Things I Am Worried About Today

Is marijuana supposed to make you anxious? Am I anxious because it is 420 day and drugs are in the air? Or (more likely) is it because I am hormonal and it is overcast?

My co-worker is getting a dog and I’ve seen the photos and I think everyone might end up liking her dog better than Albie Dog and then Albie Dog will have no one to love him.

My friend I am buying the house with is allergic to artificial scents and we will be sharing a washer/dryer, does this mean I need to throw away all my detergent and buy weird new hippie detergent?

I have no plan for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Rose And Balloon Bouquet at Send Flowers
This is for people who have given up

I have no plan for my friend Dina’s birthday on Saturday

Baskin-Robbins | Celebration+Party+Cake | Birthday cupcakes, Boy birthday  cake, Baskin robbins
This is too

I have ceded my kitchen to the cockroaches and now I don’t know how I can eat food, should I buy a hot plate or a baby fridge so I can eat in the living room?

The Best Mini Fridge Options for the Home (Buyer's Guide) - Bob Vila
Extreminators should sell these

The movers are coming in a month and they are going to see all my weird furniture and laugh at me

There is a new season of Midsomer Murders but I think we should save it for a special occasion, only what occasion is special enough?


It’s going to snow today, is this because I was weak and kept a couple of sweaters out when I put my winter clothes away and now God thinks he can still make it snow because Margaret has sweaters?

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja shows you how to give your sweatsuit a luxurious update  for a Zoom party | VOGUE India
Like Sonam, I kept out sweatpants and a sweatshirt when I did my winter to summer swap on Easter. And now it is snowing in April and it is ALL MY FAULT

Is Katrina Kaif too old to have babies? Even if she does get married, has she missed her window for the family she wants? I know she could adopt, but maybe she wants that biological connection since her biological family of origin is so confusing?

Katrina kaif on Twitter: "Katrina kaif baby fan 😗😗how sweet ❤❤💋💋… "

Is AbRam Khan keeping up with his studies from home? Or is he the kind of kid that needs other kids around to keep him focused?

Photo: Shah Rukh Khan's Son AbRam Khan Had A Funtime Playing With  Raageshwari's Daughter!

If Virat is doing Cricket things, and Anushka is producing a new movie, are they over-extending themselves since they also have a new baby?

Full schedule of India's action-packed 2021 cricket season: International  fixtures & IPL schedule | Cricket News - Times of India

If my Mom doesn’t finish doing my laundry today, do I have clean clothes to wear tomorrow?

This advertisement from India puts gender roles in perspective
Laundry is only a mother’s job in our family, because Dad cleans the bathroom once a week, does all the dishes, cooks breakfast every morning, and vacuums. It’s only fair that Mom does laundry. And of course, I am the baby so all I have to do is be cute.

7 thoughts on “Things I Am Worried About Today

  1. Virat & Anushka have a nanny and the child is probably bottle fed. This doesn’t bode well for bonding but in all honesty two of my kids didn’t bond with their father till after they were a year old as long as the Nanny is a good Nanny and they hopefully don’t change out nannies the child should be fine. I’m guessing they aren’t waking up with the kid in the middle of the night.

    AbRam is young enough that if he doesn’t keep up with his studies at all for a year he’ll be fine.

    A friend had a baby at 45. Now I don’t personally want to have a baby at 45, but it is common in urban areas. So Kat is not too old to have a baby.

    The snow is 100% your fault.

    I am not on board with the idea of saving a TV show for a special occasion. If you want to watch it, watch it.

    Are the movers going to laugh at your piano? Or the fact that you use your piano as a bookself? They probably won’t be laughing at all, they will be using their mental energy to figure out how heavy your piano is.

    If you turn your living room into your kitchen the cockroaches will move into your living room in less than a week. Thank goodness you’re moving!! Do you have enough $ for constant take-out?

    For your friend’s B-Day, flowers and a handmade card? Maybe a walk in the park if she doesn’t have plans?

    For mothers day, if I lived near my mom I would make her a meal of California Rolls and or set up/work in her garden.

    You do need to throw away all your detergent, but most brands do sell unscented versions, you don’t have to go total hippie. BTW, whiteners and stuff totally work, so if it is just scents, don’t go too hippie. I did cloth diapers, and one of my favorite things about not doing cloth diapers is that I get to use detergent that works now.

    Albie will get less attention at first and then it will even out.

    I think pot makes some people paranoid, but for a lot of folks it actually calms anxiety, thus its popularity!


    • You are SO WISE!!!

      I will stop worrying about Virat and Anushka’s family, money apparently changes everything.

      Speaking of which, no doubt money will also help AbRam catch up on schoolwork as needed and Kat have a magic baby.

      I knew the snow was my fault! I KNEW IT! I should have worn sundresses everyday like I promised.

      Maybe save the TV show for Mother’s Day? since it is one my Mom really likes?

      I think they are going to laugh because my piano looks like a Grandma piano even though I am young (because it is from my Grandma)

      I’ve decided that I have to find the money for constant take out since that seems to be the only solution. And also the money to just throw away all the food in my pantry when I move, because that is also going to need to happen.

      I like the idea of flowers for my friend. She is supposed to come over the day before, I could surprise her with a bouquet.

      I started using Tide pods a couple years ago and it’s a whole different laundry experience! I can’t go back to plain detergent. I’ll find an unscented version

      Albie Dog deserves all the attention! ALL OF IT!!!!! He’s already struggling since the family stopped caring about his photos after my nephew was born.

      Maybe I should try Marijuana? there’s a legal dispensary about 15 minutes away. OH! That could be my Mother’s Day activity! My parents have been wanting to try Legal Marijuana too. But probably not a good mother-daughter activity.

      On Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 3:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oh dear. Maybe I will take my prescription doctor recommended pill instead.

      On Sat, Apr 24, 2021 at 7:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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