DCIB Book Club: Next Week, Short Story “The Prince of Ebon Rih”!!!!! Week after, ????

Yes! It is time to remind you of our next pick, and ask for suggestions for the week after!!!

Next week! A short story by Anne Bishop, “The Prince of Ebon Rih” in her collection Dreams Made Flesh.

It’s got a bit of a complicated fictional universe backstory, but you don’t really need that. It’s just a romance about a shy hearthwitch being hired as a housekeeper for a scary powerful prince, and then they fall in love. Really, READ IT!!!! You’ll love it.

Week after next, what should we try?

I’m gonna go big picture again. Between these genres, which do you want to try?

A Poem

A romance novel

An old-timey romance novel

A fairy tale book

A children’s book

An old-time children’s book

A nurse book

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