BIG DCIB COMMUNITY NEWS! FilmiKudhi is Having a Baby!!!!

Ready to prove we are less of a “film blog” and more of a “group of very close and supportive friends who hang out online”? FilmiKudhi is having a baby!!!! A very very wanted and waited for baby, so we should be VERY HAPPY. Heck, I am very happy! This is great news! And she should name the baby SHAHRUKH!!! I failed to convince my sister to name my nephew after SRK, this might be my last chance.

Ready for the amazing announcement photo I got from FilmiKudhi?

Do we want a boy or a girl for FilmiKudhi?

Girl! The clothes are SO much better!!! Although, that also means in 3 years she will have someone to watch movies with and never visit DCIB again. So maybe Boy.

What color should she paint the baby room?

Pink! It works for everything!!! And it makes little baby skin look glowy.

What is the bestest wish you want to make for her and her husband as parents and their baby as a baby?

My wish, were I to be a magical wish granting fairy, is that their baby likes music. It’s just so fun seeing a baby respond to music!

And addendum note, Eva-e also just got a second baby! Which means at our DCIB real life international get together, Filmikudhi’s baby and Eva-e’s daughter can play together!


51 thoughts on “BIG DCIB COMMUNITY NEWS! FilmiKudhi is Having a Baby!!!!

  1. Yeah FilmiKudhi! My biggest wish for you is that your baby doesn’t have colic and immediately sleeps two hours straight. But if he/she/they do have colic just know that my most difficult baby is my most easy child.

    Also hurray for Eva-e! Two is a big deal. I wish you lots and lots of patience.


    • Oooh, I love this wish! Thank you! So, this whole news was based on me suggesting that you and Margaret might want to think about joining your local Buy Nothing Facebook group (if you have one) on Saturday Small Talk, and revealing that I got all of my baby furniture and lots of other expensive baby items off the group for free!!! I am so afraid of all the “what ifs” after the baby arrives that my goal is is to save all my pennies and see if I can hire a postpartum doula for a couple hours a day, two days a week for three weeks after the baby arrives. I am assuming they know far more than I do and I would like to rely on them to help me understand what is happening when I am sleep deprived and confused and generally going nuts.


      • You will do great! I had no idea what to do with babies before having one. Within the first month you get all the practice in the world and most of the stuff you were worried about works itself out.

        (Then they change on you and you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing all over again, but that’s just parenthood!)

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    • Thank you. The darling foster baby will be with us by the end of September. I’ll keep you all posted. Or not, depending on how well I cope with the extra work.

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      • Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! This means, hopefully, by Christmas you will have two kiddos and your family can have TWICE as many children to spoil instead of just fighting over the one 🙂

        Also, VERY IMPORTANT, make sure the second baby gets “first Christmas” ornaments. My sister (first grandchild and first baby) had a million “first Christmas” ornaments and I only had one and I always felt bad about it. Or maybe that was just a weird thing I obsessed over.

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  2. Thank you so much for the big announcement post! Theo has no idea what’s coming, but I think he will greet the baby like he greets everyone else – by wanting to lick it’s face! Oh, we are having a boy. Currently, the room is painted bright yellow and white, but I am not opposed to pink. I just do not want it to be blue! Given that I am tone deaf but my husband has relative pitch, I think he would be very happy with your wish! He has on multiple occasions expressed his concern that the baby will take after me in terms of it’s musical ability, much to his despair.

    Thank you again! We are both very excited!


    • Thank you! I have never been a good sleeper but somehow pregnancy has magically changed that. Alas, it will only last for a short time.


    • YES! Thank you for the wonderful wish, Miss Braganza! He will likely be subjected to Hindi movies/ and songs from a young age, so I am really hoping that provides a perfect distraction!


      • If he’s like my nephew, he will only like Yo Yo Honey Sing and Badshah for the first year. Such nice rhythmic songs about drinking, having sex, and generally fun times.

