Hrithik Contest: Young and Happy or Old and Hot?

Follow up to the Bumbro post! I forgot how irresistible Hrithik was in the early days when he looked just happy to be alive and dancing onscreen. But is that more irresistible than current Hrithik who looks mature and experienced and wise?

Young happy Hrithik! Bursting with joy and energy and free and easy movement.

Hot older Hrithik. In control of his life and body, too cool to try, so good he succeeds without trying, and honestly a better dancer.

Which do you prefer????

I think I have to go with young Hrithik. Old Hrithik is better in every objective way, but young Hrithik was just so much HAPPIER.


8 thoughts on “Hrithik Contest: Young and Happy or Old and Hot?

    • Cheating! I purposefully did not give you that option! Between these two only, which one?

      On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 11:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Ah, so you acknowledge that phase and admit it’s the superior one! I have to go with the young one, purely because of the impact seeing him for the first time in KNPH had on me.


  1. Young Hrithik!!! There is just so much nostalgia with young Hrithik for me. Also, he was just so ridiculouly hammy with most of his roles when he was young. It just makes me happy.


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