occasional detours into dark brown or burgundy, because much as I might wish otherwise there are really only a couple of shades that work on redheads with pale skin. At least this one.

    Your nephew is def pulling a Portrait of Dorian Gray with your eyesight. Always blame the baby.

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    • Isn’t it interesting what a difference the right frames can make? And after 20 plus years of glasses, I can just zero right in on the subset I can wear. I suspect most glasses wearers are like that, you just know.


  4. The pink and blue are ordinary, which you are not. The multocolor is hard-edged, which you are not. The tortoise shell is confusing which you are not. Torquoise, marbled and pink cat’s-eye are pale and retiring, which you are not. Sooo…the slightly exotic (hint of bling) but still salt of the earth blue ice is my pick for you.


  5. I can’t decide among the tortoise shell, multicolor, and blue ice. I like the larger frames of the multicolor and tortoise shell. I think the tortoise shell would probably look the best on your given your face, hair, and personality. But I am conflicted because I think blue ice cat eye is just so fun!


    • The more I look at them, the more I am ready to just go for the blue ice! And then I could get a tiara and diamond earrings and really complete the look.

      On Sun, Mar 7, 2021 at 10:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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