Saturday Small Talk: Chat About Hrithik Movies While I Try to Use a Lawnmower

Happy Saturday! My new homeownership excitement continues! Today, I want to try installing a dog gate, and see if I can figure out how to put together and use the lawnmower.

Things to talk about!

Hrithik! Two new movie announcements!!!!

First, a reunion with Siddharth Anand, woot! And Deepika, and what is supposed to be an “aerial fight film” called “Fighter”. If it’s just 3 hours of the extended version of the ridiculous plane sequence from War, I would be down for that.

Next, a remake of Vikram-Vedha with Hrithik and Saif. Sigh. Really???? Such a smart mature movie, and now you are putting Hrithik in it? Opposite Saif, who is going to act rings around him?

Vikram Vedha (2017) - IMDb

And final Hrithik news, a new black and white photo and he looks GOOD!!!!!

Okay, talk about that, I’m gonna figure out lawnmowers


21 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat About Hrithik Movies While I Try to Use a Lawnmower

  1. Hey! If anyone is in a historical fantasy with romance movie mood then the Russian movie ‘Silver Skates’ is on Netflix and I highly recommend it! It is such a good movie and the romantic couple is super duper cute!! Also, IT IS SO PRETTY!!!


  2. Hrithik thoughts: I like the idea of Hrithik and Deepika in an action movie together, but not so excited about the airplanes. Photo Hrithik is sexy and looks very pleased with himself. And oh yeah, I keep meaning to watch Vikram Vedha. But without knowing what they’re remaking, find myself kind of curious about a Hrithik-Saif matchup. Have they ever co-starred before?

    Two weekend long reads I found interesting, if you have time:

    1. Update on the state of streaming vs. theatrical release

    “Reprogramming consumers out of the habit of watching filmed entertainment at home is going to be incredibly expensive, time consuming, and difficult for studios. The pandemic has conditioned audiences to expect immediate gratification. In 2021, consumers practically demand to be able to watch anything, anywhere, at any time. Regardless of which path the major studios opt to take as the world continues opening up, providing flexible access to your programming is key to navigating this new normal.

    If a studio opts to prioritize SVOD above all else, it is signaling a desire to intentionally disrupt its legacy media business and endure a significant financial squeeze in the short-term in an effort to gain long-term financial security through scaled streaming. This is a Herculean effort of difficulty given the enormous investment needed to compete. Few services will survive the gauntlet. Those that do will be in a position to generate massive annual revenues.

    If a studio decides to continue hedging its bets or forgo in-house streaming all together, it’s a sign that the company is willing to gamble on a decaying business model that still boasts high upside on a film-by-film basis and as a sought after arms dealer. It’s not always quite as costly as a multi-billion dollar pivot to streaming, but it may also lower a studio’s ceiling in the long-term.”

    2. Coca-Cola, canned food and Jazz nights: What American GIs brought to the streets of Calcutta during WWII

    “From 1942, some 150,000 American troops came down to India. In order to help them settle in this alien land, friendly pocket books were handed out with detailed instructions on how they must conduct themselves in the country. One of these, ‘The Calcutta Key’, was a pocket-sized 96-page guide on the city with information on everything from which markets to frequent, how to bargain, where one can find alcohol, women and a lot more. A striking piece of instruction on the ‘to do’ list of the Calcutta key is ‘to avoid political discussions’.”


    • Hrithik and Saif played best friends in Na Tum Jaano Na Hum back when he was just starting out 20 years ago. And never since. I am very curious if anyone will even remember that weird old movie when promoting this one!

      You always give the best links!!!!

      On Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 9:46 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. This should be interesting!

    Also, Margaret, I saw this and immediately thought of you:

    “Deepika Padukone announced on 27 January 2020 that she will produce the Hindi remake of The Intern, also playing the female lead role, but the remake’s production was postponed mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[22] Rishi Kapoor was initially cast as the male lead, but after his sudden death in April 2020 due to leukemia, he was replaced by Amitabh Bachchan in March 2021. Principal photography will begin in June 2021.[23] The remake’s first look poster was unveiled by Padukone on 5 April 2021, presenting the release date as Summer 2022.”


    • I am very nervous about this project! I really don’t want it to be wise Amitabh teaching foolish Deepika things!

      On Sun, Jul 11, 2021 at 2:01 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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