        On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 10:20 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • HA! Sounds perfect! My sister is already creating a Spotify and Youtube play list with all her favorite “trashy” songs for her nephew!


          • Now that my nephew is old enough to express opinions, he just wants to watch “The Rain Song” over and over again. No, not a Shahrukh song, Gene Kelly. Oh, and also this music video for some reason:

            On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 10:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Congratulations filmikhudi. 😊 You’re embarking on a huge, exciting, at times nerve-racking but always wonderous adventure. Enjoy!


  4. Wow, filmikudhi! That is great news. Congratulations! Becoming a parent is a life-changer, in ways you can’t really appreciate beforehand. It brought me new calm and new panic, but mostly lots of new love. I’m really happy that you get to experience all of that, too.

    The thing that always impressed me about our big boy is how well he was able to express his wishes, right from the start. So that’s what I wish for you and your family, too. Communication does make things easier.

    The doula sounds like a good idea. Our insurance covered a “midwife” who would visit us with decreasing frequency after the birth, help us change diapers and suggest different positions for breast feeding, suggest all-natural remedies for starting infections, that kind of thing. I think one of the most important things they do is weigh the baby, though. Because that means you don’t have to do it yourself and don’t get the chance to stress about whether the baby is drinking enough.

    For the nursery, I wouldn’t change your yellow. That’s such a nice sunny color. I’m partial to light blues myself, though, especially if they run into turquoise. I think they almost count as a gender neutral color nowadays, seeing how clothes for baby boys seem to always be this depressing dark blue.

    Last but not least, yes, we should definitely set up virtual play dates for our kids. Let’s force them to become friends. 😉


    • Eva-e, thank you! I am so excited for you as well. One more month and you get to have your daughter with your permenantly. SO exciting! And likely overwhelming, I am sure.

      I am so glad to hear that thing your son was able to express his wishes right from the start! That would be amazing! But yes, I am hoping the doula can help us with exactly the types of things you described, like breastfeeding, soothing, understand the baby’s cries, etc. And also, help me nagivate my mental health while I am most vulnerable and overwhelmed. I wish our insurance covered a doula or a midwife and it was not considered a “luxury,” unlike other cultures, but either way, it is something I am making a priority for our family.

      I really like turquoise also. My issue with blue is that SO many clothes for boys are only available in blue. I have never been partial to the color to begin with, and now I am worried, I will have no option but to pick blue in many instances. So, it especially annoys me now. But, it was very exciting to paint the baby’s room a bright yellow!

      Finally, YES YES YES to virtual play dates!!! I want to force them to be friends also!!! I can ask Margaret to please send you my personal email address. I am determined to make this happen!


      • I mean, it’s not the LAW that boys have to wear boy clothes. Right? I say, let him wear whatever is cute! Lots of bright pink shirts and orange pants and the best Ranveer styles. Unicorns! Ponies! Kittens! they are totally unisex.

        On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 10:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Dinosaurs and unicorns are great. But in my experience, the stuff that’s available in the right size at the place closest to you right when the weather suddenly changes will be either bright pink with loads of bows and ruffles or a blue so dark that it’s almost black, with some kind of vehicle printed on it. And buying too much in advance of the season doesn’t make sense because of all those growth spurts.

            Still, it’s hard to make a baby look anything but cute, so I’m sure your boy will be alright.


  5. Congratulations, Filmikudhi! So happy for you! I wish you a baby who is a good sleeper and a happy eater. Everything else you can work with if you have those two.

    Boys are lovely, so much fun – and as a momma there’s nothing like this straightforward, uncomplicated boy love. Will most likely keep you in shape too, if you roll with the abundant boy energy.

    Eva-e, congratulations on kid #2! Wishing you a smooth transition and a peaceful older brother. It’s good that your big boy is a good communicator, that will help a lot. All the best to your family.


