Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Die of Heat Stroke!

Happy Saturday! I started the day by watching The Birdcage with Genevieve which was DELIGHTFUL and y’all missed out by skipping it. Next week, I promise we will go back to Indian movies like usual. And now, I shall finish packing and cleaning the apartment in 90 degree weather without an air-conditioner (because it is packed). If you don’t hear from me again, I died of heatstroke.

Things to talk about!

I don’t know, I’m so HOT!!!! And stressed and moving and miserable! I gotta go up to the lake house this week, I need to just get away from everything for a bit or else I’m going to cry. So I guess there’s something to talk about!

If you had to choose, would you rather:

Have to pack up and move everything you own?

Be trapped in a non-ventilated non-airconditioned room when it’s 90 degrees outside?

Be in horrible limbo of not knowing for sure where you will be living after next week?

I think packing up and moving would be my preference. Packing isn’t so bad! At least you are in control. Okay, here I go, packy-packy.

But hey, assuming every thing actually works out, my life is about to be so much better. It’s my time!

9 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Die of Heat Stroke!

  1. Well, Eurovision Grand Final was yesterday and IT WAS AMAZING!! 😀
    Here’s a summary:
    WINNER: Italy with pop/progressive rock band Måneskin!! They are amazing!! I love them and voted for them!!
    Switzerland was the jury vote winner, but not a winner with the public. The guy is adorable. The voting this year was BRUTAL – a TOTAL BLOODBATH when it came to jury votes vs public votes.
    France came with an Edith Piaf inspired performance. It is a very unique a wonderful song.
    Iceland did well and they are very unique! The internet loves them.
    Finland placed 6th and it is GREAT! It’s our best place in YEARS!! Also rock, but more in the heavy and metal sphere. They and Måneskins are now best buddies. 🙂
    Russia pulled out a swerve with a feminist and pro-LGBTQ song and it is a BLAST!!! Putin will hate this song very much and I love the song for it.
    And the Eurovision tradition continues that the UK gets zero points! All is well in the world.

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    • Question: if you aren’t allowed to vote for your own country, does that mean smaller countries are actually at an advantage? Because they only “lose” a few votes while a country with a large population would “lose” many many votes?

      My sister has close friends who are Slovenian, and very proud of the Slovenian Eurovision record. And now I am wondering, is it all a numbers game? Is it because there are almost no Slovenians in Europe so every other country can vote for them?


      • I stopped watching Eurovision because it was always so predictable like Portugal always vote Spain, and Spain votes Portugal; Greece votes Cyprus and Cyprus Greece, the same with Sweden and Denmark and many other countries.


        • And then I guess everyone who doesn’t vote the agreed way, votes Slovenia!

          On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 9:54 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I guess smaller countries are at an advantage, especially if they go for the creative choices in songs and presentation! Moldova is one that is kinda the underdog since it hasn’t one Eurovision, but it always brings a good presentation and creative ideas to the table. If the internet loves it, that is very good as well, especially if it is meme worthy.

        And people just don’t like the ballads. The juries like them, and there are some good ones. But this year people wanted to let off steam with rock and that’s what happened, the judge points be damned.


  2. Your packing stories are giving me secondhand stress! It’s never fun, and the weather just makes everything harder. Been there, done that, don’t want to do it again!

    Any plans of watching Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar? I suspect it’s not something you’d want to watch in your current situation, but maybe later? It’s a good story, slow and languid dark comedy, all Pari and Arjun fans might want to check it out, they do well here. There’s a delightful dance sequence with Arjun in the middle.


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