Silly Sunday: Help Me Cast An Aging Actress, Beautician, and Housewife for My Hot in Cleveland Remake!!!!

Again, NOT A GOOD SHOW!!!! Do not try watching this show and then go “Margaret, why did you tell me to watch this show?” I didn’t! But I happen to be enjoying it. And more importantly, the central 4 characters are GREAT character types to play with in imaginary casting.

Original show, 3 old friends from LA are going on a getaway girl’s trip because they are all at bad points in their life. The flight hits turbulence and has to land in Cleveland and they fall in love with the small charming city and decide to get a house together and move there for a second act. With the house comes a crochety sharp tongued caretaker, an extremely elderly woman, who ends up reluctantly becoming part of their hijinks.

Hot in Cleveland (TV Series 2010–2015) - IMDb

Okay, help me imaginary cast these 4 GREAT roles for older actresses!!!!

Actress: Oldest of the 3, maybe in her early 60s while they others are in their early 50s. Spent decades as the leading actress in a soap opera, is still tirelessly chasing down roles and jobs where ever she can find them. Has 3 children and many marriages, currently single. At the start of the show, her soap has just been canceled and she doesn’t know what to do with her life.

Dimple? In her Luck By Chance mode?

Kirron Kher? In her Om Shanti Om mode?

Shabana Azmi? Being Shabana?

Housewife: The sweet normal one. Married to an agent and associated with the movie life, but happy just staying home and taking care of the kids. Raised two kids and then her husband divorced her for a younger woman, and she also doesn’t know what to do with her life.

Madhuri? Because she is always kind of boring in comedies?

Juhi? Because she is sweet?

Tanvi Azmi? Because she is Tanvi?

Beautician: The single one. Left at the altar twice, quick to fall in love and then quick to go crazy with distrust and obsession. Yet another relationship has failed and she is ready to give up on love for good and start fresh.

Sonali Bendre? Because she is so good at comedy?

Karisma Kapoor? Because of the Meta?

Farah Khan? Just because it makes me smile?

Caretaker: A widow who has settled into a lonely grumpy existence. Until these 3 crazy women land in her house and inspire her to start dating and doing wild things again.

Daisy Irani. No other option.

As the show goes on, they each get love interests. Multiple love interests, but I will pick my favorites.

Aging Rock Star: When they were both young, the actress and the rock star had a fling. Over the years, they have met up occasionally when they were in the same place. In the end, he has a heart attack and realizes he is ready to retire, and he wants the actress to be his forever love.

Sunny Deol, if Dimple

Anupam, if Kirron

Naseeruddin Shah, if Shaban

Random Dude at the End: All the housewife’s love interests sucked. She’s just too normal. Best way to handle it is the way the show handled it, have a guy show up in the last 5 minutes and imply it all works out.

Shahrukh. Why not?

Biological Son: The beautician gave a baby up for adoption as a teenager and meets him again, even ends up being the Grandma and babysitter to his son when he becomes a single father. I want this to be her One True Love in the end.

Varun Dhawan?

Sid M?

Arjun K?

Charming Waiter/Guidance Counselor: The caretaker is waiting for a blind date when the elderly waiter who explains he took the job because he was bored in retirement after he quite working as a Guidance Counselor. And then he gives them all advice, and steals the caretaker away from her date.

Randhir Kapoor?


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