Tuesday Random WatchAlong: Watch a New Movie With Me! Atrangi Re, Sooryavanshi, Bunty Aur Babli 2, or Minnal Murali?

Well, my co-workers, who I am supposed to be supervising/bossing, have decided that I should have Tuesday off and sent me home. I feel I may not have the Fear and Power I should have over my staff. Anyway, let’s watch a movie! Since apparently I’m not allowed to work!

I have been using December craziness as an excuse not to see any new movies, but now that time is over! I gotta catch up! Watch it with me on a watchalong, and then I can review it, like a good little reviewer.

Atrangi Re

Only available on einthusan, but Kirre looooooooooooooves it, and apparently it is weird and unexpected and well worth watching. Also, DCIB loves Sara Ali Khan and Dhanush, so that should make up for us hating Akshay.

Atrangi Re (2021) - IMDb


FilmiKudhi promised me I would hate it, and you know hate watches always make the best WatchAlongs! And also fun Margaret reviews.

Sooryavanshi (2021) - IMDb

Bunty Aur Babli 2

Not as good as 1, everyone agrees, but it’s Rani! We love Rani!

Bunty Aur Babli 2 Saif Ali Khan Rani Mukherji Where to Watch Movie Review  Box Office HD download How to Book Tickets | Bollywood News – India TV

Minnal Murali

It’s been way too long since I watched a Malayalam movie, and a Tovino movie!

Minnal Murali Movie Review: A delightful possible new direction in how we  tell superhero story | PINKVILLA

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Random WatchAlong: Watch a New Movie With Me! Atrangi Re, Sooryavanshi, Bunty Aur Babli 2, or Minnal Murali?

  1. I think I will finally be able to make this one! I was going to grade tests on Tuesday, but if we’re watching a movie, who cares about grading! My first choice is, actually, Atrangi Re. It’s getting great reviews, and I’m getting into the soundtrack. Plus, I love Sara. #2 would be Sooryavanshi. I would also be down to snark.

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  2. I rarely participate in Watchalongs, so maybe I shouldn’t comment but in my opinion life is too short for Akhsay’s propaganda movies so big no for Sooryasomething.
    My vote is for Atrangi Re. My second choice in Minnal Murali. I’m watching it now and so far I’m loving it.

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  3. I’ll see if I can join for part of the watchalong. I am up for Atragi Re after Kirre’s review. FYI, Atrangi Re is also on Hotstar with subtitles.

    I will also hate watch Sooryavanshi (it’s so bad except for the Ranveer scenes) and I would be up for Bunty Aur Babli 2 as well, which I really enjoyed!

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