Trailers!!!! RRR and Pushpa! Everything Is Very Epic

Remember when trailers where a little bit of song, a little bit of joke, a little bit of plot? No more! All plot! All epic! All Important!


Okay, if I am following this, one hero is a Adivasi and the other hero is urban. And then there are British soldiers. And Alia is there for a half second holding a necklace. Is the other hero a British soldier? I can’t figure that out. Is this going to be a Fox and Hound type plot or not? Oh, and where’s AJAY???


This one also confuses me! Allu Arjun is a criminal who steals sandalwood from forests. Fahadh Faasil is there too but I can’t recognize him for sure. It is all taking place either in the 1970s, or in a land of 1970s style clothing. And it’s part 1? How can there be two parts to a movie about sandalwood smuggling?

Okay, I need a palate cleanser, let’s take a moment to remember the trailer for Dhoom 3. Now THAT made SENSE!


20 thoughts on “Trailers!!!! RRR and Pushpa! Everything Is Very Epic

  1. This is what Rajamouli said about the story of RRR and I think it’s pretty interesting since i haven’t seen many indian independence films that are not trying to portray actual events that had happened.

    “When I read about Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem, it was exciting to know that their story is similar. They never met each other. What if they had met? What if they had got inspired by each other? That is what RRR is about. It is completely fictitious. The film is mounted on a very large scale. We had to do a lot of research for it. To know costumes, their dialect, their way of living and that is why it took so much time for us to get this together.”
    — S. S. Rajamouli


  2. Have you seen Rangasthalam? Because Pushpa feels like Sukumar decided to remake it with a changed setting and a different star. But one thing that interests me is that this is the first time Allu Arjun is working with Sukumar after Aarya 2 and both of them have gotten way bigger than they were back in 2009.

    Also I’m assuming that if part 1 of Pushpa is The Rise then part 2 will be The Fall?


      • I would say the two aarya movies are pretty different. I would probably compare this to Sukumar making 1:Nenokkadine and Nannaku Prematho back to back since both of those movies had similar vibes.


    • I saw Saami Saami video few weeks ago and it was like watching Rangamma Mangamma 2. Even the colours of sari and the blouse are the same.


      • Both are about a woman longing for a man, though Saami was much more subtle, and incomplete. Both had super saturated colors, which I’m sucker for. I love color. But Rangamma Mangamma is a full comedic story. Now if I understood the words I might find more similarities. Speaking of words, Doesn’t Telugu have it’s own alphabet? Why do people read Telugu in the Latin alphabet?

        I kinda love the idea of a director not being done with a story, so finding another way to tell it.


        • Yeah, Telugu does have it’s own alphabet. But I think lyrical videos have always been done in the latin alphabet no matter what the language is?


  3. Ajay is in the RRR trailer he’s near the end. If you watch the hindi version you will definitely notice him bc of his voice lol. Also pushpa I gathered is a gangster story that’s partially set in the 70s about sandalwood smuggling which yes is a thing. I actually really enjoyed Rangasthalam so I’m excited to see this.


  4. I’m very disappointed by RRR trailer. I still think it will be fun to watch but there are too many guns and stuff for my taste. I don’t know if I would finish the trailer if not for Ram Charan’s beautiful face. Really this man is one of the most handsome actors ever. Why there weren’t any TGIF post dedicated to him?

    If you want a fun trailer: Minnal Murali, Tovino’s superhero movie. It’s funny, and Tovino is adorable


      • Agree . This trailer is so confusing, wearing and loooooong. Ram Charan first is a soldier for British, then a simple guy and then long haired hero with an arc and everybody is fighting, kicking women in the belly and the guns are firing, things are exploding…Too much stuff!


    • The six year old is fully bummed Tovinos superhero movie isn’t available right now. I like that his mask is the same kind we wear to the grocery store.


      • Me too! Fortunately it will be on Netflix on Christmas Eve, so only 2 weeks left. I’m also super excited because it will be available in Italy, and Netflix is promoting it, so very probably they won’t change their mind like they did with Malaal (Stupid Netflix, I’m still not over how they cheated me with Malaal).


  5. Fahadh Faasil is bald-headed, a police office apparently.

    RC seems like Firangi Mallah, a spy turned ally. At least what I get from the trailer.


  6. There seems to be a element where RC befriends NTR and then arrests him for crimes committed. Infiltrate and then capture. Since the intro speaks of a hunter RC to hunt the lion NTR.
    However looks like both have an affection for the people and the forest. RC seems to be paired with Alia (Sita) while there is a hint of a Britisher liking NTR.


  7. I don’t know what RRR is about either, but I’m excited for this because Japan was so hopped up for Rajamouli that this may actually release in theaters! Probably in 2024, but still.


  8. I’m ready for Minna Murali, RRR and Pushpa good or bad. There hasn’t been much Indian cinema to watch lately, not new cinema anyway and I’ve been subtitling my poor eyes through Korean dramas that go on and on. Trailers don’t move me one way or the other altho the one forBhoot Police got me interested.


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