Tuesday WatchAlong: Atrangi Re! Let’s See If It is As Good As People Say! 8am Chicago Time Start

Happy Tuesday! And happy Day I Am Randomly Taking Off For Christmas! We are all going to watch Atrangi Re to start my day, and then I may take a walk, or a nap, or just do a puzzle. Ahhhhhh, heaven.

Atrangi Re

Surprisingly good/interested reviews, available on Hulu in a funky way (I recommend just searching for it on Hulu and seeing if it pops up and you can play it because it is magically part of your subscription), and available in einthusan of course. A little over two hours, great music, and I expect it to result in a really interesting discussion and eventual review! Or, we will all hate it and spend the entire time cursing Kirre for recommending it.

Atrangi Re summary and ending explained

At 8am Chicago Time I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will comment along from there!


294 thoughts on “Tuesday WatchAlong: Atrangi Re! Let’s See If It is As Good As People Say! 8am Chicago Time Start

  1. Uhh, wouldn’t losing the “love of her life” damage her so bad? And if Dhanush’s goal is genuine love, destroying Akshay isn’t the way to go. As much as I hate Akshay and hated that whole suicide thing

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  2. OH! It’s RAB NE!!!! Right? Right? He could take the easy way out and kill the fantasy person, but instead he wants her to legitimately choose the real husband.

    Or, put it another way, both films are getting at the divide between a fantasy and reality relationship as definied by filmi fantasy.

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    • I can see the little watermark in the corner, but it’s much subtler than usual? I actually wondered if they had taken them away after watching “Tadap.” There was plenty of smoking in that movie and I don’t think anybody ever reminded me that it would kill me.


      • Having just come back from the movies I can now with confidence confirm that I must just have been distracted during “Tadap” and that the smoking warnings are alive and well ; )


    • I like that the earlier rickshaw-wallah was perfectly chill with Sara talking with invisible Akshay in the back, and now this one doesn’t flinch when a random dude jumps into his moving vehicle. Just another day at work. . .

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  3. It’s kind of remarkable that they NEED a divorce. You would think their marriage could not possibly be legal in the first place. Did her family cross out the name of the original kidnappee on the license and write Dhanush’s in instead–?

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  4. So she never really knew her father that well? Looks like she was raised in her mother’s house, and they just managed to reunite for a little bit before her parents were killed? Adding to the fantasy.

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  5. So Kirre was right–it is like HTP. If you ignore all the shoddy mental health rep, it’s a really sweet love story. Sara and Dhanush were amazing. Surprisingly emotional. I liked it!

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  6. I had a great time! And now I have the rest of the day to be productive and grade papers, so the timing was perfect. Thanks Margaret, and thanks Kirre for the rec! This was a great movie!

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  7. Thanks for hanging out, guys, and esp. Kirre for convincing us to take on this unlikely-sounding proposition ( ; I will go over the comments later, as I have to go hop in the car to head to “Shyam Singha Roy,” for which I am very excited!

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  8. My random thoughts after having seen the movie:
    -I never thought I would watch Akshay movie again or get emotional during his scenes, and here I am crying when he is in flames.
    -It was a good movie. The forced marriage was well made. After seeing the trailer I was affraid Dhanush is guilty of forcing the girl but no, they both didn’t know what was happening.
    -Dhanush is super hot, and OMG those jeans looks so good on him in the bathroom dancing scene.
    -isn’t the patience one of the sexiest qualities a man can have?

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