DCIB Book Club: Getting Rid of Bradley This Sunday, “The Prince of Ebon Rih” Next Sunday!!!!

Oh boy! It’s all romantic escapism all the time now! I cannot encourage you enough to read this week’s book, it is SO FUN. And next week, I picked a long short story, so it should be super easy. And if you like it, the author has many other books in the series.

“The Prince of Ebon Rih” in the collection Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop

Fair warning, this is a small contained story within the context of an epic complicated fantasy series. But there is a handy explanation of terms of things in the front to help get you oriented. And really, it is just a story of the dowdy boring girl who has the hot powerful coolest boy fall in love with her at first sight only she doesn’t realize it, even though everyone around them does. The Warrior Prince of Ebon Rih falls in love with the shy hearth witch his sister the Queen hires to be his new housekeeper. Also, there’s a magical talking dog. Who also falls in love with the shy hearth witch. Oh, and the whole thing is slightly less than 100 pages I think, so you can just zip through it.

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