    • Thanks, Emily! I would love it if the baby was a good eater and sleeper! Also, thank you for sharing that there is nothing like the straightforwawrd, uncomplicated boy love. That is definitely making me happy! Early in my pregnancy, I visited by best friend who has two boys. And, while the boys are the most adorable creatures ever, all they wanted to talk about was dinosours and cars, and play with legos. Everything I am NOT interested in. That was definitely a bit nerve-wracking. My husband was in heaven on the other hand and might have played with the legos even after the kids went to bed. So, clearly, I will be introducing my baby to Hindi movies and other things I am interested in :-).


      • If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, someone has to make Indian movie lego sets. Can you imagine? You could change the background to Swiss Alps or Times Square or Gateway to India or Club Scene. You could have little pop on wigs for the dolls and pop on/pop off saris with bikinis underneath. And the bonus set could have a little Tuffy the Dog figure.

        On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 10:54 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  6. FilmiKudhi, I know I already got excited on social media but I’m extra excited to celebrate here with you in this beautiful community. I for one am a big fan of boy love…my son is the greatest person I have ever known and I’m so blessed to be able to share in his world. I wish for you a deep bond with this new person who somehow magically comes through you but is not of you…he is actually his own human, filled with his own desires and nature and brilliance that is all his own. I wish for you to raise a creative, compassionate and confident person!

    I never thought I would be a person who knows every kind of construction vehicle, but I do, and I love it. I have lots of recos for you for ideas once you get to the screen portion of childhood. Plus as you know, my guy is obsessed with Hindi film.

    Also do take advantage of these early years to dress him up any way you like (yes to Ranveer style!) before he insists on only shorts and plain t shirts. Huxley was like our little doll and now he won’t wear anything ‘fancy’ which somehow even includes shorts that don’t have an elastic waist. Boy baby clothes are much much cooler than ever before!

    Plus, as a fellow mixed kid like your kid will be, I am available anytime to talk about the interesting straddling of worlds that’s involved. There are a LOT of us now…when I was his age, I never met another half Indian kid.

    Many blessings. Plus make sure to read ‘happiest baby on the block’ for the best first 3 months of life tips for harmonious living.


    • Okay, my sister did Happiest Baby on the Block! And I got VERY confused about the logistics of it. How do they know you are the only person on your block reading the book? What if two people are reading it, do you get your money back? “Happy Baby on the Block” would be fine, but they are guaranteeing HappiEST. Out of allllllllllll the babies.

      On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 12:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I really hope I can raise someone that is creative, compassionate and confident, with of course great taste in movies! 😉 I will absolutely take screen and book recommendations from you (and others in the DICB community). My best friend’s boys introduced us to Dino Dana – which is a show about a little girl from a blended, mixed family who loves learning and teaching her family about dinosaurs. It was great. My husband is also determined to find and show the kid his favorite show growing up, which was called MathNet. It is about these two detectives who solve mysteries using math, and instead of guns, they carry calculators. He says it is the best show ever.

      I plan to take full advantage of the early years because I have a feeling, I will have no say in what he is wearing once he starts to form and acticulate his opinions.

      And thank you for being available to talk as another mixed race child. We have been discussing that a lot and trying to figure out how to incorporate some of the Indian languages and culture into his life. I would LOVE for my child to learn Hindi and/or Marathi and plan to try and teach him with some books/shows, with lots of help from my dad but who knows if it will stick. With my husband around, I mostly speak to my dad in English with some Marathi sprinkled in there, so I might have to start speaking to him exclusively in Marathi once the baby arrives.

      And thank you for the Happiest Baby on the Block recommendation! It is on my list to read before the baby arrives!


  7. Congratulations filmikudhi! It’s all going to be great, don’t worry about anything. And having an “expert” like a doula come to the house when you have a newborn is a good idea. Where we live there’s a visiting nurse program that checks on all babies born in our hospital after two weeks and it was fabulous. Maybe worth checking if your area has something similar? Regardless, you are going to be just fine!


    • Thank you for the encouraging words! I didn’t see a visiting nurse program on the hospital’s website, but I plan to ask my physician when I see her next! Thanks for the suggestion! That would be great to have.


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