DCIB Book Club Returns! With My Favorite Volume of Ms Marvel

I considered doing a straight through read through, but that’s a lot to as of folks both in time and money. So instead, JUST MY FAVORITE VOLUME. Volume 3, “Crushed”, ASIN B00WUNKR4O, Amazon link below. It is also probably available to you through the “Hoopla” library app.

Ms Marvel! 16 year old Kamala Khan, daughter of Pakistani immigrants, living in Jersey City. Her old brother is a college student and very devout, her father is less devout but still doesn’t like her staying out late at night, she has a best friend, she does well in school, and she just wants to help people. Also, she has superpowers thanks to a genetic link to Aliens (I think?). Anyway, no big origin story or anything, she just inhaled some weird fog and it triggered her genes and now she can grow and shrink her whole self or part of herself (like, make a really big fist to punch something).

Volumes 1 and 2 of the collected editions are kind of working through learning how to use her powers and blah blah blah. But Volume 3 is where it really gets going and strikes the perfect balance between “teen hijinks” and “superhero powers”. Also, there’s a lot of talk about Indian films. Obviously, this is the BEST Volume.

Amazon link below:

Hoopla link here (you may be asked to create an account with your library card to see it):


And it is in print and should be available by special order or just on the shelf of your local library or bookstore!

This Sunday, we will discuss Volume 12 (the first chapter). Stop reading when you see this page:

I know not everyone will be able to get the books by this Sunday, so that’s why I am starting with kind of a standalone one. Next Sunday, we will do multiple chapters once folks can catch up. And even if it is just me and Emily, I DON’T CARE! I have THOUGHTS!!! Most of them about love triangles!


2 thoughts on “DCIB Book Club Returns! With My Favorite Volume of Ms Marvel

  1. Pulled it off the shelf to take with me on the flight out west to see my family on Sunday. If you don’t hear from me right away it’s because I’m wrangling kids.


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