Saturday Small Talk on Sunday: Chat Away While I Try to Pack a Car!

Happy weekend! I missed posting yesterday because we had a family emergency, my Dad lost his glasses and I tracked down a one hour glasses place, did all the driving, etc. etc. It ended up being a fun outing, there was a bison farm down the road from the one hour glasses place so we went to look at bison for a bit. But it did kind of kill the day and leave me too tired to feel like blogging. Today, I need to pack up the car and start getting ready to leave (I’m not actually leaving until Wednesday, but I’m working Monday and Tuesday). But I am remembering to post because I start working!

Things to talk about!

Was my decision not to bother labeling packing boxes:

a) adorably short-sighted

b) idiotic

c) a good decision that will lend adventure and mystery to my life

d) other

I was thinking c) for a long time, but as I continue to live without spoons/washclothes/plates, I am increasing leaning towards b)

What the heck is this about?

Either he’s launching a Dharma brand jewelry line. Or he’s starting to pick out costumes for Takht. Or he’s getting married.

It’s Raksha Bandhan!!!! Harsh used it to promote a clothing line?

Saifeena’s new baby has delightfully chubby elbows


2 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk on Sunday: Chat Away While I Try to Pack a Car!

  1. I thought I read something that Takht was shelved early in the summer. And Rocky Aur Rani started filming a few days ago, so maybe it’s a jewelry line or something.


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