Vacation Update! I Keep Falling!!!

My first long stretch up at the lake house! And then in July an even longer stretch, and then end of August another long stretch. I thought you might like a report!

Working remotely has totally changed my relationship with the lake house! Before, I would do this mad dash after work on Friday up for the weekend here and there. Now I am here for looooooooooong stretches. But I have to do work-work 9 hours a day instead of just having fun, boooooo.

Anyway, I drove straight here from my lovely birthday hotel getaway on Wednesday. And I got here before my parents and tried to do stuff to make the house nice for them, including taking down the lights on the trees that block my Mom’s view of the sunset. I got out a little stepladder, braced it against the tree, got to the second step, and the ladder unbalanced and fell over and so did I. Very exciting, lots of dirt on my shirt and bruises on my legs.

Sara Ali Khan loves showing off her shoulders; Here's proof! | PINKVILLA

I went swimming after that, which was fun, and then my parents arrived and we talked on the screen porch and had chicken salad for dinner.

Yesterday, I worked all day with a break in the middle to jump in the lake (it’s 90 degrees, my theory is to keep my hair always wet. Because Hair is the Air Conditioning of the Brain). And then after work my parents insisted I try the new Kayak, and I fell out of that. Or fell next to it? What do you call it when you are trying to step into the Kayak and miss and land bang into the lake instead?

Avoiding Kayak Capsizing – Tips On How Not to Tip - Paddle Pursuits

Best fall of all, I have fallen completely in love with the Ms Marvel series! It’s about second gen issues, and high school, and body image, and gentrification, and worrying about disappointing your parents, and feeling dumb because the guy you have a crush on turns out to be lame. Really, you should ALL read it! And it’s available widely through libraries, both digital (Hoopla! It’s a thing!) and physical copies.

Ms. Marvel AKA Kamala Khan Might be Coming to the Big Screen! | by Brown  Girl Magazine | Medium

2 thoughts on “Vacation Update! I Keep Falling!!!

  1. Oh wow, now I feel like I need to go back and reread Ms. Marvel for film references along with possible Fawad characters.

    If you were going to fall off a ladder, well done making it just two steps. And if you were going to fall a second time, the lake on a hot day was a good choice. Really we can see this as getting better with practice. Maybe your next fall can be onto a lovely soft bed.


    • For a change of pass, yesterday I stood up to fast in a small closet and banged my head.

      And yes! Everyone should reread or read Ms Marvel!!! And there is a Wise Imam character who is just in it briefly but is introduced as the boring old guy the kids don’t like. If it’s Fawad, they would have to rewrite it to be the “hot young youth Imam who gets all the teen girls to come to his lectures but they don’t listen to what he says”.

      On Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 11:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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