Saturday Very Small Talk: Chat Away While I Recover From Appliance Shopping

Happy Saturday! Later than usual! I had a very rush-rush day, including appliance shopping with my parents which took foreeeeeeeeever. I remember it took forever the last time I did it (when I was 3), and it was exactly the same this time! Except last time I brought a bag of dolls with me and this time I just had a stupid smart phone.

Did the watchalong this morning, then ran out the door to my extremely painful but effective 2 hour bodywork/massage appointment. I could feel my muscles being forced back into place, NOT PLEASANT. But now I can move my arm again without little twinges of pain, so worth it. And then I came home and had lunch and walked the dog and then left again with my parents to go pick out a new washer/dryer. Which they PROMISED would be fun and then it WASN’T. Yes, the Abt megastore has candy and videos and a big fish tank and so on, but at the end of the day I am still hanging around waiting for them to make a decision and being booooooooooooooored. And then we came home and now I am writing this.

Things to talk about!

Karan Johar’s foundation for his Dad! I really like this idea, a foundation specifically focused on supporting the workers of the industry. And is seems in line with Dharma policy, having a daycare on site and stuff. I just wish it was a wee bit less wishy washy with the details. There’s a lot of “we will be” and not so much “we are”.

Milkha Singh died! Let us remember how AWESOME the movie “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” was and how they had a sexually liberated blonde Australian lady who had agency and was respected by the plot.

And finally, why didn’t my parents just buy this washer/dryer?


11 thoughts on “Saturday Very Small Talk: Chat Away While I Recover From Appliance Shopping

  1. I loved Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Farhan was so good in it, less strutty and self-aware. I guess he knows he’s good looking and a talented actor, director, producer, writer, composer, etc. and can’t help but to show off a little.
    I’m a sports film fan; sentimental about Chak De India, my very first Indian film. I especially like sports biopics altho not Gold so much except for Amit Sadh. Akshay turns me off.

    Sorry about the appliance shopping ordeal but it’s a labor of love. Next time (?) instead of the bag of dolls, bring a bag of popcorn.


  2. 1.Why nobody told me earier there is an Australian lady who had agency in Bhaaga Milkha Bhaag? I’m not a fan of sports films but I would watch it for sure.
    2. Yesterday I tried watching Dhanush’s Jagame Thandhiram. The movie exceeds the limit of violence and killings I can stand in the first 10 minutes! It was like one of the stupid western movies that show the violence just for the sake of showing the violence. But the interesting thing is that the movie not only got into Italian Netflix (we hardly have any Indian movies let alone southern ones) but was dubbed in Italian! It was great to see Dhanush and Jojo George speaking Italian. I could just relax and enjoy the actors faces instead of being focused on subtitles.


    • Yes! You should watch Bhaag Milkha Bhaag! She isn’t even the main love interest, she is just a pleasant relationship he has along the way. Which I kind of like better, you can have a pleasant casual relationship with a white lady and that is okay.

      On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 10:07 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Good to know about Jagame Thandhiram, thanks. I still might give it a try if I like the other Dhanush movies, though I’m not sure I have the stomach for a gangster film right now.

      BTW I’m halfway through Power Pandi (I’d already started it before I got your other recommendations) and it seems like a cute Father’s Day movie. Though I hesitate to say anything before I see the second half.


      • Finished Power Paandi, totally a cute Father’s Day movie with a late in life rekindled romance of the kind you like, Margaret. Not really a Dhanush movie, he plays young Rajkiran in an extended flashback/village romance sequence. One of those movies where everybody is nice and a family just has to work out some hurt feelings.


        • Power Paandi never really interested me, but I’m obsessed with its kannada remake named Ambi Ning Vayassaytho, I want to watch it but can’t find version with subtitles 😦
          Sudeep plays the role Dhanush plays in the original and Shruthi Hariharan his love interest – the perfect pair. I also absolutely love this song


          • If it’s like the original, the story doesn’t really belong to the young leads anyway, the older leads are more important and it’s really their story.


        • Ooo, this sounds nice! If I weren’t worn down by packing and moving, I might watch it.

          On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 10:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I’m a Dhanush fan but hated that film, gratuitously gorey and the story made no sense, at least as far as I got in it. But I would have loved to see it dubbed in Italian.


      • Oh yes, gory is the right word. In the first 10 minutes we have: a guy dying in a car explosion, two guys killed in an execution, a girl killed with a shovel and some guy with the hand crushed with a hammer. In the first 10 minutes!!!


    • I did not like Jagame Thandhiram. Apart from the violence – spolier – Suruli’s change of heart to become a savior to solve something which has been affecting Sri Lankan Tamils from decades is not relatable – end spoiler. I kept thinking this movie’s equivalent would be Shoubin Shahir trying to solve the refugee crisis in Sudani from Nigeria. Karthik Subbaraj said after watching this film he wants people to empathize with refugees. I don’t know to what extent the film achieves that.


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