Christmas GiveAway Week 2: Congratulations Kainaat!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, week 2!!! And we are fully into November now, so it feels a little less silly. Also, sorry this is a day late, I went OUT on Saturday night. Into THE WORLD. And then I was sleepy on Sunday.

First, last week’s lovely card for FilmiKudhi!!!!

And now, this week’s winner! Once again, attendance at watchalongs is KEY. Congratulations KAINAAT!!!!

Also, exciting news! I don’t actually have Kainaat’s address! She is a NEW READER! Mindblowing, right? Okay, not a new reader, she’s been around for a while. But I don’t think I have sent her a card before? Anyway, Kainaat! Fill out the form below to tell me where to send your card!


6 thoughts on “Christmas GiveAway Week 2: Congratulations Kainaat!

  1. Wow, I didn’t even know I was in the running for this!!! Thank you!

    And I’m offended that you called me a NEW READER?!! Hmmph!!

    Well, as I’ve never won anything on DCIB, it’s not surprising that you never had to send me a card 🙂 Do I put the address in the message box?


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