Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Blast Christmas in My Face!

Happy Saturday! I am fighting my feelings of stress and sadness and so on with LOTS OF CHRISTMAS. Our whole household is going to a Christmas tree farm this afternoon, this morning I am going to put up lights in front of the house, and I have a stupid holiday TV movie going while I do a Christmas puzzle right now. CHRISTMAS! Jesus was born to make me happy!

Things to talk about!

What are y’all doing for Thanksgiving? That is, you Americans?

Our family is kind of up in the air right now. Current plan is Whole Foods meal that I will pick up and bring over to Grandpa’s place where my parents are currently staying, but who knows anything beyond that. Additional plans, I have a friend who lives literally 5 minutes from Grandpa’s and issued an open invitation. I think I should go to her place, don’t you? Before or after Grandpa’s? Just to get a shot of her happy kids and healthy family and all of that before entering Death Home. And I am also thinking I should get an enormous sushi platter and eat it with Albie Dog that night while watching murder shows. Oh, and I committed to making apple pie for my friends’ dinner the next day, so I guess I will also be spending 3 hours making my Grandmother’s apple pie recipe from scratch.

Live Christmas Trees! What’s Your Trick to Keep Them Alive?

Apparently, you aren’t supposed to get your live tree 5 weeks before Christmas? But that is a stupid rule, I’m gonna make this thing LIVE! My family theory is to put it in a bucket on the back porch for a week. Why? No one knows. It’s just a thing we always do because we always did. What theories do you have? What do I do to make a tree last from today to December 25th?

And on a happier note, it’s Helen’s Birthday Tomorrow! What is your favorite Helen moment? Costume, dance, whatever?

I like this photo, happy and sparkly!!!

Celebrity Collections: Helen Ann Richardson Nice Photos

32 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Blast Christmas in My Face!

  1. Obviously I love Yeh Mera Dil, which I think is one of all of cinema’s greatest uses of a song, and also disproves a bunch of accepted (American) truths about musical films, but my favourite is always Muhje Maar Daalo which I love because it’s EXTREMELY silly but somehow has a lot of emotional weight in the movie:

    I thought there was another very, very nutty one involving a boatload of fishnet and feathers in a Shashi Kapoor movie but I can’t refind it so maybe it was someone else.

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    • Wait, for fishnet-‘n’-feathers do you maybe mean “Hello, Hello Everybody” from “Ek Shrimaan Ek Shrimaati”? If so, I actually felt that the feather-headdress-walla showed some unusual restraint there.


      • YES I DID! I even searched for the songs from that movie because I felt like it was that one and didn’t find it!!! I guess it’s nowhere on youtube which is why? You’re a genius!!! Thank you!

        Oh man it’s just the whole look of it, with those things stuck on her head like a windmill and whatever that dress is. Amazing, makes me laugh every time.

        for anyone curious

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        • Everybody’s making Helen posts today and this song gets stuck in my head all! the! time!, so I added it (audio only) to the comments over at “Mehfil Mein Meri.” Anup mentioned that he hadn’t even realized it was a Helen song, so I described what I remembered of the picturization. The salient point of this costume to me is not the feathers but the single mesh-covered arm–which, of course, is balanced out by a single stocking on the opposite leg. Madness, sheer madness!


  2. Our family friends group didn’t do a thanksgiving party last year like we usually do but I think there might be one this year. We did Diwali this year at a ranch house which was a lot of fun!

    And my birthday’s coming up and I kinda want to see the House of Gucci movie with my friends to celebrate. It looks like a lot of fun and Star Wars made me a fan of Adam driver.

    It’s too bad that I’m not too hyped about any of the Indian movies coming out this weekend because this time of the year makes me excited about seeing new movies.


    • I’m honestly kind of relieved not to be excited about the movies. The double pressure of getting to movies while also doing all my christmas stuff is EXHAUSTING.

      On Sat, Nov 20, 2021 at 7:07 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Oh yeah, also Dharma finally announced a release date for Jug Jugg Jeeyo! I haven’t been following the news for this production much but the pictures that Karan posted are so cute!!

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  4. How does one pick ONE favorite Helen moment?! I love her in proper speaking parts, and even there (reduced to a far smaller sampling of movies than ones where she makes friendly appearances), I don’t think I can narrow things down between “Shikar,” “Anamika,” and “Half Ticket.”

    Here, I guess, is my favorite Helen song that I’ve learned of in the past month ( ; I have never seen “Halaku,” but saw this dance posted in a memorial tribute to Minoo Mumtaz, the other actress seen here, who recently died:

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    • OK, didn’t realize you’d have to click through, and in case anyone DOESN’T want to have it going through their head all day for some reason: Mera naam chin chin chu.


  5. I’ve been assiduously avoiding thinking of this since I’ll have it in my head all day, but as was pointed out upthread pretty much all Helen songs are like that. And there are worse things! Just got to remember not to attempt the dance!


  6. You guys! I’m gonna see B&B2! In theater! We didn’t manage to make it a date night, but Big Boy is staying with his grandparents this week and my wife will watch Baby, so I’m free to go to the one show that’s left on Tuesday.

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  7. I think, my favourite would always be the one where she just has fun to dance without any idea of seducing someone, just for joy… Mohabbattein…Miss Monica! It’s only one minute maybe, but how much fun!!! I like when age isn’t an issue to have fun to dance!


  8. Favorite Helen song? Why don’t you just ask me which child I like best? Okay, I just have the one child, but the point holds. 😀

    So, I’m going to pick two songs. The first, a romantic Asha solo from one of her lead role films, Thakur Jarnail Singh.

    Hum tere bin jee na sakenge sanam

    The second, a more typical Helen dance “Production” on the surface but one that actually requires her to not only do some complex dancing but emoting as well. And she delivers on both fronts with consummate ease.
    Mera kya sanam meri khushi hai tumhari

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