I’m Alive! Just a Busy Day

I would have skipped posting this entire day, and then I thought “what about all my lovely blog friends? what if they worry?” So this is an “I’m alive! I’m fine!” post.

Woke up at 6:30, walked the dog, then rushed up to Evanston to use my third to last Birthday coupon for coffee before it expired. Then on the way home stopped by my friend’s house to drop of Black Lives Matter signs on her porch like a BLM fairy (my parents found some extras while packing, and putting them out by the dumpster is just a terrible image).

Got home just in time to sign in to work and prepare for my 8am first thing phone call. Today is my short work day, so it was just boom boom boom all the time until I was out, not even time to put up a quick TGIF post.

John Abraham In Chappals Is A Living Personification Of Every Guy Out There
And it’s flip flop day! That could have been a GREAT TGIF!

Got off work and had to rush rush again. Had to pick up my second to last coupon free sandwich, and the keys for the new place from my friend before zooming there to meet with a roofer. Waited in the extreme heat out front for a bit, then gave up and waited in my air conditioned car. Roofer came, got out his ladder, walked around on the roof a bit, came down, told me an estimate that is almost exactly 10% of the last estimate we got. This is what happens when you work with a nice guy recommended by your uncle and tell him you have no money, versus some big corporation who thinks you are a millionaire. So that was all a HUGE relief (seriously, the last estimate was almost as big as our whole downpayment. We were looking at taking out a home loan as soon as we bought a home just to cover the roof). But also I was very hot and tired at the end of it.

I did take a photo for y’all while I was there. You know how you are excited about Albie Dog having a garden? Yeah, this is his garden. The front yard and back yard are both sooooooooooooo tiny, like MAYBE 10 feet square, that the best area for him to run is gonna be this alley between the buildings. Don’t worry, he’s gonna love it. All he wants to do is run flat out back and forth for ten minutes and then go poop in the grass, and this works for that.

On the way home, passed a locksmith, so pulled over and parked so I could get duplicate keys. As I got out of my car, saw a cat sitting in the exact center of the sidewalk, looking friendly, and wearing a collar and tags. Thought “aha! This is clearly a lost house cat!” Picked up the cat, got all scratched, got to the collar, called the number, left a message, waited, got more scratched, got a call back from people saying “it’s an OUTDOOR cat”. Like, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT??? It’s sitting on the sidewalk by a busy street!!!! Why would you even put your phone number on the collar if you didn’t want people to call??? It looks in all ways identical to an inside cat who is lost!!!! Also, an outdoor cat? Really? In the city? With the cars and things?

Starlight On His Palette | Outlook India Magazine
Aamir would NEVER

Anyway, then I went to the locksmith, got copies made, detoured back to my friends’ place to drop off a set of keys with them, finally got home to my parents just in time to walk the dog and say good-bye to them as they went off for a dinner party. Which meant I had the apartment to myself for the first time in FOREVER. PARTY!!!!! Only they don’t have junk food, so I partied with cheese and crackers and seltzer water and a home pedicure. And then I lay down just to rest my eyes and three hours later I woke up and went “Oh my gosh, I haven’t blogged yet today, they all must think I’m DEAD!”

woh chaand jaisi ladki... (Mahi)
So far as I know, now weird childhood friend/stalker came by while I was asleep

So, I am alive. I will see y’all tomorrow morning at 7:30am Chicago time for Dedh Ishqiya.


6 thoughts on “I’m Alive! Just a Busy Day

  1. I didn’t think you were dead, but I’m glad everything is OK! And wow, 90% off your last estimate is a good day, even despite heat and cat scratches.

    Is it weird having blog people out in the world wondering if all is well if you don’t put anything online for a day?


    • It’s nice! I like having people wonder! It’s funny, living alone in a city blah blah blah, every once in a while I think “would anyone notice if anything happened to me?” And then I overslept for the Saturday morning watchalong by 10 minutes once and all the comments were worried about me. And I didn’t respond to instant messages from work for 40 minutes and my coworkers almost called the police. It’s like a lovely internet safety net watching me all the time.

      On Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 10:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Yep, makes sense, I called 5 people, and only 2 of them called me back. I guess the others were so busy they don’t even need to return phone calls any more.


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